“Secret OSS Plans to Trigger Earthquakes in Japan”

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This PDF below has scanned declassified  documents entitled ‘ Psychological Warfare Earthquake Plan Against Japanese Homeland”

2004-01-21- Secret OSS (Forerunner of the CIA) Plans to Trigger Earthquakes & Tsunamis in Japan.pdf

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“Secret OSS Plans to Trigger Earthquakes in Japan”

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Asia Tsunami Proved Biggest War Crime in History
While the western media desperately tries to deflects public interest with ever increasing Richter figures now up to an hysterical 9.3, the BBC, HMS Scott and others inadvertently prove conclusively that the horrific event of 26 December 2004 was the biggest single war crime in recorded history.
Tsunami Part Two. Copyright Joe Vialls, 24 February 2005,
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Click Here to view original BBC film and Indonesian Padang Seismograph At 00:58 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time on 26 December 2004, a single sharp primary (compression) wave was created at the bottom of the Sumatran Trench, 155 miles to the south-southwest of Aceh Province in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Travelling through directly coupled earth and water at 18,000 miles per hour, this puny wave arrived at the town of Banda Aceh thirty-two seconds later, causing a minor earth tremor lasting exactly 13 seconds, rougly the same duration as the seismic compression wave from a large nuclear weapon detonated underground in Nevada. Note in the right-hand ‘after’ photograph that everything in central Banda Aceh, situated directly on the giant Sumatran Fault line, is intact. During the long silent 22 minutes that followed, there were no injuries, no damage,
and no seismic aftershocks. Then suddenly and without any warning, a giant tidal wave rose from hell, razing everything and everyone in its path.
“Death and destruction have been the fate of San Francisco. Shaken by a temblor at 5:13 o’clock yesterday morning, the shock lasting 48 seconds, and scourged by flames that raged diametrically in all directions, the city is a mass of smouldering ruins.

At six o’clock last evening the flames seemingly playing with increased vigor, threatened to destroy such sections as their fury had spared during the earlier portion of the day. Building their path in a triangular circuit from the start in the early morning, they jockeyed as the day waned, left the business section, which they had entirely devastated, and skipped in a dozen directions to the residence portions. As night fell they had made their way over into the North Beach section and springing anew to the south they reached out along the shipping section down the bay shore, over the hills and across toward Third and Townsend streets.
“Warehouses, wholesale houses and manufacturing concerns fell in their path.
This completed the destruction of the entire district known as the ‘South of Market Street.’ How far they are reaching to the south across the channel cannot be told as this part of the city is shut off from San Francisco papers. After darkness, thousands of the homeless were making their way with their blankets and scant provisions to Golden Gate Park and the beach to find shelter.
“Those in the homes on the hills just north of the Hayes Valley wrecked section piled their belongings in the streets and express wagons and automobiles were hauling the things away to the sparsely settled sections. Everybody in San Francisco is prepared to leave the city, for the belief is firm that San Francisco will be totally destroyed. Downtown everything is ruin. Not a business house stands.
Theaters are crumbled into heaps. Factories and commission houses lie smouldering on their former sites.”
So spoke the front page of the San Francisco ‘Call Chronicle Examiner” on the morning of April 19,1906, though of course the newspaper had to be printed on still intact presses far away from the city. This was a real earthquake, ladies and gentlemen, a real earthquake. And though it measured a relatively puny 7.9 on the Richter Scale, the savage transverse shear waves generated by the quake whipped through the ground like a monstrous snake, causing severe damage to buildings in Portland, Oregon, more than 530 miles away from its epicenter in San Francisco. Six minutes later there was a severe aftershock, and then another severe aftershock five minutes after that.
San Francisco was shattered, and awestruck scientists from all over America gathered to gawk helplessly at the geological damage. The ground had broken open for more than 270 miles along the San Andreas rift, a major fault line. The country on the east side of the rift had moved southward relative to the country on the west side of the rift. The greatest movement was about 21 feet, some 30 miles northwest of San Francisco.

Were it not for a handful of amateur cameramen in Banda Aceh on
Boxing Day 2004, we might easily have been fooled into believing that Sumatra, like San Francisco, had been subjected to a naturally-occurring nightmare earthquake, first peddled by the American NOAA at 8.0 on the Richter Scale.

