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Please do not be fooled by official is not the bugs or pine beetles killing trees.. all tree types are dying..the trees natural defenses are being weakened by radiation and chemtrails which is facilitating the the growth of bugs, the bugs are not killing the trees… The trees, plants and forests are dying world wide.

Here is my first video

This is the start point. I departed from Halifax on May 2016 and spent over 5 months on the road and traveled over 20,000 kilometers all the way to Vancouver British Columbia and then back to the end in Montreal Quebec. During this trip I will also be doing reports about the sick and dying trees.Take notice of the chemtrails in the sky in this video


Across Canada Road Trip starting in Nova Scotia

Aboard Off road power wheelchair Gill 4×4 Camp on Fraser River in BC  – Across Canada Road Trip

IMPORTANT Take notice in this video of all the Fukushima radiation damage evidenced by all the sick leaves all over the ground. this is August first and very middle of summer.. there is no water shortage or drought here at this time.×4-fraser-river-camp-near-chilliwack-in-british-columbia/
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