No More Seafood For You

“No More Seafood For You” Fukushima (Must See)

No More Seafood For You

Published on Nov 5, 2013

Depopulation in the Works NOW!

They Poison our Water, (Fluoride) They Poison or Food (Chemicals & GMO’s) They Poison our Air (Chemtrails) Involve us in Wars (Everywhere) They Kill or Fish (Fukushima, 60 more plants on that soon to be destitute Island) And you doubt there’s a Depopulation Agenda, Really?
This is the only issue we should be talking about
Check this out


The creator of this video “Platos Cave” asked me very nicely to add the following links for your further study.

He clearly did his research and worked very hard on this video, clearly this issue is very impotent you him, as it should be to all of us, I think he did a great job.
He has set if for Remix on his channel. Youtube and I are not getting along at this moment, so they will now allow me to do the same.


Fukushima Diary:


Fukushima Facts:

Radiation Research and Mitigation

Beyond Nuclear:

Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network:


On Fukushima Beach 1 (remastered):

On Fukushima Beach 2: The Lights of Fukushima (Director’s Cut):
On Fukushima Beach 3: The Bombing of Kyoto:


Brendon Clark says, if this is true then we are all fucking dead. with “all sea life” that includes the plankton, which are what produce the majority of the oxygen we breath. so the only way to even survive on this planet my vote is to MASS grow marijuana. to help clean the radiation which it CAN do and also to provide us with oxygen, food,cloths,gas/fuel,medicine,plastic,paper,hempcrete and mamy more uses. namaste dear ones……… and good luck
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A Truth Soldier says, I agree with you..but there is no reasoning with the insane NWO

A Possible Solution for Fukushima?


Kevin Blanch:
Rad Chick:


How to protect yourself from Fukushima Radiation:

Prof. Chris Busby update on Supplements to block Fukushima radioactivity effects:

Fukushima is Here:

Hot particles from Japan to SEATTLE:

Hot Particles detected in SEATTLE:

Take action to lower radioactivity allowed in food::

Post-Fukushima Food Monitoring in the U.S:

Fukushima & Pacific: Leuren Moret & Rad Chick Part 1

Fukushima & Pacific: Leuren Moret & Rad Chick Part 2
And the other parts.

Nascent Iodine:


The Ocean is Broken:

The complete collapse of sardine population on West Coast of Canada around Vancouver:

Sudden disappearance of sardines has serious economic and ecological effects on the B.C. coast

Alarming mass die-off of starfish in areas along Canada’s Pacific coast:

Diseased Alaska seals with abnormal brain growths and undersized lymph nodes:

There are many more similar reports, but I cannot fit anymore in the space provided here.

‘Fukushima: Beyond Urgent’ was made of clips from the videos below. All footage reproduced for educational purposes only. Thanks to all those who uploaded the originals:

Earthquake in Japan as it started:

Shocking New Footage of 2011 Japan Tsunami

Michio Kaku – Fukushima is still a ticking time bomb (2011):

Michio Kaku on ‘Democracy Now’ (2011)

Dr Helen Caldicott – Fukushima Nuclear Disaster:

Fukushima Is the China Syndrome Happening (August 2013):

Fukushima farmers describe what it’s like to harvest poisoned food:

BBC News: Fukushima nuclear plant. Radioactive water leak found:

MONUMENTAL Troubles at Fukushima. From BAD to WORSE update 8_31_13:

Nuclear power expert Imad Khadduri discusses Fukushima:

Dr. Helen Caldicott on Fukushima and the Perils of Nuclear Power:

Under Fire, TEPCO Prepares for Critical Phase of Fukushima Cleanup:

Leuren Moret: USA, UK Monarchy behind Fukushima radiation genocide


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