Horrible Sick Dying Trees Bayers Rd Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

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HORRIBLE ALL Trees Mutated Sick Dying Fukushima Radiation Effects

Bayers Rd Halifax Nova Scotia Canada



@ Folk Photographer,
maybe this Info is helpful:

Effects of radionuclide contamination on forest
trees in the exclusion zone around the Fukushima
Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

Another Report came in last Month about reduced amounts of Microbes in/on the Forest Floor, from Timothy Mousseau (spelling?)

Imo. the Radiation in your Place is not high enough for such a quick Response.

Try to talk with a Gardener, normally they are well aware about environmental Changes.


No one knows what the radiation levels are here and do realize that Japan is above Nova Scotia if you go over the north Pole. Nova Scotia is closer then British Columbia on the western shore of Canada is. what you see in my video has been reported by viewers to be happening all over Canada, The USA, New Zealand, Australia and many other places.

Same thing in BC, I hope to make a video of the trees here tomorrow , and they are dying faster that last year, my fir died in 3 months it was 150 feet tall or so, it is so sad that people just do not see this, or they are in denial, but even the food crops are affected, all our hazel nut trees are decimated, there is gonna be crazy food shortages coming up, and soon … thank you for this video, God Bless

Why do you think it is Fukushima related and not a fungal Disease? (for example) What do the local Scholars are saying about it or the professional Gardeners? Do you asked one of them? Regards PS:

the Trees i look for here in Tokyo or whole Kanto are mostly healthy but the Town is taking care and i do not know how they would look alike without professional Treatment!

No one here talks about it and the government and media are silent

Laurie Rieman
That’s really bad..yesterday I noticed our maple tree has mutated leaves.

Paul Gavin
Thank you for noticing this ,and letting us know .I’m proud of you for showing us this .I look forward to more of your reports or will there be ??? Great report ,we see such thing warnings here in OZ ,take care friend’s :+) O TNXs Stacey

Klaas Batema
Good work, No more bees, no more birds and no more trees. The whole biosphere-eco system is collapsing. This won’t last long.

Stolo Nationwarrior via Google+
Very soon we will be asking What is NORMAL on anything..

I am going out today to look at some trees locally here in T.O.

Most Horrific Sight of Sick Dying Trees in Halifax Since Fukushima Radiation

I’ve noticed it here in NL too and people look at me like I have ten heads when I tell them

Stacey Anderson
Thank you Folk…devastating.  I hope it is okay that I mirror this to my channel.  Again thank you for your work and care.

Klaas Batema Good work, No more bees, no more birds and no more trees. The whole biosphere-eco system is collapsing. This won’t last long.

HEVYMTL99 in Chicago too. mutations too. no one paying any attention like frikn zombies. 😦
The Pacific Ocean Is Almost Dead from Fukushima Radiation

Scottie Girl OMG – absolutely awful….. beyond sad.
Thank you for posting – shared and added to my playlists.

Serge Humphrey Geiger counter?
I wish I had a geiger counter..can anyone get me one?

MSVS I am going out today to look at some trees locally here in T.O.

Patrick McClure Aloha ….Well I fell close to Japan, we get tourist here ,so for yeas been watching these reports and it just keeps getting Worse  …. Have a Good Day….Love to ya …. P
Beth Ksanti
i cry if watch dear im am for nature trees mountains all oh
Patrick McClure via Google+
Leak of Radiation ….. Japan ….Releasing Radioactive Atomic Particles into Atmosphere 24 x 7  365 ..Consecutively for 3 1/2 Years… Praying for a Repair   ” Peace ” ….. P.
Thank You Sir   Sorry  We Are COOKED   Greed Money Lies Kills Mother Earth    I KNOW WHAT  YOU ARE  A TRUTH TELLER  I LOVE YOU  THANK YOU !
The people are just as sick as these trees-you are so right.
Ashley Law
Yes same here trees dying hardly any birds used to have 50 – 70 house martins now just a handful turned up and hardly any insects either. Can drive all day and the screen is still clean.
Amen!  I am so glad to see that someone else out there has noticed tree decline, too.  Most people I know think I’m an alarmist and have been “doomsday-ish” in regard to this subject.  I’m not so sure if it’s Fukushima.  It very well could be, but I feel it’s the accelerating amounts of Industrial Carbon that we’re belching into the atmosphere every hour on a global scale.
These trees are the “canary in the coal mine” and just can’t keep pace with how we’re radically altering our atmosphere.  I’m afraid I agree with you… we’re a dead planet very soon and are screwed.
Thanks for reaffirming for me the fact that I’m not nuts.  People need to get their faced out of their Ipods and other gadgets and take a look around.
Violette Lilly Rose Patrick
However. . Hardwood trees that have peeling bark may be suffering from a fungal disease called Hypoxylon canker. Peeling bark caused by this disease is accompanied by yellowing and wilting leaves and
If the government had let the truth out it would cause mass hysteria. They don’t have all the needs meet for the entire public. They don’t have underground homes and cities built or enough

See many Fukushima videos at Stacy Anderson’s Channel here.

