2016.03.07_02h38m50s_003__A Truth SoldierIndustrial civilization based on profit at any price was a colossal failure.

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Similar anticancer/anticandida terrain is needed to counter the effects of the heavy metals and nanobots in chemtrails. Alkalizing, antioxidant, anti­inflammatory, increasing bile flow, detoxification, oxygenation and blood building.
In creating a lifestyle for overcoming Chemtrail Syndrome Liposomal Vitamin C (made yourself with an ultrasonic cleaning device) or from LivOn Labs is the best form for high dose protection from Heavy Metals.
Increasing the colorful plant pigments like ​ Zeaxanthin​ from marigold flowers and goji berries are necessary because increased Aluminum concentrations decreases carotene and ​ zeaxanthin​ . Liposomal glutathione
(GSH), Liposomal Vitamin C, Liposomal B complex, Nascent Iodine or Lugol’s, R­Alpha Lipoic Acid, NAC,
Molybdenum, MSM, magnesium citrate, Transdermal Magnesium, Chitosan, Ortho­silicic acid, Chlorella,
Cilantro, Apple and Citrus Pectin and organic pasture fed eggs.
You should also take a multivitamin/mineral formula during the treatment for Heavy Metal poisoning to support your body the entire time you do this. The ultimate colon cleanse should include fiber, aloe, magnesium, anti parasite herbs, Triphala, Fulvic/Humic Acids, Activated charcoal, Zeolite and clay.
Probiotics, both resident and soil­ based organisms (SBOs), The probiotics keep the detox pathways open and will help you maintain 2 bowel movements per day, they also kill yeast. Eat sulfur ­containing foods such as broccoli, collards, kale, daikon radish, garlic, onions, garlic mustard and mustard sprouts.
Use cilantro in your juicing and cooking, or drink a daily cup of cilantro tea. Asparagus is perhaps the superstar diuretic, detoxifying vegetable for overcoming the negative effects of chemtrail toxicity.

• Asparagus is the highest dietary source of glutathione, a potent anticancer antioxidant, and many other vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal health.
I suspect that cedar, myrrh, frankincense and Palo santo volatile essential oils are going to be essential to prevent the beta­amyloid protein plaques and tangles from Alzheimer’s—caused by aluminum poisoning from chemtrails.
Garlic Mustard:​ (Alliaria officinalis) A weed from the cabbage family is the most nutritious plant on the planet, especially for methylation of toxins in liver and brain, DNA methylation, anti inflammation and regeneration. Good for salads, or blended with oranges and berries.
Mustard Sprouts:​ Cheap cancer prevention with grow your own sprouted mustard seeds.
Milk Thistle Porridge:​ For the beatification of the liver—Grind in a coffee grinder ½ cup Milk Thistle Seeds, ¼ cup Flax Seed, then soak in 1 cup water overnight in the fridge with 6 prunes or apricots, Next day blend in a food processor with ½ tsp cinnamon. Eat with fruit, nuts and yogurt or cottage cheese.
Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C​ —Besides liposomal Vitamin C, it is advisable for those undergoing kundalini awakening or stress to take L­carnitine and alpha­lipoic supplements as well as adopt a low
glycemic diet. Liposomal­C uses Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) powder and lecithin for a lipid delivery system, by encasing nanoparticles of nutrients (herbs, too) in a phospholipid membrane or “liposome,” allowing safe passage through the gastrointestinal tract without degradation.

Thereby avoiding the destructive forces of the gut so that Liposomal­C can be directly absorbed into the bloodstream. The Liposomes of C because of their nano size and composition, provide the perfect transport system.
• RED PIGMENTS :​ Anthocyanidin Flavonoids present in tea, fruit juice, red wine, and dark chocolate are already known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. This pigment gives red vegetables their color.

