Birdseye SPECIAL Report of Holes in tree over three years since Fukushima

This is a a special report that will take me some time to create as I am going to show you photos and videos of the same tree that I have documented from the Birdseye view from my window.

Here you will see photos of this tree and the other identical tree that  was beside it and has since been removed because it died.

In particular what makes this report special is that the last tree has developed  huge holes as I have previously reported about on other tree reports.

This tree I have video taped and photographed regularly over the past three years since it is below my window.

This report offers the opportunity that I will be able to document when the huge tree limb falls down as the inside of the tree trunk is now almost completely hollowed out so it will soon fall down.

In the older videos of two years ago I saw many dead trees. But the next spring many seemed to come back to life. So I went down and looked up close to discover that the trees that seemed to come back to life had done so with all the leaves being mutated and no two leaves looked the same. But today’s 2014/09/04 video of the close up look shows that the trees really are not going to survive and are now rapidly loosing their bark and dying..

Like I said before. in 2012 the leaves really showed damage, but I told everyone that next year the sap will draw up the radiation from the soil and now we can see this year all the bark is diseased and pealing off the trees causing the trees to die.

Below you will find many videos and photos I did over the past three years.

Here is todays video. stay tuned I will be uploading the photos of this

see this related post.

All the trees are dying_1844

Birdseye SPECIAL Report of Holes in tree over three years since Fukushima

Published on Sep 4, 2014


Thank You Sir I see same We Are Dyeing TOO   Sorry Kids Greed Money Lies Kills Mother EARTH

The Birdseye Tree Reports Ground View of Fukushima Radiation Damage

Published on Sep 22, 2014
Birdseye Mutations Aug 09 2014_5538

Insane Chemtrailing Killing Planet HI-RES 3D slideshow



Below you will find videos going back in time from the same view as well as the comments..So have a look at these trees for comparison… The comments clearly show that this is observed everywhere..

This is SO SICK

Published on Jun 4, 2013

Daniel Buchanan says
I try to educate people all the time about Chem trails. They must be blind to the truth.they need to funding wake up, then look up!?

Sarah Teeach
I live on the same flight path but in Maine. Not too far from you as the crow flies. And the same thing happened here on Sept. 9th 2013. They absolutely covered the high blue sky and covered the sun, my thermometer dropped 10degrees!

CSAcitizen Feather
They are changing our atmophere & not for humans! No one believes Obama is human anymore & theChemtrails have been preparing our world for another type of creature, not human.

Those Chemtrails are killing more then trees,they are meant to kill us & all the animals & they are doing it.Just last week in Alabama several people were killed & others hospitalized FROM THE HEAVY CHEMTRAILS poured on them.This is genocide we are watching & not doing a thing about.ALL planes now spray Chemtrails.

I’m going to start handing out flyers in public places. To try to raise awareness. However, I think people may be more aware than we give them credit. They just don’t know what to do. God help us. We are in some deep shit.

Joseph Goebbles
reality served on a silver plater @ fb faissbook eatsass

CSAcitizen Feather
in reply to AUQUA123
Yes you CAN do something about it and keep telling all you meet. Millions need to storm DC and DEMAND things be changed immeditely including the current so-calledadministratointo vacate OUR white house ! WE NEED to do ACTION, not talk. Treason has but one punishment. Time to build the scaffolds.

in reply to chemlin
Fox news huh? Now I’m sure it’s bullshit

i also look at the cemtrails too in sackville and when you understand what they are doing it makes you want to scream !!!!!!! (EYES OPEN) jest keep up with the videos.

Yes- people are dumb and they don’t notice nature. if they understand these issues they just say it frightens them

People won’t complain as long as they have their fun toys. ie: Cell Phones. THis is now what they live their entire life for. They sleep with them, take them into the Bathroom and of course never look up because everywhere they go they are looking down and “texting” some DUMB message while they are too stupid to know that something like this will/is going to kill them as they are being sprayed like insect pests in a garden. Some do say however: “I only prefer to talk about happy things.” IDIOTS!

I telll people about this shit and they look at me like I crazy! So I don’t tell sheeple any more. Can’t do anything about it anyways.

it gets sicker !

Elizabeth M
I’d like to know who these treasonous, sick motherfuckers are that are flying these planes…. I hope they’re prepared to die along with the rest of us – and their families too if people don’t start waking up to this shit. We’re being poisoned DAILY. There is a global protest August 25, 2013 on geo-engineering. These sick people have got to GO. They need a taste of their own “medicine”.


Fox News actually reported on this for the first time 2 days agotitled : Fox News Reporting on Chem-Trails. (Make Viral) …. Link :

in reply to Elizabeth M
I beleive they are drone planes

This is SO SICK (extra)

May 31 2013

No one wants to look up! Or either they don’t care! People think I’m looney when I tell em.
Great video btw
they want 99.99 % of us DEAD. they are attacking our water / food / air / forced poisened injections under false names like the h1n1 shot dont be tricked anymore !!!! (EYES OPEN)
Ashley Law
Google – Harald Kautz-Vella Theoretical and experimentaly proven negative effects of (Ba,Srx) TiO3 nano particles on plant growth. This paper is a good start to explaining what they are spraying on you and all life.
As horrible as that is, you should be witness to what is going on right now on the West Coast where I live non stop around the clock. No wait, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone what we are getting. And the people? Most don’t seem to care and the ones that do? “I hope it will stop soon.” High rise in cancer. Soar throats, congestion, cough, Pneumonia and all kinds of things.
Lori Taylor
We see this here in San Jose California~ Have you heard of Orgonite? It is said to help diffuse these clouds. a combo of crystals and copper in a base of poly. You can make it yourself. I love that you are pissed off at this atrocity and not hiding behind the curtains~ Keep up the great work~
Jayfoo, me too!! WTF. why can’t they see? Why do we see? I’m seeing anomalies besides the trails. Very strange indeed. I do feel as though I’ve entered the twilight zone. Thank god for YouTube. I would still be sound asleep without it. Sometimes I wish I were still resting quietly with my learned belief system snugly in place. It is a burden to have this knowing. Or is it a privilege. I’m not sure. Thx for you comment I could relate.