Then of course the NOAA realized that 8.0 was simply not enough to cover this thermonuclear sabotage, and developed a new exciting “flexible” Richter Scale to take care of the public relations problem.
&n bsp; Onwards and upwards the NOAA went, from 8.5 to 8.9, and then from 9.0 to 9.1. Finally they managed to convert the single Padang seismic compression spike (shown for the first time on the next page) into a whopping great Richter 9.3, sufficient they thought to cover the destruction of the cooling pipes of India’s Chennai nuclear reactor in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

The reactor should have been perfectly safe of course, because the Bay of Bengal has never before experienced a tsunami in recorded history.
Possible motives for this massive war crime were touched on briefly in Part One of this report, with the nuclear reactor at Kalpakkam, 80 kilometers from Chenna, the most likely target.

if this particular reactor had cracked open like Chernobyl, the results would have been so catastrophic that the new Russia-ChinaIndia-Brazil coalition, a clear and present danger to Wall Street, would have been neutered. It is not hard to imagine the glee on the faces of members of the World Bank and IMF, as India crawled in humbly on its belly asking for a huge loan.
Although the Kalpakkam facility escaped major damage, it was a very close call, with 30 atomic scientists and technicians killed at the plant’s nearby residential complex. And if the thermonuclear weapon placed in the Sumatran Trench had been more powerful, Wall Street might easily have scored a double whammy.

A bigger Russian-aided nuclear power complex that uses sea water for cooling is coming up fast at Koodankulam, 900 km south of Chennai and close to Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of the Indian peninsula that was severely devastated by the (unique artificial) tsunami, that in some places reached 35 feet in height.
Now try to imagine South Asia if both nuclear plants had (1) gone critical or (2) cracked, or (3) a horrific combination of both. All of this nuclear hardware comes from Russia, the same country that (accidentally) brought us Chernobyl, then sold lethal unstoppable ‘Sunburn’ missiles to China, Iran, Syria and Venezuela, and probably played a major role in the attack on the World Trade Center during 2001.
&n bsp; The possibilities for Wall Street would have been endless. While India was beating down the door of the IMF frantically begging for a giant loan, Wall Street’s faithful servants at the UN and IAEA would be tasked with badmouthing and banning Russian nuclear technology around the world – including Iran and North Korea of course. Thus from a position of bankrupcy brought about by the insane invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, Wall Street would be up and running again, and ‘One World Government’ would still be within reach. Hurrah!
Of course, all of these claims are speculative conspiracies at this stage, despite the fact that today the price of oil scratched US$52 per barrel, and the  dollar fell like a stone against the Euro, neither of which would have happened if the tsunami war crime had been successful. Theoretically, all we need do now in order to force the FBI to investigate and execute the perpetrators on Wall Street, is prove scientifically that the tsunami was NOT a natural event, which is what this report is really all about.
Single frames extracted from the ‘creative’ BBC film constructed from amateur Banda Aceh video clips are blurred, but quite good enough to use as proof. This frame was taken “outside the hospital” in Banda Aceh after the tremor, but so what? Note carefully that
people are sitting and walking normally, and do not appear alarmed. There is no visible damage to any structure, nor any glass on the street. Readers not familiar with Indonesia should note that sitting at the side of the road is acceptable behavior, which happens every day of year.
The biggest danger to the wannabee ‘New World Order’ was unquestionably those wretched amateur video tapes from Banda Aceh, which simply could not be explained away by captive media ‘experts’, because no one was sure how many amateur tapes existed in total. Put another way, if they tried to suppress the video clips, what would happen if an unknown ‘flyer’ suddenly appeared months later and completely trashed the western world’s most eminent ‘earthquake experts’?
Predictably the media did the next best thing and ‘blended’ the different clips together, in an attempt to create the false illusion of an extended (and thus ‘real’) earthquake like San Francisco, or other real earthquakes, like the incredibly puny 5.5 quake near Japan’s Bonin Islands on September 20, 2003. Puny though this real earthquake was, its magnitude 5.5 transverse shear shock waves were still strong enough to bring down temple walls in Tokyo, more than 540 miles away from the Bonin epicenter.
In basic terms the BBC editors “mixed ‘n matched” different frames from different clips, placed them out of sequence, and also ran two clips from two different cameras filming the same tremor – one after the other. This particular trick made the ‘earthquake’ appear to last twice as long, i.e. 26 seconds. In the silky words of the smooth BBC narrator, “and the quake rumbles on…” though of course it did not.
Those readers who choose to play the entire 2.2 minute BBC propaganda piece on the next page, will also notice that shots filmed after the tsunami started to come ashore, have been shifted further forward (towards the beginning) of the film sequence, thereby creating the twin illusions of aftershocks and property damage caused by the ‘earthquake’, when in reality there were no aftershocks and no property damage until D + 22.1 minutes, at which point in time the orchestrated tsunami wiped them off the face of the earth.
that in Banda Aceh’s four-star ‘Kuala Tripa Hotel’ filmed in the 22.1 minute lull period between the the 13 second tremor and the arrival of the tsunami. The building is completely undamaged, with every pane of glass intact. Some guests jumped out of the windows to see what was going on, because the hotel generators driving the elevators, and the hotel telephone exchange, suddenly became terminally defective when the tremor passed through the town. Readers should note here that the electromagnetic pulse from a large thermonuclear weapon knocks out all electrical appliances and switchboards in microseconds.
Next up was the problem of making the world believe that two of the world’s great tectonic plates had collided and “reared up”, thereby displacing the water required to make up the giant tidal wave that raced across the Indian Ocean, bowling over everything that got in its path. Believe me, this was and is an impossible task, because there is no way geologically that they could do so. The only fault line capable of enormous spontaneous upthrust (and therefore water displacement) is known as a “Divergent Faultline”, shown on the Rutger’s map below in red. Basically this means that the tectonic plates pull apart (diverge) from each other to enable new magna to thrust up through the middle. Fine, heaps of displaced water and really big bouncy tsunamis. The giant Alaskan earthquake caused an equally giant tsunami because of the divergent fault you can see on the map.
The San Andreas fault falls into a second class called a “Transform Fault”, where the two tectonic plates simply grind alongside each other, colored pink on the map. This causes massive property damage from the vibrations (as in the San Francisco Earthquake), but no water displacement. Remember, to generate a tsunami, or even a mere ripple, the water must first be displaced by other matter.
This is basic stuff outlined in Archimedes Principle, so no need to delve any deeper here.
Lastly we come back to the ‘fake quake’ of 26 December 2004, which allegedly occurred on the third class of fault known as a “Convergent Faultline”,  black on the map, where one tectonic plate slides (converges) very slowly under another, which in this case means the Indo-Australian plate sliding steadily eastwards underneath the Eurasian plate. But as in the case of the Transforn Fault, movement is horizontal, displacing no appreciable quantities of water.