It is present in red cabbage, purple peppers, beets, beet greens, purple tomatillos, purple potatoes, radishes, and eggplant skins. Also found in Astaxanthin (Algae), blueberries, blackberries, black currants, elderberries, raspberries, red dragon fruit, pomegranate, goji berries, acai, amla, muscadine grapes. Maqui or Chilean Wineberry have the highest level of high levels of the antioxidant anthocyanin.
ASTAXANTHIN: ​ BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin is a ​ red carotenoid​ pigment from algae that is one of the world’s strongest antioxidants; it’s 5,000 times stronger than vitamin C (found in lemons) and much stronger than other well known antioxidants like green tea and CoQ10. Astaxanthin is notable for its anti-inflammatory properties, reduced joint and muscle pain, a fading of brown age spots and sun spots, improved skin tone
and color, improved vision, increased energy, reduced fatigue, sunscreen properties, lower pulse rate, improved mood orientation, improved urination, and heightened libido, cardiovascular protection and healing.
RADIOPROTECTION (against Cancer and Oxidation/Free radicals)
The foundations of an anti­radiation protocol is megadose Vitamin C and other antioxidants. Astaxanthin, Ashitaba, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, ​ Chaparral​ , Echinacea, Garlic Mustard, Olive leaf, Neem, Ginkgo, Uva Ursi, Yucca Root, Noni Fruit & Seed, Jojoba, Juniper, Turmeric, Graviola, Frankincense, Myrrh, Reishi
Mushroom, Niacin, Cysteine, Bentonite clay, Zeolites, Fulvic Acid, Pyrophyllite clay, Activated charcoal.
Bladderwrack, Kelp, chlorella, spirulina, dulse and nori as well as Miso broth. Adopt a mineral rich diet
(natural iodine Lugol’s solution, iron, B­12, ginseng, selenium, boron, & zinc). MSM and the cabbage contain sulfur which binds to heavy metals during methylation/detoxification: garlic mustard kale, watercress, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, turnips, cauliflower, arugula, mustard greens, bok choy, onions, beans, garlic.
Potatoes baked with skin for Potassium. Increase antioxidant rich Goji berries, blueberries, kale, strawberries, spinach, raspberries, plums, oranges, red grapes, red bell pepper, cherries, eggplant, lime
juice. Increase beta carotene: papaya, goji, spinach, kale, carrots, chard, swiss chard, yams, squash, carrots, pumpkin, beets, and collards. Purple vegetables (potatoes, yams, onions, beets, purple chard and cabbage).
Apparently you can store Vitamin C in the freezer…stock up on C, Alpha Lipoic and Glutathione. Maximize Vitamin C fruits: Amla powder, acerola cherry, camu camu, rose hips, kiwi fruit, red capsicum, parsley, broccoli, black currents, elderberry, acai, maqui, sea­buckthorn berry, aronia, pomegranate, goji and
The powerful antioxidant Megahydrate (hydrogen silica) drives off radiation, take 3­6 capsules/day in combo with your Omega­3s. ​ Niacin (B3)​ from food as well as a diet high in whole grains may protect against radiation­induced cumulative DNA damage. Niacin­containing enzymes that are involved in energy metabolism, NAD and NADP, work by quenching free radicals thus protect against excessive tissue damage.
Probiotics are essential to a radioprotective diet. In turn, prebiotics like pectin and inulin (chicory root) are essential to probiotics, as they are food for the beneficial bacteria. Incorporate high fiber for broom action in the GI tract to speed elimination of heavy metals use flaxseed, chia seed, ricebran and psyllium powder.

The skin of fruits and vegetables are high, not only in pectin, but also in a wide range of antioxidant flavonoids and other phytonutrients. The pith of the citrus contains about 30% pectin. Apple Pectin reduces Cesium­137 load by over 62% in one month and pectin is also a chelator of other positively charged heavy metals.

Coconuts and coconut water are very high in potassium and magnesium. Potassium reduces uptake of cesium­137.
Stop refined sugar/grain consumption focus on sprouts, green and living foods and living water. Epsom salts, sea salt and baking soda and borax baths to help pull out the radiation from your body.

Negative ions draw out radiation, hydrate cells, flush toxins, hence the need for grounding and nature. Living­water from raw­plant protoplasm, or structured water via vortexing, and Schauberger tech would be good if one has no access to deep spring water or Glacial water. Incorporate cysteine (thiol) … amino acid antioxidants. Shilajit or ​ Humalite​ contains at least 85 minerals as well as ​ Humic/Fulvic acids that are major chelators of heavy
metals and radioisotopes. Humalite might assist radionucleotides out of the body.
Essential oils for counteracting the effects of radiation:​ juniper berry (juniperus communis), helichrysum (helichrysum italicum, lemon (citrus limonum), grapefruit (citrus paradise), lavender, tea tree, neroli, and laurel (laurus nobilis).

The top antioxidant essential oils are: clove, myrrh, clary sage, cedarwood, marjoram, geranium, cumin, douglas fir, basil, peppermint, celery seed, lime, hyssop, oregano.
• To counteract the effects of ​ radioactive Cesium­137 ​ from Fukushima increase your potassium from non­ contaminated sources.

Potassium Sources: High ​ potassium​ foods from natural food ​ sources​ like beans, dark leafy greens, spinach, potatoes, sweet potato, squash, yogurt, fish, avocados, mushrooms, and bananas. The RDA for ​ potassium​ is 3.5 grams. NOW Potassium Citrate is a good inexpensive supplement.
It is important to consider that toxins in the body have an accumulative, synergistic negative effect thus, it is vital to cleanse the system of heavy metals along with radionuclides.

Heavy metals set up conditions that lead to inflammation in arterial walls, joints and tissues, causing more calcium to be drawn to the area as a buffer. Medical chelation is done to reduce calcium plaques on arterial walls using a synthetic amino acid EDTA (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid) and numerous natural chelating agents.

I dissolved the scale in my distiller with lemon juice in less than 1 minute…

I was amazed…so lemon squeezed into distilled water may be great to deplaque the body and removing heavy metals, arthritis and candida.
Chelation Foods and Supplements that remove heavy metals include: Ashitaba, Green tea, Cilantro, Parsley, Nettle, Ginkgo biloba, Red ginseng extract, Green tea extract, Aloe gel, Olive leaf, Water melon
juice, Banana stem juice, juice of whole pumpkin with skin and seeds, Hawthorne berry, Cayenne, Grape seed extract and Grape skin extract. Vitamin E and D, Pycnogenol, Astaxanthin, Quercetin, CoQ10, Vitamin C, Beta­carotene and all anti­oxidants. Magnesium, Sodium alginate, Selenium, Silicon and Zinc gluconate.
Vitamin B’s such as folic acid, inositol, choline and niacinamide, about 400­500 mg of each daily.
Amino acids: L­cysteine, L­glutathione, Methionine, Lysine, Proline, L­taurine, N­acetyl cysteine, L­Carnosine. L­lysine is an amino acid involved in the structural repair of damaged blood vessels.

