The Scary TRUTH About Fukushima


The Scary TRUTH About Fukushima (Fukushima Exposed Full Documentary: Deception/End Times 2015)Scary TRUTH About Fukushima_006_ A Truth Soldier

Fukushima: Do Not Panic – You Will All Die – Cesium 137

Published on Sep 2, 2013

Steven Starr is the Director of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program at the University of Missouri and is an Associate member of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and has been published by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. His writings appear on the websites of PSR, the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Center for Arms Control, Energy and Environmental Studies, Scientists for Global Responsibility, and the International Network of Scientists Against Proliferation. Since 2007, he has worked with the governments of Switzerland, Chile, and New Zealand, in support of their efforts at the United Nations to eliminate thousands of high-alert, launch-ready nuclear weapons.

Mr. Starr is also an expert on the environmental consequences of nuclear war, and in 2011, he made an address to the U.N. General Assembly describing the dangers that nuclear weapons and nuclear war poses to all nations and peoples. He has made presentations to Ministry Officials, Parliamentarians, Universities, citizens and students from around the world, and specializes in making technical scientific information understandable to all audiences.

Fukushima open air fission? Radiation surge can’t be blamed just on random leaks

Scary TRUTH About Fukushima_008_ A Truth Soldier Scary TRUTH About Fukushima_007_ A Truth Soldier Scary TRUTH About Fukushima_009_ A Truth Soldier

Published on Aug 12, 2015

Make No Mistake!
I Will Not Compromise.
I Will Not Comply.
I Will Not Submit.
I Will Not Break.
I Will Not Roll Over.
I Will Not Sit Down.
I Will Not Shut Up.
I Will Not Go Quietly.
I Will Not Give Up.
I Will Not Surrender!
I Will Stand For Truth.
I Will Protect The Innocent.
I Will Sacrifice So That Others May Live Free.
I Will Defend My Family To The Death.
I Love Peace, But I Am A Fierce Enemy.
I Will Fight For Christ
I Will Die For Christ
I Live By A Special Code
I AM A SoulJa Of GOD!!
Whos With Me?

Jesus Christ is the only truth, in this world of lies.
Find him today, your not promised tomorrow.

Subscribe for upcoming videos. ~SoulJa Of GOD

Scary TRUTH About Fukushima_013_ A Truth SoldierFUKUSHIMA RADIATION_014_ A Truth Soldier


Published on Aug 1, 2014

“Freak” thunderstorm & lighting at Venice Beach, & more rain in an hour than ever reported. Was it caused by radiation or weather modification?


Horses Skin Melt Off In California…Fukushima? Are We Next?

Published on Aug 16, 2014

Here is the link that goes with the post:

For More Information:

Scary TRUTH About Fukushima_002_ A Truth Soldier


Published on Feb 11, 2014

EAT IT, as it helps fuel movement of the economic dollar. That’s why you don’t hear too much about this. I ‘dare’ you to watch JUST 30 minutes of this one!

_2015.12.07_08h30m18s_021_ A Truth Soldier

part 2

Over 1 million tons of radio active waste have leaked into the pacific ocean already. You don’t hear much of it on television and perhaps that is why my television is YouTube, and the radio (but even the radio is turning into crap. CBC radio, if I hear that song ‘waiting on the night’ again? I’m gonna puke. Repeat this just as often and maybe I’ll turn back on your radio station. The pacific ocean will be a toxic soup within five years. There is a reason for the gag order on scientists to not reveal their findings. Or have you heard about that? Only in Canada, eh? Wake up, ya’ll. Lest you wake up with a third nose.
This is news. For awareness and knowledge to be spread.
Who to trust is getting harder and harder. Go with your gut instinct. I was seriously and am seriously thinking of wearing a mask when I go out due to the fall out from Fukushima ‘all over British Columbia.’ One hot particle and you’re toast.FUKUSHIMA RADIATION_016_ A Truth Soldier

June 2014 Breaking News MUST SEE Part 1 of 4 Fukushima & Worldwide Nuclear Waste Crisis

Published on Jan 31, 2014

June 2014 Breaking News MUST SEE Fukushima & Worldwide Nuclear Waste Crisis Part 1 of 4 Last Days Final Hour News Prophecy Update

Part 2 of 4 – January 28 2014 Breaking News MUST SEE Fukushima & Worldwide Nuclear Waste Crisis Part 2 of 4


