Tree Stumps Showing Up Everywhere in Halifax

It was inevitable. With all the trees sick and dying everywhere.

So here is just a small sampling of trees being cut down everywhere. I have many more photos as you will see on this site.

Study these photos and especially look at the close ups of the stumps. You will see that most look healthy on the inside.

These stumps were all cut down in the past six months.

They all died quickly from aluminum and radiation poisoning.

Aug 9 2014 Halifax Commons_5554Stumps Dec 5 2014_6265Halifax Dec 16 2014_6478Stumps Dec 5 2014_6259Halifax Dec 16 2014_6453Halifax Dec 16 2014_6448Halifax Dec 16 2014_6437

Stumps Dec 5 2014_6274 Halifax Oct 21 2014_5362aug 18 2014 Halifax Commons_6960 Halifax Oct 15 2014_4399 Halifax Oct 21 2014_5355Halifax Aug 20 2014_7468 Halifax Oct 21 2014_5373aug 18 2014 Halifax Commons_7083 05 02 2014  Halifax Public Gardens_4898

Learn about Aluminum atmospheric spraying here.

Click on thumbnails Press F11 for full screen. Right click to download.


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