It has a beneficial effect on lead toxicity and high blood pressure. To increase liver detoxification add Milk thistle, Dandelion root, Schizandra and 6000 mg of vitamin C per day along with bioflavonoids and Alpha Lipoic Acid to promote liver activity.

Seaweed/Kelp contains a powerful chelating agent called Mannitol. The algaes spirulina or chlorella are needed to bind up the liberated heavy metals to carry them out of the body. Rice bran chelates reactive iron.
Russian black radish, MSM, the cabbage family, garlic, and garlic mustard are sources of sulfur, which binds with copper and other heavy metals so they can be​ safely removed from the body​ . Many heavy metal binding proteins contain sulfur and sulfur is also important for liver detoxification.

Sulfur makes cell membranes more pliable allowing for improved oxygen transport to the cell and improved waste transport from the cell. Sulfur helps lessen glycation­ the process by which sugar cross links with collagen to armor plate our cells. Benfotiamine­ a lipid soluble B vitamin also reduces glycation, to help get glucose into the
cells can lessen brain fog and depression and generate increased energy. Organic Sulfur/MSM
Activated Clays (Zeolite and Fulvic acid), bentonite clay, green clay, has an electrical charge opposite from the heavy metals that it helps pull out. You can mix leonardite or humalite into clays to provide the catalyst of fulvic acid, which gets molecules inside and outside the cell membrane.

Heavy Metal Cations​ ​ are positively charged ions or groups of atoms, that are attracted to negatively charged items, such as clinoptilolite zeolite particles. Local application of clinoptilolite zeolite to skin cancers effectively reduced tumor formation and growth. powder can be added to drinking water to detoxify the body of harmful toxins like mercury, lead, aluminum, arsenic, plastic residues in addition to radioactive isotopes like plutonium and uranium.

Other ingredients like apple pectin, charcoal, fulvic minerals, magnesium and aloe vera​ ​ to aid in the detoxificationprocess. ​

Quick Liquid Detox Recipe:​ 1 cup pure water, 1t zeolite powder, 1t chlorella, 1T aloe vera gel.Plant­based enzymes (bromelain, lipase, catalase) can be added to ensure optimal utilization of all of theabove nutrients and assist in the breakdown and removal of plaques. A pesto of soaked raw pumpkin seedsand cilantro is a standard in the chelation diet, as are all colorful fruits and vegetables, raw juices andsprouts.

Probiotics are essential to a chemo and radioprotective diet. In turn, prebiotics like pectin and inulin(chicory root) are essential to probiotics, as they are food for the beneficial bacteria. The skin of fruits andvegetables are high, not only in pectin, but also in a wide range of antioxidants and other phytonutrients. Thepith of the citrus contains about 30% pectin.

Apple Pectin reduces Cesium­137 load by over 62% in onemonth and pectin is also a chelator of other positively charged heavy metals. Potassium ­ Reduces uptakeof cesium­137. Also for broom action in the GI tract to speed elimination of heavy metals use flaxseed, chiaseed, rice bran and psyllium powder.

It is the living protoplasm of raw greens grown in remineralized soil thatreally shifts the bodymind from a toxic sewer into something resembling a living organism.

For Ecoshock and antiradiation emotional fortitude I suggest constant ambient music…(not purefrequences/single tone) The Frequency of Light by Brian T. Collins, or any with Binaural Beats from Dr.Jeffrey D. Thompson,​ ​

Online radios: Echo; and Heart’s of Space;and Pandora. Sounds of water and the forest…and sounds representing “green, yellow and orange” may be cleansing.Inexpensive quick fixes include:​ 3% hydrogen peroxide sprayed on feet and inflamed joints; turmeric and cinnamon in diet; clove and oregano essential oils for topical immune assist are some easy fixes, but they probably need to increase their Vitamin D.

If you have access to a sauna/infrared sauna it is a good idea to use it daily along with pure drinking water + Lemon Juice + Ocean ­Derived Ionic Trace Minerals, Vit C and Selenium while detoxing Heavy Metals. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day.

Sunbathing,Grounding, Ocean, Rebounding and Saunas/Steam room and negatively ionized air are essential for the rapid removing of Heavy Metals and toxic chemicals from the body. Dr. Theo Colborn, founder of The Endocrine Disruption Exchange said: ​ “Deep inside everyone, there is something bigger and stronger than we are aware of at this time that cannot be suppressed by man ­made chemicals

—something ­­­­ that will prompt some very exceptional leadership to step forward with the courage to turn off corporate control of the government and the world ­­ and take back for society what it needs to thrive.”

If 12,000 years ago we had realized that cereal was bird food not people food, then perhaps we would have crafted the earth into a permaculture garden of Eden.

We would then be a saner species, not riddled with degenerative disease, fungi and addictions. The water tables would be high, the soil fertile, the rivers clean and the oceans thriving.

As a sane species we would have preserved the virgin forests, and we would more gracefully move into earth’s great changes…ice ages, by supporting the planet’s buffer systems.

Time to replace a broken system with a “real system” that doesn’t need fixing…ie: a restorative civilization.”Democracy gets in your blood when you see it happen. It’s uplifting, alive and a force of nature that  makes the corporate zombies in the fossil fuel industry look like pawns on the battlefield of human historyand justice.”​ ~

Gary Wockner serves as Colorado Director for Clean Water Action, a coalition member of Americans Against Fracking.