New Trees Growth Very Poor Health Halifax May 24 2013

I see exactly the same things here in Hamilton, Burlington, Toronto area (Ontario Canada). And I see chemtrails almost everyday. I am wandering what are we going to eat in few years. GMO corn – because it will be the only plant able to grow under those circumstances…

I visited Poland couple of months ago and when I saw the trees over there – they were so full of life and thick, even though the chemtrails are being seen there too… Maybe we really are “laboratory rats” here, in Canada? GMO food – why there is no label?! Increasing rates of children with autism etc…?

Bill Rivers
I believe this man right, Montreal got many sick trees, The media went ahead and said that there a bug eating ash trees..this was in spring. i see all kinds of types of tree not just ash that are suffering from this.?

Robert Steven Silverstein
ten years ago the trees in florida were full and very leafy, now they look like those trees in his video… cell tower radiation is killing the trees and the bees… let me tell you bout the trees and the bees… and the bush family lies?

Robert Steven Silverstein
I lived under a massive base station and was surrounded on all sides by 30 towers. After 5 and a half years I was diagnosed with cancer, hypo-thyroidism and glutathione deficiency that nearly killed me! Death to the cell towers!?

Alastair Carnegie

Elizabeth M
Has anyone asked the City officials why the trees are the way they are… I know you’d get a BS answer from them – but it would be interesting to see what they have to say – if they’ve noticed or are doing anything about it. Nice videos.

Did you test around the area with a radiation tester?

the suckers of Satans cock are spraying you with chemtrails

Thank you for CARING. This is a tragedy unfolding in front of us and it is all over. Here is Texas the same thing is happening. They actually covered the dying trees on the news the other night and tried to blame it on “drought conditions”. This is NOT due to drought for God’s sake. The trees can’t take the BARIUM and ALUMINUM. It surely must be affecting their water and nutrient uptake. This is a crime against nature in the highest degree.

Sadee Bentley
It looks like autumn. What will look like when winter comes, I dread to think about it. Thanks for sharing.

Dying Trees in Halifax Report May 17 2013

You can see this tree at the 2:11 point in this video.

Published on May 18, 2013

Carol Sloan
Do you have a recent video showing trees now a year later, May 2014??

William Weber

Our trees are dying here in Vancouver Bc also this year.I think that this is happening globally, its incredible!

Sick Dying Trees Halifax UPDATE Chemtrails

Published on Sep 12, 2013

You are a real brother because you are fighting for god creation.?

Thank you very much Mr Folkphotographer, very informative and a real eye opener. Ppl really do need to stop watching trash TV and playing stupid little games, petty FB and twitter on their iphones.

Take note on what is really going on in your own back yard so to speak. If they can’t do it for themselves, then think of future generations – your kids, nieces, nephews etc etc that will ask us what we did to try and stop all this. Farewell from nr Halifax in the UK….lol

Christopher Liebler
First time watching your channel is good. As a photographer you know what you’re talking about.

You’re awesome very well informed. if you ever get a chance to watch the weather wars 101 channel is great. NEXRAD haarp Doppler radar Gwen towers cell towers in combination with all the metallic crap in the chemtrails , its just overwhelming how bad these people are!! I’m amazed at how resilient nature’s trying to be with all this assault

Sick and dying trees Halifax Oct 22 2012

Klaas Batema
I completely agree with you, this is to blame by the prolifelration of wireless technology in the microwave bandwidth. Cell towers like for 4G and 3G are killing the trees. The bark is peeling and sap is ouzing out. The Netherlands has the same problem, everything is dying. This was already happing before Fukushima, so you realy can not take that into account.

Ionizing radiation—or non-ionizing radiation from cell masts, WiFi, “Smart” meters, etc? Those black spots aren’t normal.

in reply to FolkPhotographer
Israel. I’ll take a look again closer tomorrow, but so far I did not see any weird colored trees.

Klaas Batema
in reply to burkeycindi
I completely agree with you, this is to blame by the prolifelration of wireless technology in the microwave bandwidth. Cell towers like for 4G and 3G are killing the trees. The bark is peeling and sap is ouzing out. The Netherlands has the same problem, everything is dying. This was already happing before Fukushima, so you realy can not take that into account.

Klaas Batema
in reply to burkeycindi
I completely agree with you, this is to blame by the prolifelration of wireless technology in the microwave bandwidth. Cell towers like for 4G and 3G are killing the trees. The bark is peeling and sap is ouzing out. The Netherlands has the same problem, everything is dying. This was already happing before Fukushima, so you realy can not take that into account.

in reply to TheGamingOnion
Are you getting sprayed by chemtrails?

in reply to TheGamingOnion
Look up close and this is happening to all foliage

Melinda Mermaid
Please! Go to super mush mouse channel! This is what we are facing…

in reply to TheGamingOnion
it will or maybe you have not looked at the leaves up close..This is happening world wide..So where are you at?


Melinda Mermaid This is what we are facing…

in reply to FolkPhotographer
I’ll check tomorrow it’s really late right now and I can’t see anything,It should also start raining soon so I’ll see if the rain carries something over.

I’m in South Carolina and all of my trees are dying too. I noticed one of them had the sap running out of it, and since I’m in the country, I’ve a lot of trees! I’m going back out today to film and going to learn how to upload onto you tube?!? I never gave the cell towers any thought since the area has been bombarded with chemtrails 24/7 for the past 2-3 years. I agree with Klass, this WAS happening before Fukushima, so if it’s radiation, I doubt it’s from that cluster muck!

