Dartmouth Nova Scotia Radiation Killing Trees

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Aug 5 2014 Dartmouth_4529

The photos in this report are from Aug 5th 2014.

I need to mention a really dumb corporate media news story that was aired after I posted my video I did of the trees dying at the Alderney Landing shore line next to the Halifax waterfront.

The news said that the salt spray from the remnant of the hurricane Arthur is what is killing the trees..That is so dumb. When you look at all the photos below and all my other report for the past three years you will know that salt spray has nothing to do with quickly accelerating horrific situations with the plants and trees all dying and mutating.

Aug 5 2014 Dartmouth_4493Aug 5 2014 Dartmouth_4537Aug 5 2014 Dartmouth_4519Aug 5 2014 Dartmouth_4541Aug 5 2014 Dartmouth_4544

Fukushima Radiation Tree Report Dartmouth Waterfront July 13 2014

see full post here.


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