Amazing Faces Inside Holes In The Trees at Halifax Public Gardens

This spring holes started showing up in many of the Fukushima radiation diseased trees at the Victoria Public Gardens in Halifax Nova Scotia. Below you will find the high resolution photo gallery and videos.

Please note that I have more photos of faces in trees that I have not uploaded yet. I also have faces in clouds.


 Also see.

Here is a recommend video to watch.

EXTRATERRESTRIALS DISCOVERED – The Search Is Over – Research Begins]


Faces in Trees HD 3D slideshow

winking Face in tree_1210

Amazing Faces Inside Holes In The Trees at Halifax Public Gardens



keyup2626 SAYS

That’s really cool, in the first tree looks like an owl to me.

zwerina56 says,

It’s da wolf! It’s da wolf! Where is Ralph the sheepdog? Very eerie.

Tree with face 09 11 2014 Gardens_1452AAA

More Faces in the Holes in the Trees at Halifax Public Gardens



illusion is overwho knows..maybe they are faces..crying out for help..cause human greed and stupidity allowed them to be destroyed..i believe trees have spirits just like us.FolkPhotographerYes you are right…
Beautiful video, I can guarantee they are faces. I see them in nearly every tree I pass, and infact since I have become aware of this its hard to walk past a tree and not acknowledge the face of its life of its spirit and if you truly acknowledge them they become aware of you observing them and they give you a look of a smile from thier eyes.
It is a truly wonderful feeling to feel their spirit and our spirit intertwined. I wonder if tree loggers etc could see and acknowledge these, could they really continue their work for profit cutting down another living being of this planet. Its also a great shame that in this modern day that although we all know trees are alive we don’t really acknowledge and love them for what they are.

Huge Holes in Trees since Fukushima at Halifax Public Gardens

05 14 2014 Public Gardens_6275

Removing FUKUSHIMA Damaged Trees at Halifax Public Gardens

05 14 2014 Public Gardens_6280

New Growth FUKUSHIMA Desease at Halifax Public Gardens

Viewer comments

Rad Chick says,

(Check out her channel )

Great commentary. The plant life here in Michigan is showing extreme damage as well. That is, what is actually erupting from spring. Lots of plants still are inactive, but what is coming out already looks sick. This really escalated in late summer of 2013 around here. Mutation Watch on facebook.

Explaining The Holes.

I will now attempt to explain to you what you see when you see the huge holes, the lumps under the holes, other huge wart like lumps and the area where the bark is gone and there it is a smooth lip like surface around the area where the bark has disappeared.

If you have been keeping up with my previous posts for the last two and a half years at The posts about the sick and dying trees and also the closes ups I have done recently showing how the bark is cracking open and peeling away, and the strange paint like coating on all the bark, you will better understand what I am explaining.

In my report of day one (page above) you can see where there are holes in the bark and underneath the sap looks neon green.

So here goes my explanation.

I live in Nova Scotia where we have cold winters when the trees lose their leaves and go inter hibernation where the sap stops flowing up the outside of the tree just under the bark.

The bark on many older trees gets very thick over the many years.

More bark is created every year as the sap flows up. Sap is what makes wood and bark.

So when you have a look at my very close ups of the cracks in the bark which is being caused by radiation destroying the bark and causing mutated micro organisms to attack the bark.

The sap now will start flowing out of those cracks.

Causing the huge lumps you see, and where the bark has fallen off the sap creates what appears to be that smooth lip like contour around the bare areas of the tree trunk.

In the big tree photos of this post where you see branches inside the huge hole, Look carefully near the bottom and you will see remnants of the thick bark that was there before and had completely covered over the whole area that now looks like a big hole.

The bark is falling off the trees and peeling off.

You can see that in the photos of the piles of branches that the city crews removed at the Public Gardens. All those branched died because their bark peeled off.

In other trees small branches start growing all along the full height of the big old trees where normally new growth only occurred at the top and ends of branches.

This is happening because the sap is now coming out of the cracked and damaged bark.

Also if you look at the base of many of these huge trees you now see so many branches sprouting out of the damaged bark covering the roots.

In may photos you can see where the city crews here in Halifax have gone out and cut and trimmed all those new sprouts that never happened before.

You do not have to be a tree expert to know that something is wrong when all the leaves are discolored sick and tiny or when you see all the trees bark turning light almost white like paint to know something is very wrong.

Radioactive Chemtrails fallout is killing this planet.

Chemtrails is also know known as Bio-Geo-Engineering, weather manipulation, and weather warfare in conjunction with the use of H.A.A.R.P.

Have you not noticed since Fukushima, we almost never se the sun, and that it is over cast all the time.

Moisture clouds in the sky is created with one particle of dirt and two particles of hydrogen.

The Fukushima radioactive Plutonium dirt is causing the skies to be covered in moisture clouds.

Have you not noticed the Chemtrail spraying is causing the planet to cool because less sun is reaching the ground.

This is another reason why the trees are dying and discolored. They are not getting any clean pure clear strong sun rays.

Trees need  the full power of the sun’s energy t0o grow healthy.

The corporately insane criminals are killing this planet with all their playing around with their insane technologies.

Share this post because only awakening everyone, like the military, police, pilots etc will stop this insane destruction of the natural environment.  Written by Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier.

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