“Modern man does not experience himself as a part of nature but as an outside force destined to dominate and conquer it. He even talks of a battle with nature, forgetting that, if he won the battle, he would find himself on the losing side.”​ ~ Ernst F. Schumacher,

Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics as if People Mattered DRACONIAN SOLUTIONS Each of us can only handle so much, so we each pick our own present dragon. We think that the obvious evidence and the obvious expression of the truth will stop the crime…but when dealing with psychopaths, it will simply incite them to up their game or shift their tactics.

Notice how the smoke and mirrors plays out that regardless of the fact that the majority of humans on the planet are good it is the small majority of psycho bullies that ruin it for us all.

War seems to be more of a consequence of psychopathic, money grubbing megalomaniacs rather than the collective immaturity of human beings.

The way the dark side are ramping up their evil, we don’t have much time left to kick start human evolution…before the structures of global fascism are so tight that human freedom is no long possible.

We must each do our bit to bring about the ensouled civilization despite the mighty tide of evil gripping Homosapiens. The species itself is not irretrievable even if some break universal law and make conditions intolerable for all.

The fact that our current institutions, systems and culture itself actually represses the evolution and realization of the Human is of primary concern to our ability to realize our sovereign self and post­Hindbrain society.

We must do whatever we can do to remind others what it is to be Human, and to create the conditions for the emergence of the culture that supports spiritual evolution. Current humanity is killing itself and pulling the entire biosphere down with it.

The warriors, a creed meant to preserve life are now enlisted in the service of endless death. The leaders, meant to clear the path, are now leading the species off the cliff.

The doctors, meant to heal life, are now poisoning people in order to in sure permanent medical dependency and hastened death.

Teachers teach only within the tight box of cultural enslavement and obsolescence.

We have created a monster, but we are not the monster…and so forward over the yonder horizons we go…with stardust in our eyes, angel wings at our back, and the magic of faith in our hearts.“

We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.”​ Chris Hedges

No truer words. The industrial human didn’t have a very long era before being undone by the repercussions of his own industry.

As a spiritual creature, in Borg culture, we are essentially untapped and barely accessing the most profound and interesting aspects of ourselves.

We live towards the possibility of a beneficent society, where we are included and wanted and seen. A society that we can actually contribute to and where progress towards the future is assured.

Where we are not just pissing into the wind, but fertilizing the ground. We have to include ourselves in the compassionate embrace that we extend to the troubles and traumas of the world. If we don’t become a burning bonfire of inner/outer compassion we will burnout and harden into a dried up crisp of tar with all the crap happening with resource wars, Fukushima, GMOs , geoengineering, arctic methane, trees dying etc…

We must bear in mind that it’s our own self sadism that renders us vulnerable to malevolent external forces. s our own sadomasochism….if we ourselves can ascend from Hindbrain dominance, then we can be a force of uplift to the world around us.

Hopefully the hundredth monkey effect will affect 7+ billion of us. Collective Ignorance​ —

Why are the masses ignoring the immanent demise of the planet?

Within Hindbrain societies men learn they have to defer to Alpha males and Big Brother in order to garner standing in the community.

This emasculates them…because for the last few hundred years, the round table of brothers gave way to the stratification and isolation of the nuclear family.

Men lost their power to be strong in themselves and respect their own mind and their own reality. They became pussy slaves focused on building a solid nest for the wife and children.

Women too, are focused on being the perfect slut/mother/boss so they can keep their man, and their domestic castle intact.

Consumerism consumed us, and there was no reprieve from this normalcy trap short of dropping out, or being cast out as a reject of the suburban breeding frenzy.

So now we must wake up to the fact that the God Zeus is hungry for blood and about to eat his children. It is hard being an orphan child knowing your father(state) is out to kill you.

Why is it that the majority put their heads down, and try even harder to succeed in a civilization that is killing them, the planet, and all other life besides?

It is a combination of psychological factors involved in environmental blind sight. For one, our senses and sensibilities are deteriorating with the cooked whiteman’s diet and demineralization, our lack of exposure to pristine nature and many other degenerative factors associated with the last 12K years of increasingly domesticated culture. A huge factor in the inability to clearly perceive reality is the fact that people move from one unnatural enclosed space to another in the course of their day…chasing the dollar.

Material survival in a material culture has usurped the sensitivity to mere physical survival.

As long as people are engaged in power and status wars and trying to feel good about themselves within the limitations of a failing system, then little things like the well­ being of all life pale in comparison to their addiction to the sick culture itself.

The Hindbrain hierarchical game takes up so much of our consciousness that we are still trying to please Daddy and so we don’t want to even look at the fact that Daddy is bonking the maid, and spreading poisons as far as the eye can see.

Hindbrain man has come to the end of his rope, and we are observing the collapse of corrupt systems associated with false power and control.

Since Hindbrain man will still try to maintain business as usual the brute force of our collective idiot maladaptive behaviors will bring about such a cascade of chaos that we will start to wake up to our higher cognitive powers and higher realities, and higher morals.

We will start to spiritually evolve…not because we want to, but because we have no other choice.

Biological evolution of hominids was highest during the paleolithic age when our diet and physical ­environmental conditions (pristine nature, grounding and sunlight) supported full health and strength.

The Biological Evolution of Homo sapiens may have stopped because Hindbrain culture doesn’t provide the nutrition, the experiences, the energy and the revitalized pristine earth necessary for genetic advancement.