That is scary, I’m glad it’s not happening where I live YET.

Bobby Tectalabyss
I Liked, Tweeted, Favored. And will remix with all your links. Thank you for sharing and caring. The Black spots remind me of victims of radiation sickness. With all the mess coming from Japan over all these months it’s little wonder we are seeing the results on the trees and plants. The rain is now carrying with it much more than water. Thank you and Take Care….Tec

Dying Trees Halifax Nova Scotia

Published on Oct 18, 2012

Yes the assholes working for the insane are destroying our beautiful planet

yuck, thats some wispy disgusting crap… the stuff is above any real clouds and is easy to tell the difference… its sublime the ignorance

yep,same in oregon.our trees look terrible,dying a slow death.chemtrails,and smartmeter radiation here

Hi, I’m an hour or so north of ya -check out my “Weather?or not?Share?” – 2 years of chemtrails footage in 5 videos – Thanks for speaking up, we need more people to wake up, then look up. Thx -subbed ya. ? ?End? The Chem!

here,the chemtrails saturated all the trees and vegetation with heavy metals making them antennae for the smartgrid program,and the aluminum saturated soils. one giant hot spot for the smartgris microwaves,cell towers,wifi on every block..our trees here in oregon look a disturbing yellow green instead of the rick dark green they were…burning the pines alive .billions of bats and frogs that thrived here gone forever since the smartmeters came.chemtrails blocking out the sun creating molds too

OMG Dead trees everywhere Another Look over Halifax Oct 7 2012

A Global March against Chemtrails? and Geoengineering.
in reply to Klaas Batema
The spots and holes on the plants comes from chemtrails not from cell towers..Klaas Batema
Cell towers for mobile phones and the microwave radiation or Radiofrequency Radiation they are emitting is destroying the imune system of trees and bees and ultimately humans. Look at this documentary; Resonance – Frequency of Beings by James Russel. All the negative ions are decipated and the Schumann resonace is no longer measurable. Realy it is not fukushima, or the trees would have died in europe since the Tsjernobyl accident In Russia.bdjingr
What do they look like now?Mushinzenkoans
I usually won’t comment on someones video when they are censoring it as you are.It is obvious you only allow posts that agree with your point of view.That is ,unless you think you can make them look bad with a reply that is a far stretch from what they actually meant.And then, you do not allow them to post a reply to yours.How open minded of you.I guess you have all the answers.You know exactly what’s going on and why.So,there is no room for other points of view and observations.Enjoy.killerdrums2010
“its natures way of telling you somethings wrong”-SPIRIT 1970eludz
THE ONLY strange thing i seen was birds above a street that were seemingly confused and it was like the movie the birds.. just was real freaky feeling seeing birds fly so out of control in one area and so many of them too.. and it was black birds as well.. not sure what kind..liamooooable .
Same shi*t going on in Ireland. The tree and plant life is dying everywhere.Klaas Batema
Wake up, this has nothing to do with bacteria or fungy. This is the result of the adverse effect of microwave radiation emitted from cell tower for the smart phones. Bacteria are only a secondary response to a deteriorating imune system. In holland, england and germany some people have? found that out allready. Not fukushima has nothing to do with it.Klaas Batema
in reply to FolkPhotographer
No it’s not, the did a academic test with WIFI and tree leaves showed necroting lesions within 3 weeks. This took place in a controlled environment without precipatation. Look, I am not here to convince you of anything, but these are the facts. No cell towers in halifax I bet. Anyway I am glad you see the problem with the trees and bees most of them don’t.FolkPhotographer
in reply to AgothInnCloth
I was wrong..your only an idiot.. You can not see the trees for the leaves….Mushinzenkoans
Understand,I am not trying to debunk chemtrails or your theory.I am just attempting to offer alternative explanations for the spraying and climatic conditions.There are a lot of good people who believe as you do and since our government refuses to even acknowledge that they are spraying much less give a reason as to why,we are left with lots of theories.My information came from the brother of an air force pilot with firsthand knowledge.For me it is still just a theory.OhMybelovedHolyRedeemerJesusChrist
in reply to Gary Smedley
God is deeply rooted in my heart. It’s like I’m drawn to the presence of his.FolkPhotographer
in reply to scombrid2
This is a happening to all foliage.Klaas Batema
in reply to AgothInnCloth
Has nothing to do with winter. Trees die off in the middle of summer, barlk is peeling off, bark shows huge cracks.Mushinzenkoans
in reply to FolkPhotographer
Just like everything in life there has to be balance.If you fly to close to the sun you are going to get burned.The sun sends a lot of radiation towards our planet.We are going into a very active solar cycle.EMP’s caused by CME’s cause a great deal of havoc.Almost every type electronics we have contain semi-conductors which are very susceptible electromagnetic pulses.This can be devastating to aviation. The Carrington Flare of 1859 caused Telegraph wires burst into flames.Mushinzenkoans
in reply to FolkPhotographer
Just keep an open mind.Look at where they are concentrating the largest portion of spraying when it is sunny out.It will be right in front of he sun.They will spray in the pre dawn hours in the east.If you follow space weather you will see spraying increases with increased solar activity.This will be my last attempted post.If you are that much against what I am posting then please delete all of my posts from your video.I do applaud you for making this video.tradin tdon
It is depressing but we still need to get people to Look up off their screens.zappy777k
One word chemtrails!!!! I.Gets into nanos technology.FolkPhotographer
in reply to polly anna
Same thing in the USA.. 80% of USA counties declared state of emergency because no food growing..they tell us it is a drought..what a joke..everything is dying due to chemtrails and radiation..

in reply to FolkPhotographer
I am sorry that you are not open minded enough to even consider this possibility.It is not a joke and I am for real.Space weather has more of an impact on our climate than almost anything we can do here on Earth.Our sun is entering one of the most active solar cycles it has been in for a very long time.Solar storms do have a direct impact on our climate and anything electronic.There are those within our community that would like to prevent a catastrophic incident from happening if possible.

