Ring Cut Around Tree (Experiment Test)

It is now early winter  here in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada, so this affords an opportunity to be able to see and photograph the tree bark without leaves obstructing visibility.

I came by this unusual sight where some one had previously cut to lines around a tree trunk with a chainsaw.

Why someone did this I do not know, but it is known that if you cut through the bark to the wood and remove a one inch wide strip  of bark all the way around any tree, that it will lead to the death of the tree.

I do not think that any officials would ever be irresponsible to conduct a test like this on a healthy tree on a public street, knowing that it could lead to the death of the tree and it becoming a safety hazard as well as the loss of a beautiful tree.

I am providing this photo series for scholars and academics to use for study..

 Click on any photo to start manual slideshow. Press F11 for full screen. Right click on ‘full sized’ link to download.


One thought on “Ring Cut Around Tree (Experiment Test)”

  1. If it is a test you don’t need to ring the tree, so someone deliberately tried to kill it. Since all the trees are going to die anyway it is of little consequence. The bark is cracking and flaking off most trees in Boulder CO, within 2 years very few will be left.

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