Social evolution however is still in its infancy, and overpopulation, competitive consumer culture and environmental decay…all the mechanisms of Hindbrain culture…are aggressive forces against the evolution of society itself.

So we each have to start with our own life…to establish the circumstances, conditions and life­work that encourages the flowering of our own neurohormonal health. By awakening our own sovereignty, and joining up with others with a similar passion for social advancement we do our part to turn eternal dystopia into eternal utopia.

The power to change things is in our own hands. I believe the saying goes, change yourself and change the world.

The decline in testosterone levels and the rise of estrogen dominance produced by Borg society has skyrocketed in the last 10 years. Researchers were able to measure some type of estrogenic chemicalleaching from roughly 95 percent of all the plastics tested, a variety of pesticides have estrogenic and/orantiandrogenic potential, and estrogen in birth­ control pills is excreted in the urine and gets into the environment, particularly into water.

Most plants do contain phytoestrogen levels sufficient to affect the human body, including some estrogen ­like activity in marijuana.

Lack of earthing, sunlight on the skin, vitamin D, and lack of exercise all reduce testosterone.

With the decline of sane and moral leadership coupled with the encroaching sense of a dark global hegemony there is a loss of the sense of an open­ ended and transcendent future…this decreases testosterone, dopamine and other biochemical factors associated with the proactive attainment of one’s desires and the ability to act in a proactive rational manner.

Daily exercise with music and positive affirmations, Flow psychology, and personal integral practices must be undertaken for we are fighting against the learned hopelessness of a species ­wide trance of doom and gloom.

ECO­XENOPHOBIA​ — Outrage and disgust over social ignorance and apathy and a corrosive rage at having to keep silent, frozen trust and loss of faith in humanity, coupled with morbid sense of isolation and loneliness from not having any responsible, aware and mature adults to talk to.

Be vigilant about not getting sucked into other people’s lesser realities. Humans are hardwired for social inclusion. We can tolerate almost any shock or stress as long as we feel we are connected to like­ minded comrades who see reality in the same light and whose values and priorities are similar.

We can walk into the valley of the shadow of death as long as we don’t have to walk alone. To be a Cassandra warning of the upcoming invasion of Troy when no one heeds our warning…is the worse kind of exclusion.

Being awake is to be punished for one’s higher consciousness, while having no living friend to turn to for commiseration.


The weight of reality becomes such an ever­ escalating burden when we refuse to deal with it. The Problem is the Solution​ — The study of the Grand Synthesis of possible causes of the collapse of our biosphere, points towards future horizons of restorative earth stewardship, spiritual ethics, reversing genetic devolution and stopping the degradation of biodiversity.

Self­ Reliance​ undermines the dependence on degenerative, predatory centralized systems. We have degraded the earth, water and sky of the planet so much that sustainability is inadequate.

We will need to start using the term regenerative…in all design, technology and earth stewardship practices. Regenerative lives, regenerative relationships and regenerative economies, regenerative careers, regenerative medicine,r egenerative housing, regenerative farming, regenerative cities etc…

A regenerative culture must be guided by Viktor Schauberger’s understanding of the water cycle, along with the of Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability by David Holmgren. and his youtube video

Beyond Sustainability.

It is time to build glass/greenhouses attached to our houses, and buy up seeds. Health can be maintained with microgreens, sprouts, methylating weeds like garlic mustard/mustard greens etc…

But to avoid aluminum poisoning food needs to be grown under cover. When the chemtrail toxins become excessively accumulated, the soil “under” houses can be excavated to be mixed with humus organic matter and compost tea etc…

Vertical farming under cover will need to be undertaken, and eventually some kind of air and water filters on the growing houses.

The pit/underground glass houses are an ideal method of growing food in the winter. Reseeding​ —With the radioxidative decimation of the USA’s tree cover the land is going to have to be temporarily stabilized by a vigorous pioneer plant exactly like hemp.

Not only would aerial seeding with Hemp hold the soil on the hills and gullies and prevent erosion…the plant is also going to be necessary to produce erosion preventing jute­fabric ground carpeting, but will also be the principle replacement for wood and concrete in house building.

Forget “invasive species” at this point with our all­ out war against nature we are going to have to Hemp seed the hell out of all the land that will be burnt off in wildfire as the trees die off from radioxidation, heatstroke, drought and beetles.

The forests will come back eventually…but not for a very, very long while if the soils all wash away with the el Nino for example. Due to our inability to face what is occurring and the government’s focus on irrelevant power struggles. America is missing the ball at every turn…and is fully invested in thoroughly destroying the continent.

Other than killing one’s own people, killing one’s own land is the most unpatriotic of acts possible!


is an international movement dedicated to helping society reduce its impact on the environment and move toward a sustainable future.

Begun in Sweden in 1989 by cancer researcher Karl­ Henrik Robert The “work” that can still be done through Boomer leadership, has nothing to do with the current political theater or the entrenched institutions of exploitation and subjugation.


• All symptoms point to gross physical radioactive and nano­metal contamination in the snow/rain, and air. All pest and disease is secondary.

Oxidation is also apparent on leaves as a white or silver etching, white powder on the surface of bark, erosion on the horizontal surfaces of cars, house paint oxidizing, and even soil surface is encrusted with a white oxidation.

• Oxidation of pond scum reveals collapse of aquatic systems.

Loss of trees presents a massive impact to the land, rivers, oceans, weather, society, culture, health,economy, security and the future.

