Is Wi-Fi G3 G4 Cell Towers Radiation Killing Trees?

Try having the phones dial out then put them in will see it works….the phones need to send out a signal to pop corn.

Pop corn with cell phones

Uploaded on May 29, 2008

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Electromagnetic Radiation Health and Children

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“Life is electromagnetic.” – Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe

Kevin Samson
Activist Post

Awareness continues to increase surrounding the pervasive dangers of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). Our modern world is becoming an electromagnetic soup filled with pulses, radio frequencies, computer screens, wireless signals, as well as personal devices such as cell phones and gadgets that are emitting damaging radiation.

There are many peer-reviewed scientific studies drawing conclusions that should concern us all, but particularly for young children and pregnant women. Government agencies are even doing battle amongst themselves over outdated scientific information that still impacts current regulations.

A prominent neuroscientist recently went on record in a lecture to the medical community which gave strong credence to the concerns of everyday citizens. A world-renown biochemist joined the chorus of warnings, and went as far as to say that wireless radiation is a biohazard and should be abolished in certain settings.

As you will see in the poignant video below, British ER physician and founder of Physicians’ Health Initiative for Radiation and the Environment (PHIRE), Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe, is yet another credible voice who is analyzing the exponential growth of damaging sources of EMFs – damaging to all life, as life could be defined as anything that possesses an electromagnetic field. She concludes with some practical solutions that can be taken to mitigate the effects of bio-active frequencies which can cause disruption of our DNA fractal antenna and promote a host of stress responses.

Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe – Electromagnetic Radiation, Health and Children 2014

Published on Nov 18, 2014


She’s right.  I had a bad dose of EHS that the doctors could not diagnose…I got a wrong diagnosis and a $400 per month prescription.  I eventually figured it out and cleared it up.  You can read about what I did here:

Full Signal

Published on Jul 21, 2010

Could ‘hanging up’ save our health? As our obsession with mobile technology has grown, an army of antenna have cropped up: behind houses, hidden in church bell towers, even disguised as trees. This crafted documentary cracks open the debate surrounding the global health risk they pose.

Wi-Fi radiation kills and inhibits growth of plants — tested!!

Published on Dec 20, 2013

Are your houseplants slowly dieing? Maybe! But there may be another reason (other than negligence) why all are yellow and wilty: its from your Wi-Fi router.

An experiment conducted by a group of high school students in Denmark has sparked some serious international interest in the scientific community.


YouTube Myth Proven True: Cell Signal Pops Popcorn

Published on May 6, 2013

A YouTube myth and an experiment to see how powerful cellular signal can be. The results were pretty exciting!

UPDATE: Fake Smart Meter Grid Saguaro Kills Surrounding Plant Life

Published on Dec 6, 2012

Here is a 4 month update for the health of the oleander bushes around a fake saguaro wireless tower. As you can see there is a pattern moving away from the tower.

The neighbor has noticed changes in his sleep since installation. Waking up at 3 and not being able to sleep for 2 hours has been the complaint.

Health was a concern and relying on the answer of “wireless can’t harm you” from someone in the wireless industry, the neighbor just went on with life as normal. Sleep deprivation is a side affect once a smart meter is installed.

Radiation Exposure and Retarded Plant Growth In My Front Garden

Published on Aug 16, 2012

My electric utility company changed out my radiation broadcasting AMR meter for a standard mechanical one on August 15th 2012. Unfortunately, they left the neighbors AMR meter installed which is just 15 feet away from my home. This video shows you the plant growth defects that I am observing in the area of the utility electrical equipment. If I see any significant changes occurring in the plants, I will post another video showing you what happened.

Tree Damage Microwave Towers: The End Begins

Published on Jul 17, 2012

2012 This is the video I took the weekend my eyes were open.. literally.
It is no coincidence that I had just almost finished reading the bible. The cross references I made later to Google street view revealed I had missed all this happening up until this weekend.

Now it is so bad that we have stacks of trees laying on top of one another in 2014, the more intense technology behind 4G and the new millimeter wavelength is far more powerful and does the damage in weeks not years. It was a shock then and it has gotten worse.

What I didn’t understand was that my being able to see this, was a gift of the Holy Spirit; that took about 2 more years to really get a handle on. The Lord shows us things in a “deposit” of understanding that we may not be able to explain but facts will back up and scripture will somehow support, clearly.

It’s not a prophecy or a revelation like we usually refer to, it is an understanding that suddenly, we just have. For this, I immediately saw and knew that trees were enduring a significant amount of damage because of the unique interaction between electromagnetic waves and the fragile relationship between light waves and the plant cell. It took me about 2 years to prove my understanding to myself because I did not know how the Holy Spirit works and I only had college biology and physics.

I now know I can rely on my understandings that come from the Lord when they are backed in scripture… I don’t need to do so much work as far as the study of science because the Lord Jesus Christ does not work in clues-

He is a hard core directive kind of God, if He wants us to do something everything is laid out clear in the timing He is working.. we just need to wait for Him, be available and paying attention, and know He will do the rest.

As I come to adjust to how God works with us, I wrestled with that balance between His deposit and my responsibility. I basically wasted a year and a half researching the properties of emfs and plant cells, reading hundreds of research journals and studying physics and plant cell physio-electric chemistry, just trying to see if this “deposit” of understanding was exactly correct.

It is but a simple word “Torgvin” would later show me the awesomeness of God’s timing. If I had understood God would give me the link to my knowledge with very little work on my side, I could have spent all that time on studying scripture instead… but I know now.

Torgvin is microwave processed wood. Ironically, asking “is there a way to make money from screwing up wood with microwaves”, reveals this very process has been thawing wood in the timber industry and modifying wood for commercial use for years.

