Noise and dying trees in Netherlands

Noise and dying trees in Netherlands

Uploaded on Mar 1, 2010

A lot of trees are dying. I believe it has something to do with radiation. Plutonium emits a kind of light. This light is not visible for people, however plants react to it. Natural light is less in the winter than in the summer. This combined causes plants to turn their needles upside down.
Some plants are no longer Losing their leaves in winter.
Many trees hang their branches or turn their needles in the wrong direction. As the sunlight becomes stronger these needles burn and die.

gerhard jannink

1 year agoin reply to PLANETFARGONE
There are many more pleases in the world were this happens. look for more on my YouTube site. Gerhard Jannink
1 year ago
I think this a chemtrail issue. Aluminum and other metals make the soil more alkaline, causing the roots to shut down and the plant can’t absorb nutients.
This is happening all over the country. Pay attention to the sky and watch and see if you see them spraying.
Every tree in my yard is having an issue with the bark peeling and the branches dying and they spray a lot here in the Central Florida area..
Geo-Engineering is bad and without trees we will be screwed..
gerhard jannink
1 year agoin reply to Klaas Batema
You are right it is also a cause. Some fertilizers are radiating to.
cOnNiEmArIe wHiTe
1 year ago
I’m in Iowa, and befor even searching about the trees, i noticed the ELM trees are loosing their leaves and limbs, then they bend down and fall over!
Now most trees get old and die! But these are young trees doing this! And the old ones! Also the bark is peeling too! What is going on???
Klaas Batema
1 year ago
Microwave mast for mobile telephone, 3G and 4G for smartphones!!!!
gerhard jannink
3 years ago
Itterbeck 27-2-2011 Thank you for your writing. You are right with the inner needles are dying faster.
Needles of a tree can move and turn dear direction. The older needles they are hurt by pollution cannot turn anymore.
When you give my name in Google you will find my website. There are some pictures of beans, they turn white they’re laves with day and night.
I did write a book, why the trees are dying, whit more than180 photos . Gerhard Jannink
Ashley Law
1 year ago
Gerhard it could be herbicides, it could be radiation, it could be chemicals from he spray planes above your head. We don’t know but it is all around the world,
That we do know. Check out your sky are they spraying ? Do you see long white trails? Long wispy “cloud” horizon to horizon?
Those light reflecting specs in your film moving through the fog could be aluminium particles?
1 year ago
this exact same thing is happening on my pine tree,, needles going brown with dead branches,,from UK,, Scotland
Brian Sundholm
1 year ago
The trees are dying because they are being eaten. See the Supermushmouse channel for the full story.
gail zawacki
3 years ago
Notice how the inner needles are drying faster than the outer layer.
If it was radiation, you would expect those more exposed to be more damaged.
In fact it is ozone in the air, and the inner needles have been exposed for more seasons than the younger, outer needles.
go to witsendnj blog for more info
gerhard jannink
1 year agoin reply to cOnNiEmArIe wHiTe
Itterbeck 14-6-2012 I think it has to do with a kind of light. Or radiation? This is possible visible because jour because jour quick camera.
Your eyes don’t see it. A same kind of film I did make whit an night camera. Look at my YouTube site. It’s is witten is in Dutch.
Raadselachtig licht boven de akkers. A lot of trees are dying Een reis door de tijd. Gerhard Jannink
gerhard jannink
1 year agoin reply to Klaas Batema
Look at My Youtube film. (Bestrijdingsmiddelen verplaatsen zich in de nevel). ore on my website.
This film shows how the agriculture chemicals are moving through the fog.
Only the plants they are growing are sensitive for these small amount of chemicals. Leaves they are formed,
are not sensitive anymore. Gerhard Jannink
Klaas Batema
1 year ago
I am sorry gerhard, I was trying to address the problem in serious fashion but somehow I get an idiot answer.
University of Wageningen (Netherlands) has conducted a study towards the influence on wifi on trees.
Trees that were radiated died and the that were not radiated showed less symptoms. So contemplate that, you moron.

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