Arctic Ozone Hole and Polar Melt From Fukushima Catastrophe

Fukushima Nuclear Monster DDees

Arctic Ozone Hole & Polar Melt From Fukushima Catastrophe Yoichi Shimatsu w/Rense 4.21.14

Published on May 3, 2014

original upload by urupiper2 video called Arctic Ozone Hole & Polar Melt From Fukushima Catastrophe ✑ Yoichi Shimatsu w/Rense 4.21.14
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By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

Yoichi Shimatsu, former editor with the Japan Times group, is a Hong Kong-based science writer.


“Unprecedented Arctic ozone loss in 2011”, report by 19 participating researchers, the journal Nature, October 2011

“How Fukushima Impacted the Massive Arctic Ozone Loss”. Y. Shimatsu,

“NASA pinpoints causes of the 2011 Arctic ozone hole” Maria-Jose Vinas, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, 11 March 2013

“An Arctic ozone hole? Not quite” Audrey Resutek, Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT News, 15 April 2014

“Ozone Depletion Over Ocean Caused By Sea Surface Iodine” Lawrence LeBlond,, 14 January 2012

“Statistically derived contributions of diverse human influences to twentieth-century temperature changes” (linkage of slowdown of global warming to the 1987 Montreal Protocol” Francisco Estrada, Pierre Perron, Benjamin Martinez-Lopez, Nature Geoscience, June 2013

“Continental heat anomalies and the extreme melting of the Greenland ice surface in 2012 and 1889,” William Neff, Gilbert Compo, F. Martin Ralph, Matthew D. Shupe, Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres.
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Japan’s aging society faces a deepening crisis. A shrinking elderly population in rural areas is posing a threat to local economies, while the phenomenon of young women departing for better job opportunities in cities is further accelerating rural depopulation. This episode investigates the ramifications of the hollowing-out of the countryside and concentration of so many people in big cities.

Fukushima Documentary:Senior Brigade: Protecting an Uninhabited Town
Okuma Town, the site of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, is contaminated with radioactive substances and completely fenced off as uninhabitable. The residents have been forced to live elsewhere since the nuclear accident. But the ‘Senior Brigade’, which consists of workers recently retired from top posts in local government, prepare for the day when the people can return. We follow the members as they worked to protect the uninhabited town

Nuclear Hotseat with Libbe HaLevy 4-26-2014
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Your Choice
by Troy Livingston who is putting to gether some GREAT videos. You can subscribe to him here:
Bleeding out Fukushima into the world

Remember the woman who posted vids of YELLOW DEFORMED SALMON from the Fraser River earlier this year? Now Cesium 134 has been discovered near the headwaters of the Fraser in beautiful BC. :(. – my home. 😦
ATTRIBUTION:By Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun:
PHOTO : submitted by John Preissl.


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