• Consider the implications regarding food supply, civil unrest, military shutdown of the country, collapse of the economy as people go into futility mode.

• Leaf coverage was down around 50% this year, it maybe more than 60% below normal next year by the end of the summer.

• Apparently global tree health has been declining rapidly since the open ­air nuclear tests in the 1950s and1960s. But with FUKU we are seeing the rapid death of trees within 3 years of radiation accumulation.

• We do not yet know if and when trees can be replanted and reestablished in areas where the accumulation of radiation has reached tolerance level.

• How will we as individuals and as a society deal with the psychological and physical repercussions of the radioactive and nano­metal oxidative holocaust?

• What does this means to socioeconomics, mental health and social services and the social and cultural fallout from Ecoshock?

The farming of cancer is likely to become even more of a mega industry that it is, pumping drugs and radiation into an already imperiled population.

Legislation for euthanasia and suicide will be amended to reduce the onslaught of suffering, limit the drain on resources.

Genetic mutation and childhood cancer will increase, while life span will decrease, leaving those with more sturdy DNA to survive.

The shorter span of years for a working life will reduce tax dollars, while taxes will rise to deal with increased emergency services, medical infrastructure and land management.

Death taxes will be increased by the feral, unabashedly out­ of­control governments.

Increase in piracy by banks, governments, insurance companies etc… possible increase in crime and violence in the general population with the poverty crunch.

• Changes to the building industry due to the dire lack of construction wood, consequential changes in real estate and land/property values.

Industrial farming is likely to collapse as the land becomes unproductive, and small permaculture units and homesteading will rise, along a return to village size habitation.

Famine will ensue which will cause an exodus from Hot Rad areas and from the northern hemisphere in general.

Deforestation will also bring increased wind speeds, reduced cloud seeding, more extreme weather, lack ofb uffering of extremes for agriculture.

Loss of wildlife habitat precipitating mass extinction and disruption of ecosystem balance, facilitating the spread of “pest” species and plagues.

• Trees and green plants provide about half, and plankton provide the other half of our oxygen. The death of the northern Pacific Ocean and the death of the northern hemisphere’s forests due to FUKU will increase the rate of global warming and the release of the methane stores.

• Thus the combination of the rapid loss of oxygen from the decline of photosynthesis and the increase in methane is likely to accelerate the global extinction event.

7 million tons of methane emissions a year is leaking at every stage of the oil and gas supply chain, from thousands of wellheads to the miles of local utility lines under our streets – the same 20 ­year climate impact as 160 coal ­fired power plants.

• A thousand years ago the planet was covered by about 14% forests, now it is only 6%. I think we have to return it to at least 20% forests in order to mediate the other destructive influences human have to the global environment…not the least of which ­ the reduction in atmospheric oxygen levels. The best way to increase oxygen levels is Planting Trees!

• The fragmentation of the psyche combined with the perversion of Eros is the underlying cause of sociopathy and psychopathy. This is clearly noticeable with the adrenal flush in spring.

• With the increased radiation exposure we are likely to see an upswing in sociopathy and social distress which will put stress on social order and health of communities.

Lowered oxygen levels from the loss of tree cover and increased nano­metal and radioxidative inflammation increases physical and mental disease, psychosis and antisocial behavior.

• ​ Criminal Negligence​ —To Fiddle while Rome burns: to do nothing or something trivial while knowing that something disastrous is happening.

Reality Avoidance Syndrome​ —People in positions of responsibility are given their authority out of a social trust that they are capable of responding to reality and being responsible. Those that cannot face reality should not be in a position of social trust.

Social Obligation and Repercussions​ —The People will try and sue the local and federal governments for willful negligence, intentional misconduct and child endangerment.

• City, State and Federal government officials and scientists will be held accountable for not warning the public of the dangers of exposing children to nano­metal and radioactive fallout—perhaps however by the time the public realizes what has occurred, the present officials will already be retired.

Sovereign Immunity of Kings​ —The principle of the “immunity of Kings” has carried over to modern times so that as a general rule ​ you​ cannot ​ sue the government​ — unless the ​ government​ says ​ you can​ .

Holocaust Capitalization​ —instead of warning people they just build more cancer hospitals so they can”farm” the cancer patients with their death medicine. eg: A new cancer hospital being built in Longmont near Boulder and in Fort Collins…for the plebs.

You cannot ​ cure​ cancer by poison, cut and burn…only through making the body’s terrain and the environment conducive to healthy biological life.

Public shaming​ may be the only way to get scientists, local bureaucrats, governmental officials and public safety agencies to own up to the truth of what is occurring so that we can all work together to reduce the apocalyptic effects on health, the environment and the stability of society.

• ​ Statusquoitis​ —When compromised by statusquoitis of “normalization” even scientists are non­observant, cannot put two and two together, need to be educated on how to think, are senseless and desensitized, corrupted by their commitment to the death machine, and need to belong to the Bureau of Craziness, rather than standing alone in the truth of reality.

TREE DIE OFF ~ WHAT TO DO Observe ­Inquire ­Act. There are several things that we can do to mediate the Systemic Environmental Collapse Syndrome(SECS) and the upcoming loss of tree cover.

Systems collapse requires a systems redesign drawing inspiration from nature’s mutualism, holism and comprehensivism. The term ​ comprehensivism​ was first coined by R. Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller, a brilliant scientist, ingenious inventor, insightful philosopher.