(San Francisco)
(Mid Oceanic)

We need to get this technical stuff out of the way as quickly as possible, because it has the unfortunate tendency of sending readers to sleep. Boring! Fear not, there is not much more of it, though we cannot let the government and media ‘scientists’ off the hook without covering the biggest impossibility of all. Once again my thanks to Archimedes, wherever he may be nowadays.
It is a fact that when a huge event like this happens, all kinds of different people want ‘IN’ on the action, and not always because they are corrupt bankers trying to lie to the western world. But what most of the ‘in crowd’ have in common, is the desire to help prove the official line of the day, i.e. that a huge naturally-occurring underground earthquake offshore Sumatra, killed nearly half a million people by generating a whopping great tsunami.
Such was the case with the British survey ship “HMS Scott”, which
approached the Sumatran Trench after the disastrous event, loaded down to the gunwales with bearded scientists wearing rubber boots and duffle coats. All very aromatic and even slightly polar in flavor, but these men started out on the wrong foot,
because they had already swallowed the “earthquake” line. So rather than starting  by investigating whether an earthquake had happened at all, these earnest gentlemen too a fatal leap of faith into the unknown, and started out by investigating how the alleged but unproved quake had happened.

This got the hearty crew of HMS Scott into trouble immediately, because there was no hard evidence of anything, in an area they freely admitted had never been properly seismically surveyed before. Oops! So from the outset these scientists publicly admitted they were guessing, or more correctly were allowing their seismic instruments to guess for them.
The best they could manage came from a Dr Wynn, who said: “An area the size of a small town fell away from the slope and broke up into bits. Slabs of material traveled about 10km down the slope on to that flat bit of Indian plate and are just lying there. We don’t know for definite that was caused by the recent earthquake but it’s a very fresh looking feature.”
Fresh, Dr Wynn, fresh? How on earth do you know? The inference
surrounding this seminal quote was that the ‘small town which fell to the bottom of the trench’, was the culprit responsible for the massive tsunami that killed more than a quarter of a million people in Sumatra alone. But poor Dr Wynn had forgotten  Principle.
Sadly for the good ship HMS Scott, Archimedes Principle proves that the ‘small town’ could not possibly be the culprit, because it was already under water when it allegedly broke away and fell to the bottom of the 10,000 p.s.i. trench. means that the water displaced at the bottom of the trench immediately filled the void space from where the ‘small town’ had fallen further up, in precise matched volumes. So, terribly sorry Dr Wynn, no additional water displacement for a tsunami, not even a baby tsunami.
If any reader wishes to prove this independently, it really is quite easy.
Bearing in mind the mind-boggling scale of the Sumatra Trench, proceed as follows:
take two 4 ounce pebbles and balance one on top of the other, at the bottom of a 2 gallon bucket. Now very slowly fill the bucket with water and mark the full level with an indelible marker. Next, take a very long thin knitting needle (or similar) and gently dislodge the top pebble so that it falls alongside the bottom pebble on the bottom of the bucket. Now note that the water level at the top of your bucket had not changed at all. So, sadly, no tsunami in the kitchen either…..

