The Death of the Trees Sad Birdseye View Over Halifax

Below you will see a photo set done on October 14 2014. Over looking Halifax Nova Scotia

Please do not be telling me this is fall colors. If you have been seeing all the reports I have done on this site since early spring you will know and understand what you are about to see is not fall colors.

Please scroll down for full downloadable photo gallery.

Birdseye Halifax Nova Scotia Oct 14 2014_4202Birdseye Halifax Nova Scotia Oct 14 2014_4184

Please go to this page for all the Birdseye reports so you can compare earlier views of the area in the photos below.

Birdseye Halifax Nova Scotia Oct 14 2014_4175Birdseye Halifax Nova Scotia Oct 14 2014_4171Birdseye Halifax Nova Scotia Oct 14 2014_4167Birdseye Halifax Nova Scotia Oct 14 2014_4183


Published on Oct 14, 2014

10-14-14 M2U05299

Fukushima USA! – Gov’t Hiding Serious Radiation Danger

2 Thyroid Cancer Fukushima Kids had metastasis in their lungs!

Also below are the recent news on Fukushima thyroid cancer kids on Save Kids Japan…

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