A Comment on Chemtrail Spraying by R. Rowe

R. Rowe

Chemtrails are sprayed by Air Force Bases, such as Hill Air Force Base, Utah. Google it and see the huge rectangular vats of material used for spraying.

Another base mentioned on the internet was Tinker Air Force Base, OK. They all come out of Air Force Bases.

The pilots have to be mind controlled to knowingly kill the earth and those in power have to be absolutely insane.

What they are doing is to kill all the trees and the oxygen creating plankton in the oceans (they put it in passenger planes crossing the large oceans).

Then we will have no oxygen and only carbon dioxide and all suffocate.

The soils will be poisoned and crops will fail. Even Monsanto’s seeds intended to destroy human DNA will find it hard to grow without oxygen!

That is why the rich men of the earth have stored seeds in the seed vault at Svalbard, Norway, hoping to restart growth after they have killed us all off.

How will they get the heavy metals out of the soil? When the plankton all die as is reported along the North Atlantic aircraft routes, the fish will also die.

Here comes the book of Revelations, 1/3 of the oceans will be like a dead man’s blood.

I used to live in Florida and watch the high flying chemtrailing aircraft fogging up the sky.

Our pear tree got that green stuff on its trunk.

There would be a yellow sulfurous powder on our driveway. I am afraid to go back there.

If the poisons in the air, the nuclear radiation or the Smart Meter Radiations and Cell Phone Radiations don’t get you, Obama is sending his communist U.N. troops to kill us all.

If the people do not get together and Remove the NWO Gangs, you can shortly kiss your lives goodbye. All the politicians know the score.

If they represent the people’s interest, they are dead or fired.





Soylient Green says,
the green stuff is every where in Florida, it is engineered,,
Chemtrails In Our Skies says,
it is everywhere world wide..trees are dying all over the planet..

Soylient Green says,
i have been told by a few it is over, i live with the hopes we have already made a change for tommorow, the past is gone, the future, is not promised,,and all we have is this moment by the time you read this it will be past,,
Chemtrails In Our Skies says,
it is not over..Fukushima is frying the planet non stop..the Atlantic is now DEAD

Soylient Green says, just wait for it,, fukushima has tons of u-92 melting its way to the core, certainly unless there is a divine intervention, ya it is over, only a ticking time bomb now, yes, untill the end we can change it , but it will take all of us,, if we do not change anythink, yes every drop of water that once cooled and healed the souls of kings , will turn to fire,,,

Chemtrails In Our Skies says, I thought you meant the chemtrailing is over… as far as what you says..it is true..we either wake up the whole planet now or it is over..

Soylient Green https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=736128099812698&ref=br_tf

ChemTrails's photo.
Soylient Green says,  enjoy what you have love who you have,,

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