  •  Stacy Anderson Redo post here.

    This video is very sad. But the trees dying is not unexpected. Rev 8:6, the first trumpet.Bram van beurden
    i’m not yet a 100% sure its fukushima.(i sure hope not). I’m seeing it in the Netherlands. I was able to hit the local headlines but the best reaction you get is: ah what a pity. they just don’t care. I’m actually wondering whether I should continue if its really as bad as you say it is why not let the people be happy and ignorant for a couple more years?kim young
    The bark of a tree in my back yard look just like that now. The tree is older than me. It nevered looked like that throughout my life until the last year or so. Plus my yard is wacked no matter how much I water it or take care of it. It was never like this.Christopher Liebler
    Thank you for your work the photography was very good I notice it in New Jersey New York and Pennsylvania same thing with the trees.
    The Pink Floyd music in the background was very apropos.
    Try not to get completely disheartened there are people out there like us who do notice it and are trying to make people aware.chena3
    there is no fireweed around my place in alaska this year
    usually there is fireweed everywhere..
    haven’t seen little birds or bees all summer
    think fukushima is killing the planet..
    good report… take care..

    I did not see any birds at all while watching this video. Now I get to go out and pay attention to the trees in Idaho. Already have noticed them dying. ‘shakes head’…people are so unaware.

    Elwood Jessmer
    im in N,Y, on the 45parralel and i noticed no leaves on the top of the tallest tree and very brittle branches i supected it had hit here but your video proves me right but i am not happy about being right.

    Thanks for sharing Stacey. I saw this a while back and was horrified at the dying trees.
    When will we wake up or will we EVER wake up? Missed you at Dana’s last show. It just wasn’t the same without you there. Just wanted you to know. Bless you Stacey. Thank you for your hard work to spread the news about Fukushima. I admire you so much.

    The Fukushima Radiation Tree Reports PLAY LIST>


    Trees Plants & Bees Dying from Radiation (Fukushima?) PLAYLIST>


    Horrible Sick Dying Trees Bayers Rd_0627Horrible Sick Dying Trees Bayers Rd_0632 Horrible Sick Dying Trees Bayers Rd_0634 Horrible Sick Dying Trees Bayers Rd_0628Horrible Sick Dying Trees Bayers Rd_0645Horrible Sick Dying Trees Bayers Rd_0657 Horrible Sick Dying Trees Bayers Rd_0656Horrible Sick Dying Trees Bayers Rd_0670Horrible Sick Dying Trees Commons_0686 Horrible Sick Dying Trees Commons_0685COMMENTS


    Watch bee dying after landing in flower (Fukushima Radiation?)

    Bailey Farm Much worse here: This was last winter. The bark is almost completely gone off this tree. There was another tree north of Syracuse where I was running where all the bark was sitting on the bottom of the tree on the ground like it had fallen off in one fell swoop. If you pull this up to a larger view you’ll see the little dark spots are all the bark that remains. This is a 100 foot+ tree. The bark disappeared within a month or two around Thanksgiving 2013.
    SYRACUSE1_oWe are south of Syracuse, NY in the US. Btw, the trees in this area down the street from the larger tree shown above all produced leaves this summer. I think the owners took the larger tree shown above down.
    SYRACUSE2_oBailey Farm I also noticed all the telephone poles usually reddish black with creosote were all bleaching whitish pink in the same area. My husband said they all do that. I think he’s wrong. What do you think
    Mely Lamadrid Right or wrong, Bailey Farm, you are wise not to assume that your husband is correct. Question everything. It’s not what we don’t know that gets us into so much trouble, but rather what we think we know that just isn’t so–the illusion of knowledge
    .Jere Licciardello Hmm
    The people are just as sick as these trees-you are so right.Ashley Law
    Yes same here trees dying hardly any birds used to have 50 – 70 house martins now just a handful turned up and hardly any insects either. Can drive all day and the screen is still clean.
    Bailey Farm's photo.

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