Across Canada Road Trip Reports of Dead Forests and Sick Trees

Stay tuned Much more to be uploaded to this post.


Here you will find numerous reports and links to many reports I did while driving across Canada in the beginning of May.

Click on image to view special report

Dead trees at Saskatchewan Visitor Center – Across Canada Reports

See many reports here.

These reports will be very discouraging as you will see sick, dying and dead forests and also the devastation all around the top of Lake Superior in northern Ontario.. and you will also see reports of the signs that even far away Vancouver has also been affected with chemtrailing that is killing the forests.

It will take me some time yet to complete processing and uploading the many reports which will also be posted at some of my other sites.

All the links will be available here at this post.

Stay tuned for multiple videos and photo reports…

I discovered that all across Canada from Halifax to Vancouver there has been an effort to hide these events by cutting and trimming trees away from public view along highways and many other places such as parks and motorist rest areas..

In Halifax;


This is the most horrible and completely inexplicable site of natural devastation I have ever seen .. It defies logic.  This material is spread over an area larger than ten miles…

Saskatchewan Hiding Horrible Sick trees – Across Canada Reports

Filmed May 6 2016 on the Trans-Canada Highway

Be sure to also see the beauty remaining here.


CANADA: Class Action Filed Over Damage Caused by Geoengineering (chemtrails.)

Highway of Dead Trees in Ontario’s North – Across Canada Road Trip Reports

Burnaby B.C.  Area plant mutations.. Across Canada Reports


Hundreds of miles of dead trees along hwy to North Bay Ontario


Trees Bending Over and Dying hwy 17 near Thunder Bay

Very Sick Trees and Forest on Highway 11 to Manitoba


Red Forest in Manitoba on trans-canada hwy – Across Canada Reports


Dead trees everywhere in Ontario Provincial Park (Agawa Bay)

Filmed early May 2016 near Top of Lake Superior.

Dead Forest in Rocky Mountains of Alberta – Across Canada Reports

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14 thoughts on “Across Canada Road Trip Reports of Dead Forests and Sick Trees”

  1. I am a bit surprise about Fukushima radiation, i think more damages are made by the chemtrails, A lots of peoples are sick too. Barium and aluminum are bad (condiments) for food and breathing.


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