Same thing happening here in Ireland. I noticed a lot of dead trees this year.

Sadee Bentley
Don’t people understand: no trees, no oxygen!

in reply to FolkPhotographer
Actually, the heavy EMF coupled with the geoengineering is what is doing it. Why do you think they have over a dozen toxic heavy metals in the aerosols? They are heated up by ionizing radiation, which is mainly coming from US sources. Once Fukushima saturates the pacific, we will have zero edible seafood as well.

in reply to Klaas Batema
I never said there are no cell towers. The cell towers have been around for more then 30 years.. the trees dying started really bad after Fukushima. I have been doing nature photography for more then 15 years and I have photos that show when this dying started..

You are right so right everywhere you go everything is dying!

in reply to bdjingr
to early to tell

One word chemtrails!!!! IIT s alot deeper then this guys think.Gets into nanos technology.

Same thing happening in Riga, Latvia. I have noticed it, but it looks like everyone else is kind of blind to it.

in reply to liamooooable .
I posted the exact same thing before I saw your comment. It’s scary.

in reply to AgothInnCloth
Aborist says it is a fungal disease known as “Tar Spot” that primarily affects maples.

in reply to tradin tdon
People are walking zombies with one dimensional minds from watching to much brain dumbing entertainment on those flat TV and Holy wood screens.. They have do depth to their thinking..they have no intellectual abilities..they only act and react from what they watch on one dimensional screens..they can not peel away the corporate images to see the ugly truth behind the screens of corporate image..

in reply to FolkPhotographer
Nope but i know a non tree surgeon talk when i hear one though.

thanks for tmaking this video. i have heard reports from many parts of the world that the chemtrails are killing plant life. even the plantain weeds in kansas are almost gone.

in reply to AgothInnCloth
Are you blind and stupid?

in reply to illusion_is_over
It is so sad to watch our once beautiful world being destroyed by the financially insane corporate criminals..

Marthanan Bonelli
Please check out video (Christina Comsolo Fukushima facts the mainstream media isnt talking about 5.23.2012)Resistnworder channel.Pine trees uptake cesium and red pines showing intense leaport spot fallout pattern.Dandylions mutated.I have one giant freaky looking marigold plant i grew in Ness,City Kansas this 2012.I usually dry out my marigold flowers and add to rice.Marigolds were a gift to America from India.The marigold plant looks like a mutated Halloween decoration.I will photograph it.SAD

its coming into winter are you a tree surgeon? No you are not i would suggest to have a tree surgeon look at them and film the results.

in reply to Mushinzenkoans
That makes no sense.. The sun is not doing any harm… Spraying Aluminum and all kinds of other shit and the Fukushima radiation is what is doing the harm..The Sun gives life as it has always done.. Polluting the whole planet with Chemtrails to protect semi-conductors..what a joke..Please keep you comment real..

We are living in the End Times my friend. My family and I were poisoned with chemicals falling from the sky today. We smelled it heavy duty and saw the fallout in the clouds. Agenda 21 before our eyes. The powers that be have their time with us. But God prevails. It is so so sad. I love our trees and animals. If this is happening to them, what is happening to us? My children? Check out my recent vids. Thank you for your documenting.

Horrible Chemtrails Sunset Over Dead Trees In Halifax 2nd Lesson on Chemtrails

Published on Oct 3, 2012

View of trees starts at 3:29

Nani Girl
I LOVE YOU FOR TEACHING US THE TRUTH!!!!  I hope these fucker rot in hell.

Thank everyone needs to share the info..

Nani Girl
I’m trying to wake people up, but most do not want to learn.

in reply to icke11234
EXACTLY… but the problem is that the sleeping giant is not is actually brain dead…

Whoosh that’s a LOT of dead trees there!! Lots more than here in Germany so far, though it is now beginning to show here as well. At least over the past 3 years it’s gotten more apparent each year. Truly awful!

Potent News
Great video, Dan.

Nazunia Juan
you are absolutely right Sr……God bless!!!

in reply to InsidetheEmpire
I agree and I find it very, very strange that a lot of people don’t seem to notice what is happening to our trees and plants. Something is just very, very, very wrong with that. Very. I mean, what kind of human beings have we evolved into? This is what I ask myself daily. I am praying for the trees.

Thank you for making this vid. No, I’m not enjoying this at all. I see dead and unhealthy sorry looking trees everywhere. It breaks my heart! The trees and plants are clinging to dear life. They are halfway dead and hanging on as if they are giving us, humans one last chance. Do you think if humanity wakes up, these will turn around and the trees decides to stay? I think this is happening because humanity is so apathetic. I’m doing my part. I hope more people do to. They have to start caring!

California is getting hit very hard. No body seems to notice except for a few people. The whole sky is striped and filled with giant jets. Thanks for speaking about this so clearly and eloquently. This is war, on us.

The chem-trail programs’ timeline correlates with the rise of Alzheimer’s affliction; the practice of befouling serums w/mercury correlates with the rise of autism; the systematic removal of nitrilosidic foods fr. the Western diet correlates w/the rise of cancer & arthritis; the systematic removal of niacin correlates w/the rise of mental illness & sub-clinical pellagra; the defiling of drinking? water w/sodium fluoride = lower I.Q.’s.

So true! Tell it like it is, my friend & cheers from Germany
DO speak out as loud as you can, man. I’m thoroughly enjoying it and I’ve soooooooooooooo had it with those dumbshits calling themswelves fellow “humans”! Time those dumbed-down zombies among us get slapped left right and center with a hissy fit of truth like this every 10 seconds until they finally get some sort of a pulse going in one or two of their dead brain cells!!!