Recovery Land Management—A Regenerative Approach to Design and Innovation incorporates contemplative science, Natural Step, Biodynamics, Permaculture, Green Alchemy, Druidic Geomantic Lithopuncture​ , Radionics, Savory Institute holistic land management.

• The attitude of being grateful to nature for the effort she makes to live protects us from Ecoshock and depression through curiosity and compassionate appreciation.

The response to Systemic Environmental Collapse should be immediate, comprehensive and incorporate the entire societal organization structure and needs to be dealt with in a proactive manner.

We could do a people’s map, by assessing the tree deaths in areas that are not chemtrailed, compared to areas (largely urban) which are chemtrailed. We each have to do our part.

You can count the number of chemtrails and mark them on the calendar…2­3 days later people get sick. Tell them what caused it…and just keep on doing this. When you see chemtrails increase your supplements, iodine, antioxidants, herbs, enzymes, probiotics,cle ansing formulas (like bentonite, zeolite, yucca, psyllium, humalite, magnesium citrate); and saunas,destressing, and increase water intake.

A water distiller will take the chlorine, fluoride, aluminum and nano­metals out of your city water. I like the TNTON made from glass and stainless steel.

Black Mica Water Purification:​ Dr Asao Shimanishi the inventor of Black Mica Extract discovered that sulfate rich Biotite or Black Mica magnetically flocculates, neutralizes and removes all impurities from water,including radioactivity.

Mica and vermiculite treatment might be good for radiation mitigation, but probably not suited to human consumption. Dr. Asao Shimanishi alludes to the idea of cleaning entire water bodies such as lakes and rivers using this solution The mineral rich Black Mica (Biotite) may be one method of healing the earth and water bodies from nano heavy metal pollution. Known as a “stone of Life,” Biotite has been used for disorders of disorganized cellular patterns, grounding and to clear radiation. Chances are you will find the glittery black mica in your local river…in which case you could put a stone in your water storage device to impart its vibration to the water.

• We need to find out what radioactive isotopes are in the groundwater/soil water to inform the experts on remediation etc… We also need to calibrate the continued radioactive fallout in the snow and rain and project the scale of accumulation and estimate consequences, rational response and action plan.

• Dead trees and branches need to be removed and chipped to avoid public knowledge of the die off and to avoid fire from lightning strike.

• Nanoparticles in the atmosphere reduce rainfall and will make dry lightning storms more “electrical” and prone to start fires.

• As the trees lose their structural integrity due to oxidative sclerosis snow and wind will cause a rapid increase in branch­ fall which will damage cars and houses and possibly lead to death during storms.

• The chipped material needs to be mixed with animal manure and/or human sewage in a rural compost station that uses a high heat composting method followed by fungal/mushroom transformation of ther esulting humus and mixed with BioChar and Zeolite.

• This composting station could be tapped for passive water heating and methane gas, thus generating the energy needed to run the station and heat greenhouses that grow the starter trees needed for replanting the city.

• Withdrawal of military from overseas into a land­ corps and emergency response corps, forest fire fighting, stabilizing river systems.

• Wood from cutting the trees needs to be saved for future building. Recycling all dead tree material formulch and stabilizing the land.

• The land needs to be permaculturalized building swales, laying hemp cloth, flooding, silting of city waterways and storm drains and to keep water from running off so the groundwater tables fill…rather than massive flooding.

• Reworking the hardtop surface runoff into ​ sinks and swales​ to build up the water table throughout the city. New water­ sink structures need to be developed to allow water to seep in where now it is running off down storm drains.

• Natural wet space (small reeded swamp) areas can be created to filter water prior to entering the creek system…these would washout in storms, but process hydrocarbons and heavy metals during less severe weather.

• The quicker people wake up and start planting radiation ­resistant species…the stronger the health of the land and continent. I estimate that within 10 years only the radiation resistant genres and those in ideal growing conditions will be alive.

ReCarbonating with Soil Organic Matter—​ Remineralization ​ of the soil with rock dust, reforestation, revegetating the river systems to prevent soil run off, re­establishing soil organic matter, composting, compost ­tea, green crops for soil fertilization, kelp added to farms soils, increasing soil microbial life, eliminating chemical agriculture.

That is put the carbon back where it belongs in the digestive system of the skin of the earth and in the vegetative life.

Remineralization is the key to restoring soils and forests, and in the larger context, absolutely necessary and urgent to reduce levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and stabilize the climate.

Well over 50,000 different enzymes in our body, all of which require minerals, for our organs to function.

• Replanted trees mulched with compost, inoculation with mycorrhizae and soil biota, remineralizing withrock dust, azomite, dolomite, green sand, ancient marine deposits, humalite/leonardite; compost tea, and green cropping under trees with legume groundcover.

• When considering a total kill of tree cover…some of the effects such as loss of water table due to run off could be mediated with a major engineering project of swales, mulch, compost tea etc…to allow softherbaceous vegetation to flourish.

• The pattern of change to radiation involves first a reduction of diversity of the forest by elimination of radio­sensitive and aluminum sensitive species, then elimination of the tree canopy and the survival of resistant shrubs and herbs.

• Because Chernobyl was “contained” the surrounding effects on the ecosystem as similar to a forest fire: dramatic collapse and death followed by rapid renewal. Today the “red pine forests” are replaced by vigorous new growth of pine and birch. The consequences of Fukushima however will be more enduring.

