MY TREES ARE DYING Orlando Florida

MY TREES ARE DYING 6-8-2012 CHEMTRAILS? Orlando Florida

My Trees Are Dying 11-27-2012 Mutations and Chemtrails Orlando

Published on May 16, 2012

Something is going on with my trees. All the bark is peeling and it isn’t limited to any one type of tree. It’s my citrus, cedar, magnolia, tabebuia and palm. We have not had a lot of rain, but I live on a lake and my trees have access to water. This is happening all over town. Something isn’t right.. I need to get my soil and lake water tested for Aluminum, because I see a lot of aersol spraying going on in the skies of Orlando.


4 months ago

def possibility could b wats being sprayed in the chemtrails… they cat put anything in those sprays for testing on environment or ppl.  on a less conspiratorial view, it could be natural mildew/fungal outbreak… but i would think it would have also effected the leaves unless it was some particular ones that only attack tree or tree barks.?

Michael Rhymer
4 months ago

Hello this a fungal problem. The trees that have the bark falling off cannot be saved. Bark protects the trees immune system. Once this happens the tree no longer has the ability to protect itself from environmental invaders. Your oak tree can possibly be saved. Please look into Arbor-Jet. This system injects medicine directly into the trees vasculature system. ?

rebellion occupyer
1 year ago

thnx for showing this… it really hurts if u see those trees dying… thnx again. greets from the netherlands, where ……..u see at least 10 times a month chemtrails in the air…..

1 year ago
in reply to chemcloudsgather

I’ve already watched it yesterday. I’m not looking forward to next year, I can’t even imagine what it will look like by then. Thanks though :-/

1 year ago

this is really bad,,just wait till next year 😦 new documentary to see; ; ; why in the world is spraying

1 year ago
in reply to MrDanielwilliam

Yeah ok.. Just keep watching TV and ignoring what is happening like the rest of the country. No thanks. You can still enjoy you life and not walk around with blinders on.. WAKE UP!!

1 year ago

I`m in Las Vegas Nevada, The same thing happening here. We pamper our trees some because of the dry desert heat, but usually the cottonwoods are extremely hardy, this lasy year we lost 10 of about 35 trees, 2 due to flood then wind. Also loseing the ever greens and roses slowly. Its like a graveyard, and yes scary!

1 year ago
in reply to jaksngreen

you’re welcome- i posted a video made on my way home from up north from when I first noticed this summer- (michigan) what is more surprising is how much worse the clearing is downstate and that I did not even notice at all until seeing the dying birch up state. I’ll make another video of my observations – sadly once you start noticing the damage lines & use google earth to compare by year, you see how row by row the trees just vanish. It’s frighteningly consistent yet slow so easily overlooked!

It’s frighteningly consistent yet slow so easily overlooked!
1 year ago

Glad I’m not the only one in Orlando to be taking notice. Chemtrails were heavy the first 3 months of the year and today I noticed heavy ones again, so bad a nice clear sky day turns to a thick hazy covering every inch of the sky.
Tracy Thornton
1 year ago

You have seen what all of us are seeing more and more. Im in washington west and it rains all the time its everywhere. I heard that the gov isnt trying to kill us but, thats all they can come up with to stop what the sun is about too spit at us when the sun goes in thru the galatic center of the milkyways magnetic pull. Who really knows though?
Marquis DeBlodey
1 year ago

This is happening everyhwere. I travel alot and I can confirm that the same phenomena is happening everywhere in north america. The leaves start to curl up and turn a brownish color, and then the branch dies. This is after it rains after chem trails. There are lots of bubbles in the puddles after these rains, and a white film where cars drive. Makes me think of agent orange that was sprayed in vietnam, but in small doses.
1 year ago

in MI I noticed changes in trees architecture- now they’re debarking I’m posting the raw footage of the death of our suburban ecosystem- what changed? tech of drawing moisture from evrinmt tools of evapotranspiration- microwave & other wavebands used 2manipulate the energy balance (EB) in areas – brief but rapid & frequent changes in atmospheric pressure draw H2o out of the surroundings heartwood contracts briefly like a sponge, damaging the cambrium- sap attempts to repair- see SMOS initiatives
1 year ago
in reply to MrTricksVideos

You know, when I noticed these years I thought they were from some kind of small rocket possibly, because we are used to seeing that kind of trail here in Florida due to the Space Shuttle. When I started to notice more and more, I said to myself that’s not possible, surely they couldn’t be putting that many satellites into space. It has gotten really bad here and the vegetation won’t be able to take it, especially the citrus because they need acidic soil. The soil is becoming too alkaline.
Candice Campbell
1 year ago

The trees along the Rio Grande River in Albuquerque, New Mexico are dying… I didn’t even notice until I was enjoying a wonderful hike. Then I heard (in my head), “We’re not going to be around much longer.” I was like, “What?” And then I took a SERIOUS look at the trees. My heart nearly fell to the ground. Nearly half of the trees are dead. I think I’m finally going crazy, but that’s how my eyes were opened. I wish my head was still buried in the sand. But the forest is crumbling to the ground.
1 year ago

two words, aluminium oxide. one word, chemtrails, i think part of the big agenda is to poison the land and create food shortages. its not just your trees this is happening everywhere.
1 year ago

Actually just got done watching an interview with David Icke from June in Germany.. Something has got to give before it’s too late.
1 year ago
in reply to visionfirst1970

I amazed as to how few people seem to be noticing that something is wrong. Don’t people look at trees anymore? In my opinion it has got to be a result of years of spraying. I’m not blind and I’m sure as hell not dumb, I can see with my own eyes what is going on. The high levels of Aluminum and other metals cause the soil to become more alkaline and that weakens the trees roots and opens it up to all sorts of diseases and pests. So if you ask, that is what you will be told.. SHEEPLE PLEASE!
Jack Handle
1 year ago

orlando? oh yea here in georgia the pines are getting fungus and dying. chemtrails daily
Klaas Batema
1 year ago

The answer to these detrimentall tree afflictions is microwave radiation emitted by cell towers for mobileephone communication. The circadian rhytm is destroyed by the high frequent pulse and the natural Schumann resonance of 7,83 hertz is no longer measurable. All the negative ions have dropped by atleast 80% percent in our atmosphere. Wireless technology is killing trees, bees, plants, animals and ultimately humans on a massive scale! look at this documentary: Resonance Beings of Frequency.
1 year ago

We must renew our patriotism, never miss American Idol, Dancing with Stars, any NFL game, (go see a filthy and violent movie) maybe sneak in a little porn.and never, ever tolerate these outrageous conspiracy theories.

~Geoengineering And The Collapse Of Earth 2014~

Published on Feb 8, 2014

I do not make these videos, only have three on my channel that I have made, I suggest Everyone mirror these videos, the illuminati have been at their evil game before we were born and we have a lot of catching up to do to expose them.

Excellent post;


Someone wanted printed material for proof, all of these links are excellent resources; thanks to everyone for sharing and caring:



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