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Walmart in Montreal cutting down trees Killed by Fukushima

Published on Apr 7, 2017


Fukushima 311 Attack Deliberate Extinction Event


Published on Mar 2, 2017

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killing of the world, fukushima, stuxnet virus with planted bombs revealed. (re upload)

The information in the video was produced by Jim Stone.

This is the first portion of the Fukushima report, which speaks about the physical aspects of the disaster, which was in fact an act of war. There is a lot more to it than that, including the fact that the zionists want all cultures destroyed and smashed into a global monoculture and Japan was having none of it, as well as Japan refusing to do an enormous banker bailout they never owed, and therefore from a globalist perspective Japan had to be destroyed. Read the full report HERE

3/11 was Japan’s 9/11. It’s all documented folks!

This investigation has been endorsed by the engineers who designed and built Fukushima Diiachi

Published on Feb 26, 2017

Pictures and Info on the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Jim Stone Fukushima Interview

Published on Nov 19, 2013


More news at Fukushima 3/11 Truth:

Here’s a comment from my blog: “I really don’t know what to think….. no reaction on your webpage, no media talking of it… no one wants to hear about it around me… Did the elite won and i didn’t get the notice?? is that all and the NWO has emerged? i dont know what to do anymore….” I’m starting to feel the same, luckily for me I AM interested and not giving up. Where everybody is? Most have been hijacked by false truthers and the fake alternative media outlets who also not talk about this


Published on Apr 4, 2012

This is a live Project Camelot Roundtable discussion with Jim Stone ex-NSA technical analyst who has done a substantial amount of investigation on the Fukushima disaster.

This Livestream was a follow-up to my original interview on my weekly show on American Freedom Radio March 28th. We discussed some additional details with regard to the Fukushima disaster along with photos of reactors 3 & 4 and the fascinating fact that reactor 4 was apparently shut down when it exploded.

As a result of his in-depth report getting the truth out about the sabotage behind Fukushima Jim Stone is now on the run and seeking asylum from the U.S. in Mexico. His report reveals the real events behind Fukushima and the possible connection with recent nuclear power plant problems at San Onofre in Southern California and in the Midwest, Chicago area..

What was stunningly revealed is how Israel has the ability, to trigger a nuclear event in any power plant or other industrial facility including oil refineries using the Stuxnet virus now transferable via email, according to Stone. The implications of this for Israel running the world and getting what they want are far reaching. They don’t need a suitcase nuke or a bomb…

He also gives his take on 2012 and fills us in on various standard surveillance techniques used by the NSA and in effect since the fifties.

Note: Due to Jim’s location and the targeted interference during this discussion you will find the connection fails during the times when we are discussing the most sensitive topics and is fine otherwise.

Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot



Jim Stone on Project Camelot Radio with Kerry Cassidy – March 28th, 2012 – Inside Fukushima

Published on Feb 23, 2015


Fukushima Radiation Killing Trees On Island Of Montreal – Across Canada Reports

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radiationmontrealisland_9575radiationmontrealisland_9492radiationmontrealisland_9558 radiationmontrealisland_9582 radiationmontrealisland_9584Fukushima Prophecy – Pacific “Turns To Blood” – Japan Nuclear Disaster Breaches “Gates Of Hell”

Published on Feb 27, 2017

Fukushima Prophecy – Pacific Ocean Warned Will “Turn To Blood”
After Japan Nuclear Disaster Breaches “Gates Of Hell”

HORRIBLE ALL Trees Mutated Sick Dying Fukushima Radiation Effect

Published on Dec 15, 2016     3.995 views

Published on Sep 3, 2014

Thanks for reposting my video..


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UNKNOWN “Anomaly” Heating Pacific Ocean! 2/19/17

Published on Feb 19, 2017

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The Media Can No Longer Hide the Truth About Fukushima — the Entire World is in Danger

▶▶The Russian Spytrap “100,000,000 To DROWN ALIVE” The Signs Are Everywhere!

Published on Feb 17, 2017

They used nukes at Fukushima and to create the tsunami.. there five pages of info at this link..

Jeff Rense & Dana Durnford – CATASTROPHE – Fukushima Can End Most Life On Earth In Next 9 Years

Published on Feb 21, 2017

You had better WAKE UP and begin DEMANDING the government quit lying and get deadly serious about Fukushima. We are facing an EXTINCTION EVENT. That is no overstatement.