Now we come to the geophysical grand slam, which might one day hopefully be used to help swing Wolfowitz et al from the end of very rough hessian ropes. In the picture above, the Indo-Australian tectonic plate (blue), is slowly sliding under the Eurasion tectonic plate (pale blue) at a rate of about 60 millimeters per year.
Waxing technical again for a moment, “Sumatra is situated at an active continental margin and has been the site of subduction since the Early Mesozoic Age.
At present, subduction beneath the margin is strongly oblique, and this motion is partitioned into orthogonal subduction of Indian Oceanic crust at the Sunda (Sumatran) trench and right-lateral strike-slip along the onshore Sumatran Fault System (SFS).”
What we must remember here is the critical information that the 1900-kmlong Sumatran fault belong to a class of trench-parallel strike-slip fault systems that work in concert with subduction zones to accommodate obliquely convergent plate motion. At the subduction zone, where one plate moves beneath the other, the subducted plate is dragged downwards into the earth’s mantle until it reaches a depth where high temperatures partially melt the rock. The resulting magma then rises along vertical fissures and reaches the surface through volcanic vents in the onshore fault line.
Put in terrifyingly simple layman terms, what this all means is that the Sumatran Trench and Sumatran Fault shown in the picture above always work together. If one moves, so does the other, and the  Fault runs right down
the high street in the town of Banda Aceh, which didn’t move at all when the “earthquake” tremor disturbed the town on 26 December 2004.
The harsh reality is that a naturally-occurring earthquake big enough to have generated that enormous tsunami would require a massive jolt below the Eurasian plate (quite probably around 9.3 on the Richter Scale), which would have liquified the rock and automatically hurled white-hot magma out of the chain of dormant volcanoes along the onshore Sumatran Fault. Remember, the trench and fault systems are are directly connected, and always work together.

This rather blurred frame was shot in Banda Aceh about thirty seconds before the tsunami roared into town, i.e. 22 minutes after the single 13-second tremor. You can see people looking over their shoulders because of the oncoming noise, but it is equally clear (and utterly damning) that people are just walking around normally without any obvious fear. There are no visible injuries, or property or infrastructure damage whatsoever. So you, the global public, have been subjected to the biggest television and newspaper illusion in human history, and for the most part you have believed it.
For weeks now I have watched the never ending chain of ‘important’
politicians visiting tsumani ravaged areas on television, and have found myself cynically wondering which ones are there for the photo opportunities, which ones are  there grab a sack of free aid cash for their Swiss bank accounts, and more importantly, which ones are there to gloat over their insane nuclear handiwork.
More than a half of the dead are Muslims, which will no doubt bring a smile to the faces of the perpetrators in New York, because this is a perpetual one-way war against Muslims, Hindus, and even ordinary Christians. I do not represent anybody apart from myself and my immediate family, who all wish to pass on their condolences to the families of the dead half million global citizens, with the sincere hope that one day soon we will be able to track down, and terminate, the war criminals responsible for this terrible outrage

NEW 5 April
The March 2005 Richter 8.7 Earthquake offshore Sumatra


Mycho Saniac says,  benjamin fulford, former forbes business magazine’s asian bureau chief, demonstrated that the japanese gov’t received a financial ultimatum two days before fukushima threatening exactly what transpired