• Seed land with pioneer species (hemp, gorse, broom, lupin, acacia etc..) nitrogen fixer in combination with deep rooters may have to be planted to hold soil on the land until the ozone layer is revived and the radioactivity is reduced enough for “trees” to be re­established.

• ​ Pioneer species​ are hardy ​ species​ which are the first to colonize previously disrupted or damaged ecosystems, beginning a chain of ecological succession that ultimately leads to a more biodiverse steady ­state ecosystem.

• Replanting with high radio­ endurance shrubs, grasses and ground covers, chipping, hemp­mat carpeting,composting etc…to try and hold the soil on the land.

• Replanting with species from earlier in the earth’s evolution, Australian, African and high Andes species. Ancient Plants of the southern region of La Araucania Chile, would have been the phenotypes to replant a heavy metal and radioactively devastated Colorado. Chilean Alpine and high Himalayan trees might be able to grow in high rad environments.

•Radiation resistant species will need to be established over the next 5 years to replace those lost to radiation and loss of immunity.

Radiation resistant plants are the ones commonly found in disturbed places such as roadsides, gravel bands and nutrient deficient or unstable soil. Red maple, silver birch, Yew, Sambucus pubens, Polygonumcilinode, Comptonia peregrina and Epilobium angustifolium.

Mulch the landscape with the chipped wood debris to a minimum depth of 12­24 inches. Inoculated with cesium complexing mycorrhiza, ​ diatoms, zeolite, clay​ and rock dust and agar ­bearing kelp (that is not radiated).

• Plant native deciduous and conifer trees, along with hyper­accumulating mycorrhizal mushrooms, particularly Gomphidius glutinosus, Craterellus tubaeformis, and Laccaria amethystina (all native to pines).G. glutinosus has been reported to absorb – via the mycelium – and concentrate radioactive Cesium 137more than 10,000­ fold over ambient background levels.

Many other mycorrhizal mushroom species alsohyperaccumulate.” Paul Stamets

• All woody trees and shrubs are showing death and decline…because it is the accumulated oxidative damage to phloem that is the issue and probably radioactive and nano­metal oxidative heating of the trunk preventing capillary transport of fluids. The occasional tree such as an aspen or spruce still looks pretty good…and may hold on for1­2 more years.

• Plants that can still be grown include bulbs, tubers, perennials, annuals, cactus, desert plants, groundcovers, flax, grasses.

• We do not know if tree replanting can even be undertaken yet…but we do need to contact Paul Stamets to find out what mycorrhiza to inoculate transplants with. Paul Stamets has a fungi that manages to uptake radiation keeping it from entering the plant in the same way that Geoff did in Jordan with the excess salt.

• ​ Melanin​ ‘s biological role in the human body may extend far beyond simply protecting us against UV radiation​ , melanin may actually both protect us against ionizing radiation and transform some of it into metabolically useful energy.­action/radioprotective

• As Walter Russell said in “Atomic Suicide” uranium and all radioactive elements must remain in their natural location in the rock strata. We must demand a worldwide ban on uranium exploration, mining, milling and processing, as well as the reprocessing of nuclear waste, and the irresponsible management of radioactive waste.­declaration­uranium

• Include all local institutes and communities such as: Front Range Bioneers is a Bioneers Resilient Communities Network Event produced by the CU Environmental Center in collaboration with Naropa University, Making Local Food Work, Woodbine Ecology Center, Boulder Food Rescue, Youth On Record, and Earth Guardians. Transition Boulder County. Savory Institute

Permaculturists such as Geoff Lawton and David Holmgren and Andrew Faust need to be employed to design a land management and surface water management system in the city which would allow for more water to enter the water table starting with swales and deep rooted grasses on the east side of the foothills themselves and throughout the city streets.

Rock Dust expert Donald Weaver, Mycorrhizae expert Paul Stamets and local compost tea expert ​ John and Roland Evans​ should be consulted in establishing the regreening program. Foliar spraying with humalite/kelp/compost tea.

​ —Paul Stamets ­ The Future is Fungi [how to save the planet] – Particular fungi can be used to bio accumulate Caesium­137 etc…­mushrooms­can­clean­radioactive­contamination­8­step­plan

READING: Marvin Herndon PhD​ —Dane Wigington What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length) ­

—An UNConventional Shade of Grey

— “Chemtrails” — How They Affect You and What You Can Do​ Thrive Movement, Foster Gamble​ —Movie, Book

​ —Former Los Angeles FBI chief Ted Gunderson made a video denouncing chemtrails shortly before his death in 2011.​ — This is global weaponized weather warfare…and the death of the Biosphere.

TASK FORCE:​ It is no longer possible to bear witness to the worldwide atrocities without acting to bring about an alternative. We cannot end this bio holocaust alone, we must all join forces.

The environment is under extreme stress right now, so unless we are living as closely to the ways of nature as we can our energy and health will fail us.

We must create an alternative economy of fertile­ abundance, sharing and mutual uplift to deal with this mammoth task before us.

Those who are not a student of Viktor Schauberger are not earth stewards. Nature as Teacher: New Principles in the Working of Nature (Ecotechnology) Fertile Earth, Viktor Schauberger.

MY PAPERS ON THE SOLUTIONS:​ I have papers on Saving the Urban Trees, Terraforming Continents to Regulate Weather; and on Reforestation vs. War; and Remineralization, Overcoming Ecoshock, and a book on Fragmentation of the Human Psyche…which is the principle cause of our global Jana DixonBoulder, CO 2016


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