All Radioactive Chemtrails Reports at The Halifax Public Gardens

This post is a compilation of all previous reports done at The Halifax Public Gardens over the past three years. Newer updates well be added at the top and older ones at the bottom. Many will just be links to original posts.

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SCARY Huge Radiation Hole in Huge Tree at Halifax Public Gardens

Uploaded on Sept 11, 2014

wow that tree is toast

Wow  We Lose

Ashley Law
All carbon based life is being attacked everywhere – this is all round the world – trees have leaves one day then in just a week they are all gone. Look like they been toasted crisped right up.

SCARY Huge Holes in Huge Tree CLOSE UP Halifax Public Gardens

Sep 12, 2014

Really Really Horrible Radiation Damage Tree At Halifax Public Gardens

Published on Sep 8, 2014

Sherrie Swift

Same thing is happening here in California. I live in the mountains and am surrounded with dead and dying trees. My vegetables won’t grow, except for a few tomatos, and my flowers are ALL mutated. People won’t listen because the “officials” have blamed everything on the bark beetle. I’ve lived up here for 12 years now, and have never even seen a bark beetle, but I do see the effects of the rain in my garden. ARG,

Another Sick Tree at The Gardens 1of2 due to Fukushima Radiation

This tree is fairly old the area missing bark has been missing for a long time, there is radiation, show it clearly.
reply to MSVS sorry but I have been photographing these trees for 15 years. What you see here just happened in the past four months…

Dead Reeds in middle of Halifax Public Gardens Fukushima Radiation Damage

Published on Aug 8, 2014

mike alphin
Steezium uptake.biocumlitive same in the northwest

Another Sick Tree at The Gardens 2of2 due to Fukushima Radiation

Weeping Willow No Longer Weeping – Tree Report

Published on Aug 21, 2014

i feel a lot of this has to do with geo-engineering (chemtrailing) also. Ive noticed the trees getting sick before Fukushima, but i know the radiation is very bad and doesn’t help. (im in the uk)

thank you for these video’s, even though they are sad to watch… people need to wake up.

Yes the chemtrails material is most definitely now very radioactive since FuK U Shima

they’re crying now ;(
check this out

Oak Tree Mutation

ellie winn
god! that is what will happen to many living things, not just trees.   I bet the rocks are getting chiseled too by radiation.

Nikita Marie
This is heartbreaking. I live in R.I and we had to cut a tree down before it was diseased. My mom and I were so upset by my mom wanted, or wished to see my micro preemie son grow strong off the vent to watch him climb it . Mom since planted around the stump left. I was not yet privy to Fukushima but aware of the Tsunami, etc. It was such a shock to me to find out such life changing info and truth about tepko was held knowing the trouble, disease, cancer that has yet to manifest. Thanks for sharing.

Dying Tree with face at Halifax Public Garden

Fukushima Radiation Tree Report July 13 2014 Halifax Public Gardens

Amazing Faces Inside Holes In The Trees at Halifax Public Gardens

Fukushima Radiation Diseased Tree at Halifax Public Gardens

Video Reports Halifax Oct 8 2013 Dead Bees and Sick Dying Trees.

New Growth Sick Dying and Mutated from Chemtrails Fukushima Radiation

Wow same thing here in Newfoundland, Canada.

american patriot

Becky Shock
The chems they spray in the air, end up in the rain/soil and neutralize th ph and things start to die……So private gardens, and vegatables will be affected

same EXACT in Vancouver BC! I just clicked on your most popular videos link and i have a solid suggestion, maybe dedicate a separate channel to your plant documentaries! They are very very informative!



FUKUSHIMA RADIATION ALERT!!  –  Check out my playlist for GEIGER READINGS / PLANT MUTATIONS from around North America and other parts of the world.


Dangerous levels of Strontium, Cesium, Iodine, Uranium and Plutonium have been detected around the world.

Cancer rates rising dramatically

The Pacific Ocean is dying

Dangerous levels of radiation detected in snow / rain

Plant mutations rising dramatically

SPREAD THE WORD!!  We need 100% of our COLLECTIVE MIND ENERGY in order to solve this problem.  Our governments have failed us and are hopeless sources for answers.

“The Earth is in the Intensive Care Unit — gravely ill.  And we are ALL physicians now to the DYING planet.  And unless we move and dedicate our total life to saving it we leave our children NOTHING.”
-Helen Caldicott, M.D.

You fucking idiot! CATERPILLARS are eating the leaves! Hence the holes!

I have had the most horrible cough this year and i just know these chemtrails have something to do with it ! Makes me so angry ! God help us all!

in reply to kingofalldoughboys
your the idiot..there is no caterpillars here..or any bugs for that matter..