Why the March 8.7 Quake Did Not Cause a Tsunami
When the Eurasian tectonic plate tilted upwards during the 90 second earthquake on 28 March 2005, it created a brand new island offshore Sumatra. We can use this new island to prove that the March quake
was real, and also to prove that the fake quake of  December 26,
2004, was a nuclear war crime on an unprecedented scale.
Copyright Joe Vialls, 5 April 2005
In the center frame, Sumatran citizens sit on an undamaged road surface after the faint 13-second “Richter 8.5” nuclear tremor on 26 December 2004. Now compare this frame with those on the left and right, both of which were taken immediately after the 90-second Richter 8.7 earthquake on 28 March 2005. Complete shock, awesome property damage, and, as we shall see later, a brand-new island offshore Sumatra.
            When the earth roared for 90 seconds late in the evening of March 28, two events follows swiftly on its heels. The first was easily the most obvious, with thousands of buildings destroyed on the Island of Nias and on West Sumatra. Much further east, building collapsed as far away as Medan, and several large concrete structures cracked in Malaysia and Thailand.
            The second was that as a direct result of media brainwashing in December 2004, national governments including Thailand and Sri Lanka swiftly sent out makeshift ‘tsunami warnings’ to all of their coastal towns. This second action caused at least four deaths through panic that could easily have been avoided, because an earthquake at a convergence fault like the Sumatran Trench, cannot create a tsunami under any circumstances.
            This curious reality was discussed at some length in my earlier tsumani reports, but as a brief refresher, a convergence fault is where one tectonic plate slides under the other. There is no giant collision, but instead, the shattering roar of one huge plate grinding along the  underside of the next. Both plates are underwater, so although one might rise slightly, the other will drop by exactly the same amount, each displacing (taking up) the same quantity of water. As a result, excess water displacement, essential for any tsunami, is zero.
            All of a sudden, at the end of March, western scientists were faced with the impossible task of explaining why the December ‘earthquake’ (originally declared by NOAA as 8.5 on the Richter Scale), had  produced a deadly tsunami, but the more powerful 8.7 real earthquake at the same epicenter in March, had not.  Faced with mission impossible, the scientists followed the established media lead, and invented lies they thought sounded plausible. As the London Independent newspaper noted on March 30:
            “Scientists are still grappling with the mystery of why such a large earthquake under the ocean did not produce a sizeable tsunami. One thing is certain, however, the Earth did not move as it did on Boxing Day when 10m-high waves killed up to 300,000 people around the Indian Ocean.
            “Brian Baptie of the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh said that it would take some days before seismologists can work out precisely what happened on Monday when northern Sumatra was rocked by an earthquake that measured 8.7 on the Richter scale. ‘It is very difficult at the moment to understand why there was not a tsunami following an earthquake this size. One possibility is that its epicentre may have been deeper.’ “
            Because the shock effects at the surface were fully 8.7 in nature, and measured as such by both Indonesian and Indian seismic stations, Baptie was either lying or perhaps merely ignorant. But others followed his lead, and the NOAA and media then arbitrarily upped the December nuclear event to a ridiculous 9.3 on the Richter Scale, hoping that the bigger number might help to fool  television viewers.
            In order to confuse things still further, the BBC showed a graphic in which it moved the December epicenter further north, and the March epicenter further south and east, thus creating the television illusion that the two events were 200 miles apart, and were absolutely NOT connected to each other. Complete rubbish of course. As the chart below reflects, both the Indonesian and Indian seismic stations show the same epicenter for both events.
            In the immediate aftermath of the December thermonuclear explosioin in the Sumatran Trench, the media was groping around for a parallel event, especially after the Indian Government pointed out harshly that “We don’t have tsunamis in the Indian Ocean”. Clearly the Indians had  to be put down swiftly, before the western public has time to become justifiable supsicious. How to do this? Easy, the media invented a fraudulent ‘giant tsunami’ precedent dating back to 1833. Believe me, only the mighty New York Times is allowed to rewrite history in this manner.
            At the time of the 1833 earthquake, the locals were more than capable of being able to read, write, and keep accurate journals of events. So were the Dutch colonials authorities in  Batavia (now Jakarta, Indonesia), who back then were much admired for their meticulous book keeping. There are copious written records of property damage caused by the earthquake itself, but not a single word about any tsunami at all. So either the Dutch Colonial authorities were lying in 1833, or the New York Times is lying in 2004/2005. You choose whichever one you think is the most likely culprit.
             During the undisputed 9.0 earthquake of 1833, a new island was raised out of the sea  offshore Sumatra, represented in pink on the chart shown above. This happened simply because the western edge of the Eurasian Plate tilted upwards, as the Indo-Australian Plate slid  underneath it, thereby exposing more of the Eurasian Plate seabed. So this new ‘island’ had always been there, with the tilting plate finally exposing it above the old high water mark. A bit like the tide going out, but never coming back in.
