Very Close Up Look At Peeling Bark Fukushima Radiation Report

WARNING (3) 150px textHORRIFIC CONTENT 90px textSee the Super High resolution very close up look in the  video below.

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The trees are all dying from absorbing the radioactive aluminum and barium fallout from the Chemtrail spraying and the Fukushima radiation fallout.. Trees that are cut down are being used as fuel and that well re-release the contaminates into the atmosphere..

As you have seen on this website, it is not just the bark and just the trees that are sick.. And you well remember all the mutated leaves and plants everywhere.. Mutations are caused by radiation..

_2014.12.05_16h22m44s_001_ A Truth Soldier_2014.12.05_16h30m19s_012_ A Truth Soldier

Peeling Bark Dec 5 2014_6244

See other reports here. See

_2014.12.05_16h25m00s_004_ A Truth Soldier

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See COMMENTS below photo gallery.

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COMMENTS From Youtube

i was in Halifax two weeks ago I cross the country by bus and i saw your city dying like Montréal and all the others city between  Halifax to Vancouver,i make lots video in Montréal and now I am making more video in Vancouver l didn’t make video in Halifax just few picture,at the speed Fukushima go I don’t think men have more them two years if they is no solution,i am going to try to post my video soon not good like your video,i have a child 9 years and don’t know what to tell him.

Good comment..It is being reported on my videos by commenters that Brazil is now the same…

We are being exterminated. When the depopulation is ushering in the transhumanism and mankind as we know it will be over. The person that is going to be famous for saying the whole nuclear program was about getting radioactivity into the environment to kill off mankind. is Leuren Moret, Here is her soon to be famous article, From Hiroshima to Iraq, 61 years of uranium wars: A suicidal, genocidal, omnicidal course.”

Global Research, June 12, 2007
San Francisco Bay View 26 December 2006


(Hidden by Youtube)- Brent Lusk

My whole family thinks I’m insane on most of these subject and they do fully believe IM the problem. IT just isn’t true. Iv counted  86 trees cut down in my public park “keener”. all this happened in

See YT “Leuren Moret: Fukushima radiation has made Hawaii and Pacific islands unsafe for humans”-

Ron TheFlash Smith

Argot May
LOVE this. Tweeted. Facebooked.

Jeremy Yeakey via Google+

Rolonda Willis
Truth right here. I wonder why people like lies and hate the truth?

 john may
we are fuk*d

Yeah radiation isn’t spooky and mysterious, it is just energy, think of if the tree had been put in a microwave

Tyler Dunphy Hey, it may not be fukushima causing it. Aluminum oxide poisoning our soil changign the ph levels.

Chemtrails In Our Skies It is all of the above….Fukushima and every other radiation ever released, Chemtrails etc..There are plant mutations happening everywhere and radiation does that..

Julie Wert Many of our trees here in Michigan look like this..When we were at the park getting our family pictures, everyone was in awe of the size of the oak leaves..

Cheryl Elmore DeCaire My cousin just brought over California Strawberries that had leaves growing all over the fruit.

Brent Lusk
I don’t believe people are waking up…iv been awake too long.

Marthanan Bonelli
Thank you for sharing the horrid truth.Agenda 21 laws harming America and everyone.

Oh my god that tree looks so sad and sickly :*( I used to live in Halifax and always admired the big trees I never ever saw anything like this in my life!

Don Task
with that second sun on our doorstep, i have put Fuku on the back burner. I live on the beach on the BC coast and stopped eating seafood but since your Halifax video means that time is shot and precious

Paul Craig
Common sense is a rare intellectual commodity.

illusion is over
gotta love all the thumbs down..yet not one commented as to why they did so……can’t handle the truth!

it is all the trolls that are pissed off at me for the video I did on how to get rid of trolls on Youtube…

illusion is over
take it as a badge of honor..when you’re over the target you start getting the man.


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