Mutated Celery from Grocery Store due to Fukushima Radiation

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Mutated Celery_4774See viewers comments below gallery.

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Mike Meredith dont eat!!

Kubona Splashdown radiation,right

Craig O Calenti wake up calls

David Wood Mutated celery! Wow! I also hear that there’s been an outbreak of straight bananas in Jamaica. Definitely Fukushima radiation. What else could it be? If your runner beans look a bit bent this year – blame Fukushima. Everyone else does.

Daniel J Towsey Have a look at any plants in the rubbarb family. Look at the leaves. They are horrific when mutated..go to my site and have a look at my photos of mutations. better yet have a look at this. Or check this out.

Fukushima Mutant Beast HI-RES 3D slide show

Click this link if it says the video does not exist..

Kasey Elliott New in store: Radiation Near You!

Daniel J Towsey I bought this at Walmart in Halifax Nova Scotia. I phoned the manger and asked here where did they get their celery. She told me it came from the Walmart distribution center in Ontario. Meaning it was probably shipped in from Japan.

Kasey Elliott Oh man…I never trust food that come from Walmart!!!

Daniel J Towsey This celery was horrific to hold. It was like crystalline. Extremely weak and brittle. with very little weight.. It snapped like potato chips

Fukushima Japanese News Reporter

(25 April 2014) FUKUSHIMA SIMPLIFIED ((Warning: GRAPHIC))

Published on Apr 25, 2014

This is to help understand this radiation release in a way that everyone will be able to “get it” so the Mainstream Media will NOT be ABLE to lie to you any further and have you become confused over their lies.

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Kasey Elliott The thing is I tend to be very meticulous in choosing my greens for juicing. Forgetting the fact that once we’re exposed to radiation…it would become “a part of us” and slowly kill, if not shorten lifespans…only go organic due to pesticides used.

Daniel J Towsey Try to get greenhouse grown food that uses water from deep wells to water their plants.

Nick Hood More ecological disasters from Fukashima.
South Korean website posts photos of mutant vegetables from Japan. They say it happened because of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Everyone has a cam on their phone…. We should all be taking selfies with mutated produce?

Wow and I just got done taking pics of a mutated Dandelion! I like to show you but where can I send it to you? I guess I could video it and post it here on youtube.

John S
I thank you, now I can help my family. Good looking out.

 Margo Singery
I’m not sure where this guy is from…thinking maybe Canada. But I feel pretty sure all of North America needs to be on the look out for this. Don’t just be careful with the seafood…..better watch the vegetables, milk….everything! They’re doing this to all of us as well….. 😦

illusion is over
you’re crazy for eating any seafood at this stage..i ain’t ate sea food since gulf of mexico.

Return it to the store. Thank you for sharing. So sad…if it is in the air..even growing own own wouldn’t make a difference, would it?


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