Halifax NS Sick & Dying Trees Everywhere Sept 24 2012

Published on Sep 25, 2012

view of tree starts at 5:13

only thing we can do is move out of the northern hemisphere, nothing we can do the jet stream has been effected for over 2 years people are dieing from cancer all over the place, move below ground requires lots of work, already done for the rich but not for us.?

Klaas Batema
Cell towers for mobile phones and the microwave radiation or Radiofrequency Radiation they are emitting is destroying the imune system of trees and bees and ultimately humans. Look at this documentary; Resonance – Frequency of Beings by James Russel. All the negative ions are decipated and the Schumann resonace is no longer measurable. Realy it is not fukushima, or the trees would have died in europe since the Tsjernobyl accident In Russia.

this is a cryin shame 😦 its pissing me off !

in reply to Emilio Rodarte
There is no industry in Halifax. Please go look at my other videos and pictures. You will see that it is from the rain..

Klaas Batema
Wake up, this has nothing to do with bacteria or fungy. This is the result of the adverse effect of microwave radiation emitted from cell tower for the smart phones. Bacteria are only a secondary response to a deteriorating imune system. In holland, england and germany some people have? found that out allready. Not fukushima has nothing to do with it.
in reply to john holmes
I believe that the HAARP does suck moisture out and dries out a place and then redeposits the moisture else where..but what is happening here is not due to drought, but is occurring due to the crap coming down from the chemtrails chemicals, aluminum, barium, strontium and more.. it is killing the plants.

john holmes
in reply to jaksngreen
Me too bro pissing me off man…..I can see shit just floating around in the air…Massive spraying all week here in Michigan the sky was supposed to be blue and it was not……

john holmes
Well there was a drout meaning no rain, the chems have caused the drout.

We’re seeing a lot of tree/plant kill in Illinois as well. You obviously have eyes to see, and you’re concerned. Sadly I’m finding most don’t…

john holmes
in reply to FolkPhotographer
I know man, I see the shit floating around and I see spider like webs falling from the sky it’s crazy..don’t have to explain anything to me I know what’s going on with haarp and gwen towers.

Emilio Rodarte
did you discarded any foreign pest invading the zone? or any chemical spill from local industrial plants? i’m sure that the local environmentalists are already concerned

all summer the same here so many trees look sick and so many are dead they are spraying the shit out of us here on long island n.y

in reply to FolkPhotographer
We are sure of the cause, chemical from the jets, how do we stop it?

All Trees Dying in Halifax Sept 24 2012


I live in a VERY HEAVY spray area ( Finger Lakes NY – ITHACA NY ) – 1/2  the trees in my yard are DEAD , 4 years ago they where thriving , now they are firewood . the intense spraying started  Nov 2012 , now the sun almost never shines and sky is filled with heavy metal chemicals about 27 days a month & the brain dead zombies walk around noticing  non of it ,

I mean how stupid is the human species  not to see these jets spraying the living crap out of us day ibn and day out & all night long hearing the jets zooming over head  every 3 minutes like clock work out in the middle of no where , jets every where SPRAYING . and the STRAIGHT LINE “CLOUDS”, i can’t believe how stupid they are, i don’t think most of them could complete a 1st graders puzzle , not to be able to figure this out & put 2 and 2 together. weather modification-sun dimming- GEOENGINEERING

Evelyn Minnick
Almost two years ago I noticed how dark the sky was in the middle of the day. I was in shock. I also asked myself ” what is wrong with my fellow man “?  I have stopped asking. I asked people constantly if they noticed and if so, why did they not question this? This is why I wonder about the state of mind known as delusion.

I am not inclined to give up, nor am I selfish. I can not however continue in this sad state of mind. I deserve to be allowed the   ability to cope while I am sick and dying an unnatural death. Ignoring this activity will not end this activity. I should not be shocked by this behavior. I am very disappointed. As for my thoughts concerning geoengineering, I am devastated and my heart is breaking…You are not alone in your sad and dire observations…

+Evelyn Minnick1 / 36
I feel sorry for all of us who are forced to bear this extra burden that we don’t need Ev, WHY must we be privy to this information while the mass’s  get to walk around  ignorant,  oblivious & un caring  while their children & neighbors are being murdered ?  i truly believe this is the great deception, that is the only thing that can explain this madness  : ((((

Evelyn Minnick
+MsNumber1rider298 / 292 I agree.  It is so true that those that refuse to see what is happening are deceived. I really believe time as we have known it is up. I really think it is too late for some… I refuse to distort reality for others. My maker gave me eyes to see and ears to hear. To deny reality is an insult to Him. In addition we are given spiritual gifts at the time of salvation.

We know the truth. We are surrounded by people unable to see the truth. This really hurts to witness this. If we could do something to help them see, we would. We have tried. Some have told me that discussion about this issue does not fit into the events they have planned this week.

As if this situation is within the control of the citizens. If this continues and the sky becomes darker every day as it has been doing, the sky will indeed be void of the light the sun gives off. Thank you for addressing what I have been thinking. Revelation is being fulfilled before the eyes of this generation.

Trees sick and dying everywhere Sept 7 2012 

 Adele King said
“God will destroy those who destroy the earth.” Rev. 11:18 We were to be caretakers of the earth, we are the masterpiece of creation upon the earth, but all who reject God embrace the liar and his lies. He compartmentalized arrogant people to bring fwd his global death cult: Abortion, Euthanasia, GMO’s (God Move Over), disease made in labs, chemtrails, sterilizing vaccines, perpetual war, gov’t control,?