            One hundred and seventy-one years later, during the March 28 earthquake, another much smaller island was exposed on the Eurasian Plate to the west of Nias island, which is entirely predictable when you think about it. The Eurasion Plate had tilted up slightly again, but not as much as it did in 1833, because this most recent event measured only 8.7 on the Richter Scale. This is a hundred times less powerful than the monster 9.0 earthquake of 1833, so smaller quake = smaller upwards tilt of the Eurasian Plate.
            The implications of this simple truth for the conniving liars in the western media are both obvious and disturbing. They have now collectively and fraudulently raised the Richter reading for the December nuclear event from the original 6.4 recorded by both the Indonesian and Indian authorities, through giant creative leaps to a current high of 9.3, which in turn is a hundred times more powerful than the monster earthquake of 1833.
             Fine, using basic math (which unlike physics is not theoretical), and knowing the average depth of the continental shelf to the west of Sumatra, we can prove that a “9.3” earthquake would permanently expose at least 60,000,000 more acres of seabed. In fact, you could now walk all the way from Aceh to Nias Island without getting your feet wet, provided you followed a semi-circular route.
             The fact that you cannot make this walk, simply proves conclusively that the media and its tame prostitute ‘scientists’ have been lying all the way for the USA. This is probably essential for those who authorized and executed the monstrous Boxing Day war crime, and who don’t want to get caught with their nuclear pants down, having already murdered more than 300,000 Asians with a single thermonuclear weapon.  Moreover, bearing in mind the position of the Pacific Trenches relative to Japan and China, these clinically insane madmen may mave more mass murders in mind, using very similar techniques.
The left frame shows the coastline of Nias Island, which is now nearly two feet higher out of the water after the 90-second earthquake on March 28. More convincing is the right frame, which shows the ‘new’ island out to the west of Nias, and thus closer to the extreme western edge of the Eurasian Plate. Before the earthquake on March 28, this structure was a 6″ coral reef, completely submerged at high tide. Now at high tide this reef has been transformed into a new island, with an overall elevation of 4′ 10″. The black band around the base, shows clearly how much of the seabed was permanently lifted out of the water by the March 8.7 magnitude earthquake.
            The media is not overwhelmingly clever, but simply exploits the obvious fact that 99% of its viewing and reading public are not specialists in urban warfare, or aviation, nuclear weapons or tectonic plate movements, and so on. This knowledge has served the media’s masters very well, or at least it used to serve them very well, until the Internet started to really  blossom out around the world.
            Nowadays there are thousands of experts, many of them retired with a lot of time on their hands, who derive considerable pleasure from exposing these media lies and deceptions. It has almost become a sport, in which the establishment media side is steadily losing more and more games to the increasingly professional teams of Internet independents.
            With stories like the Sumatran Earthquake, the establishment media does the best it can, hiring two-bit junior scientists and magicians to try and keep you fooled for longer, but in the end they are undermined by real science on the Internet. And the big trick right now (in fact the biggest game in town) is to make you believe that a Richter 6.4 earthquake on December 26, created a massive tidal wave powerful enough to murder 300,000+ people, while the infinitely more powerful Richter 8.7 earthquake on March 28 barely rippled the waters of the Indian Ocean. Hence the fraudulently increased Richter values, and creatively moving the single real epicenter to two different positions, 200 miles apart.
             It does not stop there. The public in general keeps asking more and more awkward questions, leading to the media being obliged to elaborate on its basic lies, sometimes in truly hilarious fashion. This was particularly so when one scientist (I use the term ‘scientist’ in its loosest sense), did a global piece in which he used graphics to explain how the December 26 ‘earthquake’ managed to cause the giant tsunami that murdered 300,000+ people. Take a look  at the two frames below, which I ‘grabbed’ from his television presentation:
            The television presentation was a moving graphic, out of which I extracted just a few still frames, but it is essential to remember that it is the motion of the graphic itself which causes deliberate subliminal illusions for your eyes and brain. To understand how and why, you must first record the entire sequence on tape, then single out the most obvious frames for close examination, which I have done for you with the two frames shown above.
            The predictably boring ‘scientist’ started by telling television viewers that it is “water displacement” which causes all tsunamis. As with most media deceptions, this was part truth and part lie, making it far more difficult for a layman to decode.
            Water displacement happens all the time in the deep oceans, for example giant underwater landslides on mid-ocean ridges etc, but these do not and cannot cause tsunamis, because of Archimedes’ Principle, which I explained in detail in the earlier tsunami reports.
            To recap briefly, when two large submerged objects change position, they are merely exchanging  their water displacements. Because no new rock has been added to the ocean floor (as it would be in the case of a new volcano, for example), there is no EXCESS water displacement to to increase the level of the ocean, and lots of excess water is essential for any tsunami. So, no excess water displacement = no tsunami. It really is as simple as that.