Good work, what kind of camera you using

in reply to mikee758
unfortunately you may be right. You sure can’t eat your Ipad, Cell Phone, car, clothes, or all of the other electronic toys that they cram down our throats. Time to grow our own food is rapidly approaching. Must do it underground now because of Fukushima disaster that was man made if you analyze it carefully.

ma rr
in reply to wolferine1000
even less than that

Ashley Law
in reply to FolkPhotographer
You may be interested in this paper _ or be aware already search (cut and paste) – Harald Kautz-Vella Theoretical and experimentally proven negative effects of (Ba,Srx)TiO3 nano particles on plant growth

The Sonora desert is done for in Arizona…I am so sad…………..

american patriot
mossad not muslims did 9/11/01…ban jews not guns

in reply to wolferine1000
Search for “They want you dead is written in stone”

Ashley Law
in reply to astromanism

Yes – it was . And yes the “clean up” is also a planned event. You maybe interested in this paper search (cut and paste) – Harald Kautz-Vella Theoretical and experimentally proven negative effects of (Ba,Srx)TiO3 nano particles on plant growth

believe it or not the elite few want the population down to 500.000 million that is the number they can control !!! (EYES OPEN)

Shane Aric
It’s happening. It is happening to me. Colorado USA.

Yeah haven’t seen wasps for years either …Bangor Wales

Well this isn’t much of a surprise, They are flat out spraying trying to kill off whats left of the planet, so they are succeeding.

in reply to american patriot
if not they sure want to…

Get rid of chemtrails: Best chemtrail buster ever!! small purveyance pyramid just 29″ base gets rid of chemtrails up to 150 mile radius!! see for yourself! Get the download at purviancepyramid net, make one and see. Works very very well. Top secret man says, “The pyramid? You have no idea about the pyramid, what it can do.”

I see this stuff too so sad

Marthanan Bonelli
I was all excited last week when I saw the first bloom on the backyard lilac plant in Ness county, Kansas.I went to see how it was today,and I was horrified.The lilac blooms are brown and withered on the tips,the leaves are brown and curling up on the tips.last year their was very little rain and the lilacs were truly beautiful.

What is wrong with the poor bush?? May frost?? I fear it is Fukushima damage along with chemtrailing madness. Cesium 137 in pollen reported in California. Love this channel.

Dusty Breeze
Breath Deep….Vaya con Dios

wow, we are in serious trouble,,,,thanks so much for sharing…….my trees and plants are dying also,,,,i am in the USA.

Lawrence Wolfe
The US govt and others is of extreme evil. Proof is simple… 911, chemtrails, vaccines, fluoride, GMO’s, and most of the pharmaceutical industry. Plus the NDAA signed by the president, nsa, cia, and more.

Shane Aric
in reply to kingofalldoughboys
Wake up and look up brother, it is not so difficult.

american patriot
youtube “did Israel just kill us all”

we need to fix this.

rosy heart
Places where it rains/snows most are getting hit the hardest; animals too…Please come to my Channel….are you in any rsd watch groups? there are lots on Facebook/YT All carbon life forms are in trouble; its an ELE full on…we have a media black out. l yes…but it looks like a white out, too… thanks for your observations…

Thank you for this. RIP Planet 😦 Spray O’Clock News is a good channel too from Vancouver BC. Same here in Hawaii...

in reply to FolkPhotographer
This guy (not YOU) seems to be in cognitive dissonance. I do know what damage you showed and bugs don’t cause leaves to go brown and die. I have a garden in California and I have bugs that eat plants but that is nothing as compared to what you show in your videos. Time to quit asking governments for help and solve the problems that they create in the first place. Remember the bad old Nazis were just acting under orders.

Everybody Every1

Matt Manik
in reply to kingofalldoughboys
fuck caterpillers this shit is happening every where here in the desert southwest too. In my own nightborhood there are lots of trees dying off. Geoengineering is destroying the world, one day you’ll realize

hjerne waldemar
maybe look second arrival movie.

And me and im in the UK

poisonous rain plus radioactive rain = worst leaf damage I have ever seen, I asked myself if It was just me, but after this video, I am convinced there is poison rain, how sick, things used to be normal, when I grew up in the fifties, it was happy land, now we are just about finished, as soon as all the honey bees disappear, most of us will disappear
soon as all the honey bees disappear, most of us will disappear

tradin tdon
Michigan has similar problems and I used my Inspector to test after a rain 2 weeks ago, and the air was 40CPM a puddle on table outside was as high as 117CPM.

in reply to FolkPhotographer
how sick is that

in reply to american patriot
Zionists did all the insanity

Watch bee dying after landing in flower (Fukushima Radiation?)

Now over 14,000 views. This video has been re uploaded by others on Youtube and is getting many more views.

See full report here.

Bee dies on flower radioactive chemtrails killing everything

Danger Chemtrails Rain Killing Trees and Plants


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