Daniel Buchanan
Pacific North many dieing trees.too much poison being sprayed in our atmosphere… (Chem trails)…it makes me puke !.Some people will do anything for $$!?

Oh and one more thing… You said if it was because of fall then they would all be the same… This is just not true, trees always go at different times… Also going by your logic if this was because of radiation/chemtrails or any other method wouldn’t THAT effect them all the same? I am being respectful and just putting my point/opinion across… Anyway it is always good to question but I think there are things we can outright prove more easily…

Marie Tarr
Oh, we know about it!!! I am living in south West BC and all the maples are dying!!! The branches are dried out and fall when we have a bit of wind… The leaves are like dried out brownish crumbled paper. But, what can you do about it????

Sick and dying round here in Northwest USA

it rained 3 times all summer, june to august in rome,ohio. it’s been a drought in the rained most of last summer. the trees are stressed.this is what your looking at.

I am getting the same thing in South Dakota.

Gregory May
It breaks my heart, and I’m right with you in your pain.

Sorry meant years and years…
in reply to libertylover522
I heard it is the same in Ontario and British Columbia
in reply to skrodumms
No at all.. have a look at the images in the link above…. it is not a drought problem..
in reply to skrodumms
Halifax Nova Scotia does not get heat waves and we are surrounded by the Atlantic shortage of water here..H.A.A.R.P. is very effective at drawing out moisture from the ground and moving elsewhere..That is very likely the problem..

Lately we have some heavy sprayings in Bulgaria too…I see same simptoms on trees here too. Thats not normal and everybody is blind for this. We have huge protest against government and corruption, but nobody sees the f*cking planes spraying us… I feel helpless about that. We should all shout out immediately!

in reply to FolkPhotographer
ah… i see…

Francis Nalazek
Many trees sick and dying (as shown in the video) here in Freeport, Florida.

Many of the trees are already dead. They died after they sprouted their new foliage ..they wont be coming back to life in the spring..
in reply to Marthanan Bonelli
Thanks for your comment..everyone needs to know about that chemtrail geoengineering environmental warfare insanity

Marthanan Bonelli
I am so sick of Chemtrailing and HAARP.Heavy chemtrailing in Ness Kansas past two years.My friend Jerry reported chemwebs falling over field in Bazine Kansas last week.The webs are not from a spider.I recorded U.S.A. Kansas chemtrails in 2011.Tiny town getting assaulted with chemtrails,not really filmed in Manhattan Kansas.Microwave cell phone radiation towers harm people,cause cancer,and are part of N.W.O. agenda 21 land grab of America.Trees are sick all over chemtrailed globe.Honey bee scarce

in reply to FolkPhotographer
I work with plants and I know that the leaves do not all go at once… It is a gradual thing that spreads… You didn’t answer me, what will you think when they come back next year? Could you be persuaded this is natural if I can find you examples that look the same as your video? But from yeah and years ago for example? It just looks very natural to me. After this video I searched Sept Halifax and saw the same thing from years gone by. How do you explain that?

Lately we have some heavy sprayings in Bulgaria too…I see same symptoms on trees here too. Thats not normal and everybody is blind for this. We have huge protest against government and corruption, but nobody sees the f*cking planes spraying us… I feel helpless about that. We should all shout out immediately!

Look I know things are getting crazy and all but can I ask you… What will you think if next year they are still there and have nice green leaves again? If they are dying or dead they will not come back right? I got to say that the trees look normal to me… Please don’t just call me a sheeple and I’m stupid and that I believe/love the government. This couldn’t be further from the truth… I’m an anarchist and I know the gov are lying scumbags… I just don’t see anything wrong in your vid.
in reply to snaz27
You are nuisance..I am a nature photographer..what you see in my videos is not natural..and I already answered u..many of the trees died after new leaves sprouted..those trees are dead..they are not coming back in the spring..Now I am going to block u from posting..
in reply to snaz27
You did not understand.. When I said all. It meant all on the single tree.. When an individual tree goes into fall..the whole tree changes all at once.. No the radiation and chemtrails would not affect all the trees the same..that is not possible..the trees are different species with different characteristics..anyway what you see in the videos is real, is not natural and is scary..

WARNING Radioactive Chemtrails Rain Killing All Foliage

Published on Aug 28, 2012

Robert O’Rourke
In northern italy its like this too,but i think i am the only one who knows maybe,,,
NWO evil killers,will pay for this when THEY cross my path,!!
Good day,stay positive,Stop supporting your government,they can not put US all in jail,we are millions,stay connected,not divided as this is what THEY want..

100% agree this is happening to all trees, of every species, and boy have I got into some disagreements with people, you only need to have a brain to see what damage is going on, all in the name of greed, thank you so much for sharing, God Bless ?

Sam Moore
fkn hero !!! Give that man a Medal !!!! BIG hats off !!!!!

I noticed this too around 2011 and really bad now!!!

Leilani Reid
thanks for the video man…. good work. good message.

Linda Eckert
Thanks FolkPhotogHERO 🙂

Mike Storm
Horrible massacre! Very sad! I just can’t find words…

Anna Janek shared this via Google+
Chaffee Cline via Google+
a tutorial video showing the effects of chemtrails and fukushima radiation to the trees and foliage in Halifax, NS

Your videos are very valuable – thank you.

I’ve been noticing this for over a year here in Florida. It is VERY sad a scary to say the least. I’ve been pointing it out to my friends and family and they all think I’m crazy. I wonder if whatever they are spraying also affects your brain, because it is like I’m talking to a wall. None of them seem to care. Without trees we are screwed. I’ve posted videos and I have gotten responses from all over the world. It’s happening everywhere!!!