Listen to the evidence and proof in this video that your government will NOT ADMIT. In fact, when was the last time you heard President Trump or ANY major political figure even speak the words ‘Fukushima radiation’?

We are ALL being deceived. Listen carefully to this video and pay attention.

Send it to your Congress person and DEMAND the government begin telling us the TRUTH and at least TRY to do something about the radiation flowing over, on and INTO us, 24-7.

This IS the worst catastrophe in recorded human history. PERIOD.
Mass death is coming.

Fukushima: Beyond Urgent

Published on Feb 13, 2017

☢ Fukushima: Beyond Urgent ☢ Dr. Helen Caldicott: “We are dealing with Diabolic Energy.”
28 Signs That the West Coast of the U.S Is Being Fried with Nuclear Radiation from Fukushima:
PLEASE SHARE/REMIX THIS VIDEO which briefly covers the 3 core meltdowns, the vulnerable and leaky water storage tanks, radiation health effects, contamination of the Pacific Ocean and marine life, Unit 4 collapse risk and Unit 4 fuel rod removal risk. The situation is ongoing and deteriorating, and it’s highly likely that it’s actually worse than presented here. This is only a basic outline of some key elements, which I have tried to present in a way that should be easily understood by everyone, particularly those who’ve not been following this crisis. I have also compiled a list of links below that will inform you more. Note: Original Upload date was October 2013.

my Dr. Helen Caldicott Playlist:

ENEnews on Facebook:
Fukushima Diary:
Fukushima Diary on Facebook:

On Fukushima Beach 1 (remastered):
On Fukushima Beach 2: The Lights of Fukushima (Director’s Cut):
On Fukushima Beach 3: The Bombing of Kyoto:

Take action to lower radioactivity allowed in food::

‘The story of Plume-Gate, the world’s largest, provable cover-up’:
A book by Hatrick Penry PDF of the book:

Here is my complete Plume-Gate Playlist that I helped edit narrated by Hatrick Penry. Also Strontium Milks, and Organic Slant have since weighed in as well: Playlist titled: Plume-Gate PROOF Cover-up of Fukushima via the NRC Documents

The Ocean is Broken:

The complete collapse of sardine population on West Coast of Canada around Vancouver:

Alarming mass die-off of starfish in areas along Canada’s Pacific coast:

Diseased Alaska seals with abnormal brain growths and undersized lymph nodes:

There are many more similar reports, but I cannot fit anymore in the space provided here.

‘Fukushima: Beyond Urgent’ was made of clips from the videos below. All footage reproduced for educational purposes only. Thanks to all those who uploaded the originals.



Published on Feb 7, 2016

This is THE END – Endangered Species will now include HUMANS – ECOCIDE of EARTH & EXTINCTION of HUMANS through RADIATION – FUKUSHIMA BREEDER REACTOR for Black Dust & Wigner Effect. The disintegration of ALL MATTER, the discomposition of all things, plants, animals, materials, and HUMANS due to Radiation.
Video: INDIAN POINT 65,000% Increase in Radioactive Groundwater are HIGHER LEAKS than FUKUSHIMA!…

Published on Feb 15, 2017

FYI For Your Information – The Media Can No Longer Hide the Truth About Fukushima — the Entire World is in Danger

We first want to thank Fox News for FINALLY reporting on a subject that has been highly censored by the mainstream media for the past 5+ years, the situation in Fukushima, Japan is completely out of control.

While Fox News recently reported that radiation levels at Fukushima were now at ‘unimaginable levels’ more than 5 years after the disastrous earthquake and tsunami struck, as Steve Quayle asked in an SQNote he left while linking to that story, why has the mainstream media been silent all of this time?

We’ve long believed that ‘reality’ has a way of ‘awakening’ everybody and the stories recently coming across the wire over at ENENews have been mind-numbing the last few weeks to say the least.

You can hear the Fox News report on Fukushima in the 1st video below while in the 2nd video, Mike Adams over at Natural News gives us a new update on the ‘Fukushima radiation apocalypse’ that has been steadily spewing poisons into our atmosphere for almost 6 years now with hardly a peep from the MSM.

In the most recent stories from ENENews, on February 5th they reported the heartbreaking news that a record high number of whale deaths had recently been reported surrounding the Hawaiian Islands with the sick and starving animals allegedly a ‘mystery’ to experts.

Reporting that rotting carcasses were scattered throughout the islands, how can so-called experts NOT know that Fukushima poisons flowing into our oceans for years are most likely to blame?