When exposed to the exact same frequency of energy as the “cell” towers, wood is heated by a refraction of the wave within the bark of the tree. In other words, the same reason trees interfere with radars, they are injured by the signal entering the bark and ricocheting inside the tree.

The cylindrical shape of the branches and trunk, surrounded by bark essentially traps the signal as it is refracted within.

The heartwood under the bark heat up, decreases the moisture content inside, shrinking the circumference of the heartwood and the bark stays the same on the outside.

It is the interface between bark and the inner wood that created an intricate delivery system called the phloem, it is the nutrient transport system from root to top. Because of the selective shrinkage, this system literally severs as bark detaches from the heartwood shrinking under it. Like a baggy sock, the bark can not cling from the outside of the tree.

This is why some trees have several feet of bark just peeling right off of them and bald trees are everywhere.
I can only say the bible is true- to those who have, more will be given and a love of the truth will eventually lead to Jesus Christ and out of religion.

This is the beginning of Ezekiel 14, the towers are noisome beasts. We are in big huge trouble because we are killing our trees and unlike an irresponsibly driven car that can be repaired for a price, the mechanic handling this ONLY takes repentance, humility and obedience in faith.

Since the very problem is man’s arrogance and disregard for the limits we are given by the design and obstacles specifically put in place by God’s hand in His creation, the likelihood of global pride reversal is low. Not say it is impossible because God changed me so He can change others too.

He gives us a chance to come to see we need Him, like I have been realizing the last few years, but it means we have to pick up a cross at times we are facing the choice to be alone and stand where He puts us, often at the expense of aggravating my family and friends who have a low tolerance in their normal perspectives…. we are going to learn shortly that our normal is evil, very very evil.

Electro Pollution Explained to Sociology Students, Paul Waddell

Published on Nov 5, 2014

When people use shock tactics to scare you, it’s pretty scary, but when they use devices that measure what’s actually around you, it can be even worse and make you want to change something!
EMF/EMR pollution is a silent killer in our society and if it’s not addressed there might not be much of a future for long.

Published on Nov 16, 2014

While editing this video I had to change a few things about my life, did you know the safe standard for microwave radiation is “if it doesn’t burn or cook you in 6 minutes, it’s safe”???
We’re literally saturated with electronic devices and radiation and the affects are far reaching.
This will awaken you to the reality that we live in a toxic environment! – Vinny Eastwood

Yellow bacteria Green Lichen growing on Trees exposed to High Frequency Radio Towers

Uploaded on Jan 19, 2012

Yellow bacteria Green Lichen growing on Trees exposed to High Frequency Radio Towers


Tree Harm where Sugarloaf focuses through Bromley Christchurch NZ

Uploaded on Jan 19, 2012

Dead Trees Bromley where Ouruhia and Sugarloaf Towers intercepted. The Ouruhia tower has been removed temporarily due to sinking several metres during a quake so the major beam is coming from Sugarloaf. Rows of dead trees..

Making popcorn with mobile phones

Cell Phones And Monsanto Are killing Honey bee population ( Save The Bees Save The Planet )

Uploaded on Nov 29, 2011

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Do Wi-Fi Signals Kill Trees?

Uploaded on Apr 28, 2011

by Adam Hadhazy

No, they don’t, a Dutch study finds. A rumor that Wi-Fi signals sicken trees has been circulating the Internet. It’s not true, says a Dutch study.

It’s an Internet rumor that is spreading, appropriately enough, like wildfire: Wi-Fi signals can make trees and other plants sick, causing cracks in their bark and killing off portions of their leaves. The outlandish claim, supposedly based on a Dutch study, cropped up late last week and has since been repeated in countless blog posts.

In response, the Dutch government’s Antenna Agency, which provides information on the health effects of electromagnetic fields, has issued a statement urging caution on the unpublished, unverified and otherwise very preliminary findings.

As rendered via Google Translate, the Antenna Agency wrote (with a few [sics]):
“Based on the information now available can not be concluded that the WiFi radio signals leads to damage to trees or other plants.”
Wi-Fi signals wirelessly connect computers and other devices to the Internet.

EMF, Cell Phone, Wireless Dangers Are Here to Stay

Uploaded on May 3, 2011

EMF, Cell Phone, Wireless Dangers Are Here to Stay

Uploaded on May 3, 2011

The Cell Tower EMF Problem Part 1-3

Uploaded on Apr 28, 2011

WebBeat.TV 028 | Wi-Fi Kills Trees?

Uploaded on Nov 24, 2010

A city called Alphen aan den Rijn noticed certain trees in its city were developing some weird growths.
The TSA is fighting the online battle with its blog and a single twitter account.
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Cell Phone Radiation — Watch This And Doubt No More

Uploaded on Nov 16, 2010

Stratford Smart Meter Killing Shrub

Uploaded on Sep 30, 2010

Three shrubs have been growing against the brick wall of this home for several years. They had such healthy and thich growth that a robin built her nest above the old electrical meter that had been here for years.
About three months ago, the old but perfectly servicable electric meter was removed and replaced with a ‘smart meter’ which sends information to the electrical utility company by microwave radiation signals.
This meter sends signals almost continuously, as can be seen and heard by the radio frequency meter readings. The damage caused by the radiation can be seen very clearly in this video. The harm to the shrub is much worse close to the meter and the damage decreases with the distance. At about three metres away, the shrub is quite healthy with bright green leaves. The leaves closest to the meter appear to be dried and diseased.
According to Health Canada, microwave radiation at this level, which is below their safety standards, does not cause biological harm.
The resident of this home has suffered sleep problems since the meter was installed.


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