And the radiation is still spewing out of Fukushima. A recent study suggests that more radiation has been released than from the Chernobyl disaster.
Christophe Paquin
in reply to FolkPhotographer
Buy a chembuster it sucks chemtrails over 1 km wide

in reply to Furia Nocturna
Yes.. from what I can understand.. you said something about the insects not being able to pollinate.. Yes that is true.. I noticed that insects will not be able to pollinate diseased flowers..

The real target is not the trees, water, food etc, but the people. It’s a more technocratic or scientific approach to population control. Government wouldn’t do something like this to the people? Why not take a look a history? And as they “progessively” commit mass genocide, they blame their victims for producing too much CO2, a benigne gas necessary to all biological life on the planet. Chemtrail induced global dimming is also a crucial issue. Solar panels produce 25% less power after Chem T.

Every single horse chestnut tree in my local park shedded 90% of the chestnuts while they were tiny, its was quiet disconcerting because the floor was literally covered with them. i hope it was only natural weather related but in my 45 years i’ve never seen anything quiet like it

in reply to roblwsn420
go up to the trees that still have green might find that most are dried outand dead..the leave just did not change color or fall off.
Dawn Ballinger
in reply to Why are we here?
It is happening world wide..
in reply to ANTIZIONIST2011
All the weaponry the American use to destroy this planet are made with depletted uranium that has been spreading radiation world wide…and radiation leaks are coming out from nuclear plants,

in reply to Why are we here?
Same in Louisiana.
simplsmarty Dicamba will do this.
billy s
this is the result of corexit from the gulf oil spill. I saw and see this all over the houston texas area after the gulf oil spill. I guess the corexit has gone from the gulf up the coast all the way to this area now. It effect the delicate flowers at first then the tree leaves later. I first noticed it on my blackeye peas white flowers at first about 3 hours after a rain the flowers turn brown then on large trees turning brown later

Rustle up a copy of “Report From Iron Mountain: On The Possibility & Desirability of Peace.” This report predicts the results of what we are seeing today. One recommendation was an intentional degradation of the environment – poisoning of the air & water etc. So, the poster of this video is not just imagining things.

in reply to agr8trip
Why don’t you go search for the evidence? And I recommend you start looking at the sky..I can not help need to think for yourself..There is no shortage of evidence and sites with all the info you need to understand..I hate stupid people..

Moody Blue
Eastern Canada, same deal, young tree dying first. Have noticed a significant yellowing or loss of normal “green” color, especially in deciduous trees. Let’s not forget also, reduced sunlight and acidification of soil along with aluminum toxicity. What will it take for people to say enough

There is plots of the forest i live in that are dying. About 50% of the trees are dying top down. The local news said the tree leafs were turning a month early but they werent. Looked like to me they were dying all summer long and it seems to be the rain killing them. holes were burnt through the leafs were the rain drops landed and sat. Now the pines neddles are redding out near the base of the branches too. Location: Michigan (U.P.)

in reply to Why are we here?
on the BBC Radio 1 news on Thursday they said bows of trees were falling off because of the warm weather!!!! repeating this all day,how are we ever going to wake up people when this vile propaganda network known as the BBC is complicit in hiding the geoengineering agenda happening every day in the skies above the UK

in reply to FolkPhotographer
This comment above was from an unknown reader who removed it..But i copied it as it is interesting.
Rosalind Peterson has a great video on GeoEngineering, how the web of life is collapsing from chemtrails. The video came out two months after Fukushima, at that point the trees were dying all over America. So the radiation is only compounding the situation, the bees are the canary in the coal mine. great video, really gets the point across. Too many people are still asleep, the only thing that will save this planet is Divine Intervention and a mass awakening..don’t give up hope, it’s happening.

in reply to agr8trip
There is no help for people who can not see the man made Geo-engineered clouds for the sky…… so you think the orange sunsets and sunrises every single day is normal? You need to stop thinking like a conspiracy nut and start being a real Truther..Truthers only seek and speak truth..the rest, like you, just think about theories…

Amberly Reeks
Pilot Speaks Out About Chemtrails And HAARP: Lab tests on air samples: Aluminum Oxide Barium Oxide (see recent study here) Bacteria such as Anthrax and Pneumonia Nine chemicals, including Acetylcholine Chloride Twenty six heavy metals including Arsenic, Gold, Lead, Mercury, Silver, Uranium and Zinc Four molds and fungi Seven viruses Two cancers Two vaccines Two sedatives E.coli Salmonella Thorium I know there are a lot of other banned ingredients reported as well

Matt Fincher
My husband and I were discussing the condition of our local plantlife yesterday. Without a doubt that is chemical poisoning. Many birds falling here as well. Many are sick with stomach illness no doctor can explain and folks who have never had a migraine are now plagued almost daily. This is not a nightmare. This is real.

So it’s activated by moisture…

Ingibjörg Gunnlaugsdóttir
What happens to the trees let say in 2012 will show next spring…If it is a very sunny and warm the trees will benefit from that the year after..will grow much more the year maybe they are not looking correct on the year ring on the trees is what pop up to my mind now. The tree show all one year later what have happened to it..Strontium make sky orange red can it be doing the same to trees…

in reply to FolkPhotographer

You are 100% correct FolkPhotographer. Don’t listen to these Zionist Internet Troll agents. They are paid to discredit you and keep it secret from the masses. Of course they are killing us. It’s called the “Depopulation Agenda”. It is written in their wicked Talmud that “All Gentiles must be killed” !!

Linda Lu
Yup, I see it all over Victoria, BC…. when are the masses going to wake up!!!!!!?????

Great video! I think you should take samples of the leaves of different trees and have them analysed by lab and a geiger counter. Do the sampling properly though. Put the leaves in plastic bags and label them (date, location etc.), use plastic gloves and make sure that when you take the samples it is all on camera. With some crowdfunding we could have this all analysed by an independant lab.