            Somehow the establishment media had to reverse this truth and make you believe the opposite, which is where the illusory moving graphic shown on television last week comes into the picture. In the left-hand frame, the ‘scientist’ was explaining that in the Sumatran (also known as “Suma” and Sundra”) Trench, the Indo-Australian tectonic plate had slid beneath the Eurasian tectonic plate, which of course is true. But then he said that this action had raised the entire Eurasian tectonic plate so far, that water displacement caused the tsunami. This was a bare faced provable lie, and the point at which the heavy illusion was triggered.
            As any advertising executive or psychologist will confirm, the human eye is first drawn to the top-right hand corner of a page, which is why this premier position commands a higher advertising price than (say) the lower left-hand corner. Now take a closer look at the top right-hand corners of the two frames above, which were grabbed by me from the moving film. What do you see, or, more importantly, what does your brain think that it sees?
            In the left frame you can see the Indo-Australian plate start to slide diagonally to the right underneath the Eurasian plate, with the Eurasian plate starting to rise (tilt) slightly as a result. The right frame was grabbed about two seconds later, showing the Eurasian plate rising up even further, and apparently squeezing the ocean out of the top of the frame. So the illusory subliminal suggestion at this stage, is that the water above the Eurasian plate is being squeezed out above sea level, and thus causes a tsunami.
            In order to drive the first illusion home, this footage was immediately followed by another moving graphic of a huge wave-train, allegedly the ‘tsunami’ resulting from the first illusion. You can laugh as much as you want to, but this is no laughing matter. About 99.9% of the viewing public saw this event only once at 35 frames per second, and it would have been very convincing for all viewers without any real knowledge of Archimedes’ work.
           The two still frames above expose the illusion for what it really was. If you study them carefully for a few seconds, your eyes and brain start to see the whole picture, rather than merely catching a glimpse of the preferred top right corners. As the Eurasion plate on the right  rises, the Indo-Australian plate on the left sinks downwards exactly the same distance. Because the two plates are in contact with one another, it is impossible for them to do anything else. Have you got that bit?
            Fine, now look at the actual area of ocean in each frame very carefully, remembering that both tectonic plate structures are completely submerged under water. As the Eurasian plate rises, the water above it simply moves to the left, in order to fill the exact same void volume space left by the sinking Indo-Australian plate. There is absolutely no excess displacement, and without excess displacement you cannot possibly have a tsunami.  Thus we need to look for an alternative way of generating sufficient energy to displace the hundreds of millions of tons of water needed for the December 26 event.
After the December 26 thermonuclear weapon was detonated in the Sumatra Trench, Australian authorities knocked back all requests for seismic traces of the event, using stupid excuses like “our equipment wasn’t switched on”, “Australian seismographs cannot record above 8.0 on the Richter Scale”, and “You must ask the American authorities about that”. In other words, Australian officials were ordered to lie to the Australian public. This was all forgotten on March 28 this year, when Australian government geophysicists excitedly displayed the seismic trace of the Sumatran 8.7 earthquake, thus proving their equipment could read any magnitude, and furthermore proving they blatantly lied back in December. Put bluntly, New York has Australia’s officials by the balls.
            Because the required energy is so huge, only one other device known to man could have caused the rapid blast expansion needed to temporarily displace this huge volume of water and send it surging across the ocean towards India’s two advanced (Russian) nuclear  reactors on its Tamil Nadu coastline, and towards India’s advanced (Russian) Sukhoi 30 fighters allocated to the Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal. The device in question is of course the thermonuclear weapon, otherwise known as the “Hydrogen Bomb”. Minimum size required for this event would be 5+ megatons equivalent TNT, with a more likely practical yield  of 8 -10 megatons.
            Only two nations on earth have ever developed and tested weapons of this size – America and Russia. Therefore, in order to find the culprit we must examine possible motives, and any activity before detonation which indicated that either America or Russia was moving into the area prematurely, in order to take military or economic advantage of the monstrous aftermath of death and destruction caused by the artificial tsunami.
            After careful analysis, Russia comes up with a completely clean bill of health. Not only has India been a key ally and economic partner for more than forty years, India is also crucial  to Moscow as a leading player in the new Russia-China-India-Brazil Coalition. So for Russia to attack India at this point in history would be as stupid as Russia attacking Russia. Rest assured that President Vladimir Putin is not stupid.
            As explained in detail in my two tsunami reports linked at the top and bottom of this page, America managed to get two large battle groups into position in record-breaking time from Hong Kong and Guam during the festive season. Each battle group was carrying more than twice the normal complement of Marines, and had recently exercised for a gargantuan (though unspecified) “Humanitarian Relief Operation”.
             My personal assessment of the situation is that taking into account sea tracks, navigable channels and possible sailing speeds, neither fleet could have arrived in the eastern Indian Ocean when it did, unless every ship was literally waiting for the starter’s gun, fully manned and with steam up.