Part 3 of 4 January 28 2014 – 3 Mile IsIand Chernobyl now Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown grave consequences to life


Part 4 of 4 – January 28 2014 Breaking News Fukushima worldwide Nuclear Crisis not contained Part 3 of 3 News

February 1 2014 Breaking News British nuclear plant says radiation alert caused by natural radon gas


November 2013 USA Physicians Claim Radiation Risks Due to the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

January 26 2014 Breaking News Greenpeace Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Update

January 26 2014 Breaking News Wrecked Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is in a continuing crisis


February 2014 Breaking News up to the minute Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center

January 26 2014 Breaking News Fukushima Secrecy Syndrome

January 26 2014 Breaking News Fukushima Senior Scientist: Second radioactive plume headed to California


January 26 2014 Breaking News Fukushima worldwide Nuclear Crisis not contained Last Days News


January 26 2013 Breaking News Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Update

January 27 2014 Breaking News Peace Activists Deserve Leniency; Their Actions Exposed Dangerous Security Flaws



January 2014 The WNA Reactor Database contains information on past, present and future nuclear reactors globally. Maps

January 2014 The Fallout Report is a compendium of news and stories about people and places in the United States and around the globe that have been affected by the nuclear weapons and nuclear power industries

January 2014 Breaking News Unknown Hazard Posed by Offshore Nuclear Waste Dumps


December 2013 USA Nuclear Waste Crisis

November 2013 Reviving Yucca Mountain controversial Nuclear waste facility

November 2013 Fukushima accident has ripple effect in worldwide nuclear industry

August 2013 USA government ordered to act on Yucca Mountain nuclear waste project

August 2013 Breaking News Japan exporting their environmental problem to the ocean

Scary TRUTH About Fukushima_004_ A Truth Soldier

June 2013 USA Washington state Hanford Nuclear Reservation radioactive waste crisis Nuclear waste clean-up delayed and billions over budget

March 2013 Nuclear waste a growing headache for South Korea

November 2012 Worldwide future of Highly Radioactive spent nuclear fuel disposal unclear

May 2011 Huffington Post News Nuclear Waste Japan Crisis Spotlights America’s Radioactive Waste Dilemma

December 2005 Europe’s secret nuclear waste dumping in Russia revealed

Fukushima – How Soon Will ALL Americans Die From Radiation? ALL THE FACTS!

Published on Sep 5, 2013

All the facts, current news, the dangers, vitamins to take, what we can do, CAN WE STOP AND REVERSE THE DMG? Insider tips and IS THERE A CONSPIRACY TO KILL US ALL?
0:01 Who will be the first to die from the radiation of Fukushima?
1:15 Recent claim of whale dieoffs
1:50 Boiling waters off coast of Japan
2:25 What can we do about it? What steps should we take?
3:35 Japan spends hundreds of millions on a “Wall of Ice”…
4:47 Very important videos for you to watch relating to Fukushima.
5:18 Can we heal ourselves from radiation and prevent further damage?
6:20 Should our gov pay to help the Japanese and to protect our power plants?
7:08 The lies on the TV
8:13 Action items we can take. Insider tips on how to get this done as easy as possible!
10:03 All the other issues that we should be focused on.
10:27 How many political prisoners are in North America?
11:08 Could health insurance be a thousand times cheaper? How much more prosperous would we be?
11:58 Should we demand that GMOs be labeled? Should Libertarians demand it?
12:45 Is there a conspiracy to kill off most of the planet’s population with radiation? Insider tip from a CIA agent.
13:55 Is everyone in our government evil? Or are most of them just stupid, such as Nancy Pelosi.
14:53 Preview of my next video… Free medicine accessible to everyone that instantly cures most diseases.

I say all Americans because we are isolated and it’s an attn grabber… This will kill everyone on the planet if we don’t take care of this now.

Msg to skeptics of the Fukushima radiation threat

Published on Sep 9, 2013

It’s better to be safe than sorry and most skeptics refuse to meet half way. There is NEVER compromise with skeptics… It’s either all or nothing and choosing nothing is suicide. We MUST better secure our own power plants and do everything we can to fix the Fukushima power plant. Please visit for my blog on this video including all the links mentioned. Also be sure to sign up for my newsletter which can be found on my website.


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