Fukushima is Killing The Tree of Life

Fukushima is Killing The Tree of LifePlease scroll down for downloadable photo gallery.

See this related post of the same tree with HD video.


Fukushima is Killing The Tree of Life 3D HI-RES slideshow

Fukushima is Killing the Tree of Life
This is one in the series of Fukushima Radiation Tree reports.
Learn much more at http://TheFukushimaRadiationTreeReports.wordpress.com
Photos and soundtrack
“Fukushima Mutant Beast”
produced by Daniel J Towsey
This radiation from Fukushima is no joke.
All information is begin kept from the public.
Please go to http://ATruthSoldier.com
Click on the Fukushima page at the top of site.
Be prepared to find out the horrific truth about this never ending Plutonium radiation release.
The largest reactors on earth, One Two and Three have gone into fision.(China Symdrom)
This is a nuclear fire that can never be put out.
The cores have gone down to the bedrock and are releasing  radiation into the Pacific for ever.
That is now Killing all life in the oceans.
No one knows for sure where the cores are as the radiation  levels in the three plants is to high for anyone or any robotic devices to go near.
This is an absolutely Apocalyptic event.
Plutonium is a billion times more deadly then uranium.
Plutonium fuel is called Mox fuel which came from Zionist controlled France.
The only other country on earth fooolish enough to use this fuel that is supposed to be illegal to use.
Because they knew that if something went wrong with this fuel.
It most likely would be a world wide extinction event.
This is not fiction.
Do not let them distract you with the fuel rods issues of  reactor building four which did not have an active reactor  in it.
Do not listen to the stuff about containing and controlling  the contaminated water.
That is all a distraction and deception.
The situation at Fukushima Daiichi is completely and forever  out of control.
This is THE End

Leaked TEPCO Report

Viewers comments.

Ken Eisnor says, Don’t forget about the other sources of radiation they are moving this way too. The ongoing leak in New Mexico and Hanford and one in Florida.

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