Linda Lu
I think it’s from the aerosol/geo-engineering spraying, fukushima and something people aren’t talking about enough… electromagnetic radiation from the new Smart Meters and all of their hazardous collectors all over the city plus of course wifi and cell towers. We are literally being fried, poisoned and radiated. Be prepared for a major increase in cancer cases.

All the trees are dying in W-B Pa

Furia Nocturna
Matan a los animales que los polinizan: Las abejas.
in reply to FolkPhotographer

Yeah ive been busy with other issues going on but am coming back to this one in particular again, i just cant stand having to see these trees every time i go outside.. its like its slowly getting worse, the branches are just bending over even farther now and growing so far out of the tree, ive never seen them like this, the trunks dont grow straight anymore either, some are off angled and curved, from what iv researched, i think it has more to do with emf cell tower waves than just chemtrails

… any update

Michael Preston
in reply to ascendingstarseed
ha ha wtf asleep u call people. well 2 me look like somebody used weed killer or something as for it was only there it happen not an wide thig at all a. i always watching 4 bigger things and proven truth. no proof nothing
Susan Seymour Hedke
No its not just the gulf oil spill its the same in Germany…
They have been burn ed

John Pradelski
You are so right brother. We need to do somthing. I think local citys are paid off to not say anything or do anything or lose federal funding. I am doing something. I make and sell black sun orgonite tower busters on ebay and do orgonite gifting. I also make 1 foot orgonite earth pipes. These work amazing. I sell black sun orgonite tower busters on ebay. User name jptime29. Also make some tower busters and earth pipes yourself. If you get enough out their it clears out these chemtrails fast.

Radiation readings went up across America before Fukushima could even reach the West Coast
Cold Lake Alberta, heavy tree damage, fruit trees are dropping there fruit or its burnt and dried up, my poplars are full of burnt leafs and tumours, even weeds in my yard are wrong and burnt and there growing weird….

Louisa Young
Well done, thank you for addressing this. People are so asleep!

The real target is not the trees, water, food etc, but the people. It’s a more technocratic or scientific approach to population control. Government wouldn’t do something like this to the people? Why not take a look a history? And as they “progressively” commit mass genocide, they blame their victims for producing too much CO2, a benigne gas crucial to all biological life on the planet. Chemtrail induced global dimming is also a crucial issue. Solar panels produce? 25% less power after Chem T.

i think that it’s caused not only by chemtrail’s – first problem are microwaves from all Cellphones wlan’s etc .. second 100% cloudy sky and then a few day’s with spectrum-manipulated sunlight. third the chemtrails . In Germany we see dark burned points an the leafes … and so on …

This is what keeps happening to my Liquid Amber trees in southern California. Recently the hedges surrounding my yard are dying off, too. We’ve been inundated with chem trails for some time and the planes are going constantly.

I have to ask if you use solution like cloud buster, orgonite or vinegar? Because that do not happen in Surabaya/Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia. That look more like cursed area. Chemtrails make it worse but I believe we can prevent it with device that produce the opposite energy of chemtrails. I use cemenite and plants in my garden produce big leaf, tasty fruit and more flower.

in reply to billy s
Interesting thought..but comments from all my related videos indicates that this is happening all over the planet..

The REAL Institute – Max Bliss
This is happening all over Europe too…..taken loads of photos….. Rain water tests prove consistently that TOXIC Alu, Barium, Strontium are x1000 above normal. Biotech companies have Alu resist replacements ready now. IN UK GOV regs for Geoengineering, mentions ” aforestation and reforestation”….this is how they introduce slavery on UN agenda 21…. our food growing in our garden is the same….any shameful person who gives a thumbs down is an insane evil waste….EVERYONE UNITE……

Marthanan Bonelli
World war three taking place now in broad daylight.Sprayoclocknews also has great info.Thank you for sharing the truth with the world FolkPhotographer.Check out my old ChemtrailKansas channel ,you may enjoy the people who subscribed to it.Lots of nice people and great info. for all to share.Dreamadman also has films of chemtrailing.Fukushima fallout,Chemtrailing,Microwave cell phone towers,and HAARP,G.M.O. soil and seeds are rotten N.W.O. Agenda 21 war against all people,places and things.Pray.

Why are we here?
Has anyone else noticed the disoriented branch growths and tip curves on trees as of late? they seem so much bigger, and willowing, and gloomy? some trees are starting to look like banzi’s in my backyard? and? im not just talking the? west coast i mean everywhere.

Richard Spicer
Hi all I live in england and Ive been telling everyone theres something not right with the plants and trees and how everything has a red hint, like the end of the year. Also in my county most if not all trees have been seriously trimmed to the point that there only leaving a small amount of branches left. After seeing this I will be video our trees so you can all see what im saying.

Geraldine Cox
in reply to Richard Spicer
Im from uk i have noticed to and i will start filming soon i have many photos of plants and trees dying and chemtrails heavy spray and a dust found all over the place i hope to show vids soon.

in reply to Why are we here?
Yes all the plants are suffering mutations

Marthanan Bonelli
Food prices are going up,less plant life.My herb book shows many edible plants,flowers,roots,and stems from many different plants.Marigold flowers were a gift to America from the Hindus.The G.M.O. marigolds are now morphed and i do not dry them out and add to my rice for vitamin C.Only use organic marigolds.Ginger root ,Stems and leaves from many plants can be used for healing, food,medicine,teas,ect.The food police do not want us to have these things.Bye bye miss American pie.Agenda 21 USA 2012

Amberly Reeks
In this video Deborah Tavares speaks about the molds affecting the trees and nature in northern California: !!!!!!!!! Dr Bill Deagle (MD) Show 2013/06/17 – DEBORAH TAVARES !!!!!!!!!! h t t p : / / w w w(dot)y o u t u b e (dot)c o m/watch ? v = q n J f u B G z 5 Q E


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