Dangerous Huge Hollow Holes Showing Up In Trees Everywhere

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These holes are very dangerous to people and property as I zoomed in, I discovered that the holes are hollow and all that remains of the tree is a very thin shell.

Trees and huge limbs are now falling down everywhere. Most people do not notice this as the Halifax City crews have been very busy removing the evidence.

Be sure to see the 3D slide show here showing holes.


Hollow Sick Trees Due To Fukushima Radiation 1of2

All the trees are dying_1913

04 22 2014 Holes Halifax Public Gardens_4540This photo below shows hole the holes develop.

05 04 2014 Halifax Public Gardens_5449

05 04 2014 Halifax Public Gardens_561305 14 2014 Public Gardens_6313Looking inside my hollow willow tree!

07 24 2014 Halifax_1831 07 24 2014 Halifax_1834 Huge Holes_0885Nhiều cây xanh bị bệnh rỗng ruột- Many sick and hollow trees

All the trees are dying_1857 All the trees are dying_1851 All the trees are dying_1849

05 03 2014 Sick tree bark_5321Halifax sick trees 05 12 2014_6229Living Inside a Hollow Tree!

IMG_0875 07 24 2014 Halifax_1777 07 18 2014 Halifax Falling_093807 24 2014 Halifax_1794Also see. https://thefukushimaradiationtreereports.wordpress.com/2014/07/25/all-the-trees-are-dying-in-halifax-and-no-one-cares/

Aug 6 2014 Halifax Commons_4830 Aug 5 2014 Dartmouth_4529 Aug 5 2014 Dartmouth_4525


Ano nywouse
Collect 200 grams of leaves and bring it to the lab where they have a gamma spectrometer – the result will show that the particles in this are.
Also in Poland are the same diseased leaves and even worse…
Check out my latest video. (tomato)

2014 07 04 Tomato. What the hell is that ? Fukushima ?

Explanation of risk at Fukushima on the basis of Chernobyl

Fukushima is Revelations
Revelation 8:7 The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.

Robert Bergl
If its in the trees its in everything that those poor people in Japan eat. Which means it’s in them too, they will be sick and dying soon as well

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Dangerous Hollow Tree Removal


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