              New York and Washington also had a strong motive, though it is a little obscure. By forming the Russia-China-India-Brazil coalition, Putin has completely blocked “Fortress Americas”, a Zionist fall-back plan to isolate the Western Hemisphere if things got too rough in the Eastern Hemisphere, and overun South America and Canada for their mineral resources. If  the tsunami had been slightly more powerful it would have caused a second (and possible third) nuclear Chernobyl in southern India, thus breaking a critical link in the new coalition’s chain of command.
            The fact that this did not eventuate might have more to do with luck than science, because it seems the criminals who designed the December 26 event, genuinely believed that the weapon would be powerful enough to cause a subduction slip of the stressed Indo-Australian plate under the Eurasian plate, at the time of detonation.
            If this had actually happened, it would have been virtually impossible to expose the covert action, because the sharp compression wave caused by the thermonuclear weapon detonating, would have been mixed up with the 90-second jumble of transverse shear waves on the seismograph, exactly the same as those shown above for the March 28 quake.
            Fortunately, it seems likely that ‘God’ has left the side of these homicidal ‘Christian’ crusaders, and although placed under enormous nuclear stress, the two mammoth tectonic plates managed to stay in their correct positions, though unquestionably weakened. During January and February more than 100 significant events further north towards Chittagong proved that the integrity of the Sumatran Trench had been seriously compromised, and then on March 28, the deep portion of the trench where the nuclear weapon was detonated finally gave way, with the Indo-Australian plate sliding several yards under the Eurasian plate.
            And here you have the final proof. If there really had been a ‘Richter 9.3’ earthquake on December 26, the enormous pressure between the Indo-Australian plate and the Eurasian plate would have been relieved completely by the quake, leaving the Sumatran Trench stable for another 50 years or so. Minor aftershocks of course, as the zillions of tons of tectonic plates ‘bedded in’ again, but absolutely no major events like March 28.
           The Declaration of Independence makes it abundantly clear what is expected and demanded of all American citizens when an elected Government moves to quash their unalienable rights, or acts illegally in any other way including war crimes: “when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”
            Understandably perhaps, the authors of the Declaration could scarcely have envisioned the day when an elected Government would become completely subservient to a bunch of Wall Street bankers instead of the ‘governed’, which would then invent fictional terrorist organizations in order to remove the unalienable rights of the ‘governed’, and finally order the brutal murder of more than 300,000 people in South and South-East Asia with a single nuclear weapon. Back in 1776, such blatantly obvious abuses of power would have seemed ridiculous.
            Though there are no hard and fast rules on exactly how the governed are expected to carry out their duty in respect of the above-noted high political crimes and treason, it does seem unreasonable to ask the American public to go to the trouble of building several wooden gallows on Capitol Hill, when an abundant number of mobile cranes are readily available today at low hire rates. The center picture above shows five Iranian drug pushers after sentence was passed and carried out.
            Back in 1978 the Shah of Iran was the biggest global drug pusher of all, and like most American politicians today, would have scoffed at the prospect of he or his fellow criminals ever being brought to justice by ‘ordinary’ Iranian people. Though the Shah managed to escape the country in 1979, most of his murderous cohorts and collaborators wound up hanging from cranes less than five days after the Revolution started. These abusive Iranian officials were deluded into believing they had absolute power over the people, but slowly choking to death at the end of manila hemp ropes proved they did not. History is full of such examples.
            American politicians and officials must be executed with the same attention to detail as any other common criminal, so the ‘governed’ should make sure that correct protocol is followed. The traditional American hangman’s noose has from five to thirteen coils, which slide down the rope delivering a heavy blow to the side of the neck. The modern American coiled noose is prepared in accordance with a procedure laid down in a US army manual, from 30 feet of 3/4″ – 1″ diameter manila hemp rope, boiled to take out stretch and any tendency to coil. It is formed into six coils and then waxed, soaped or greased to assure that the knot slides easily.
            It seems unlikely that the American public in general will be sufficiently motivated to take action for at least another year (or when crude oil prices exceed $100 per barrel), but this does not mean that you personally cannot prepare yourself for the day when New York and Washington’s murderous master criminals are brought to justice. If you have time on your hands and a little spare cash, why not drive down to the hardware store and buy a 30′ length of manila hemp rope? Pick up a can of axle grease from the gas station on your way home, and then use the twilight hours to grease your rope, and learn how to fashion a really good hangman’s noose.
           It pays to be ready, and try to remember that this is not a joke, or even simple vengeance for being abused and suppressed by these out-of-control fanatics. Removing these criminals from power, and punishing



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