As Adams tells us in his video, the sustainability of all life throughout the Northern hemisphere is in danger and the entire MSM up until now has been in a complete blackout mode except for this recent reports.

Do CNN, MSNBC and the rest of them think that if they DON’T report upon Fukushima, what’s happening to the fish and our oceans is ‘fake news’?

Do they think that because we can’t actually SEE the radiation, it’s not really there?

The MSM’s failure to report upon Fukushima may be the final straw that not only breaks the camel’s back but puts that camel out of our misery.

For the past several years, we’ve reported horror story after horror story of sea life dying all across the Pacific Ocean and up and down the entire West coast, from Alaska to California.

Also documented in great detail over the past several years by ENENews, with mass animal deaths all across the world being kept track of by End Times Prophecy, it’s clear that the mainstream media has completely failed the American public on Fukushima.

Another recent story over at ENENews reports on Fox News’ sudden admission that Fukushima is out of control, highlighting a few phrases used by Fox in their report that shows just how completely out of touch the MSM has been with reality over the past 5+ years.

Their story also brings to light:

Fox News, Feb 8, 2017 (emphasis added): Adam Housley, who reported from the area in 2011 following the catastrophic triple-meltdown, said this morning that new fuel leaks have been discovered…

He said that critics, including the U.S. military in 2011, have long questioned whether Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) and officials have been providing accurate information on the severity of the radiation…

He added that critics are now questioning whether the radiation has been this severe all along.

Fox News video transcript excerpts, Feb 8, 2017: “Experts believe melted fuel is leaking inside the plant almost daily…

No one knew [in 2011] of the growing threat which today only continues to get worse… Wow, this is a crazy story… What some people are saying is, ‘ Has it been this bad since the beginning?’”
Quite surprisingly after all of their years of silence, the Washington Post actually finally reported on Fukushima on February 8th in a story in which they asked:

“Could the radiation level be even higher? Possibly. The 530 sievert reading was recorded some distance from the melted fuel, so in reality it could be 10 times higher than recorded” said Hideyuki Ban, co-director of Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center.

Imagine that… ten times higher than the ‘unimaginable levels’ already detected. Is this why the MSM is finally reporting upon Fukushima?

As a commenter on the Washington Post story wisely mentions, we’re watching a run-a-way train speeding completely out of control and experts have admitted, there is really no way to stop it… and least not in the next several decades.


For Your Information – FYI

Fukushima/Scientists “Will Leak Until the End of Time/Radiation/Europe

Published on Feb 22, 2017

Scientists fear Fukushima radiation hitting US to worsen… “A lot of people are very concerned” — Experts: Billions are being exposed… Reactors “will continue to pour water into Pacific for the rest of time” Our Website, http://www.BPEarthWatch.Com The Aviationist…


Published on Feb 17, 2017

URGENT REPORT Folks, I am getting some disturbing news out of California. It seems the whole state is cursed, and I am not just talking about Maxine Waters or Nancy Pelosi.California went through a horrible drought the last 4 years. Now it’s getting flooded and we are wondering what effect Fukushima is having on people.Seriously folks, I am hearing they are getting radioactive rain! Hear me out people

We did a video a week and a half ago about extreme radiation coming from reactor 2, radiation that could cause death in minutes….and we now know Fukushima was never contained. It’s a china syndrome folks, and people on the west coast are rightfully pissed that they were told by the EPA and by so called “experts” that everything was safe.

Now we have been reading from MS Milky, and Dr. Helen Caldecott that there has been a HUGE cover up. Let me explain why the Pacific is going to be a boneyard, and why people on the west coast must avoid the rain at all costs!…

President Trump met with Abe last week and when he returned here ( I live in Toyko) we hear that Trump is aware of whats going on and he had also learned that there were little or no tests of soil, crops and water on the West Coast.
Your Obama colluded with Gov Brown to hide the magnitude of the disaster. Yesterday I went to a small gathering and we spoke of having to evacuate.
The problem is, so many of us are already exposed. Not sick yet. It takes 7-10 years, but its coming. If any so called expert tries to tell you “Fukushima has killed nobody” do not believe them.
We know many workers have died and we also seee crazy cancer spikes in the population.
We cannot report on it because we can be jailed. We pray for California, Washington State, and Oregon.
I grew up in Portland, and have a heavy heart now. As far as the rain, it carries radiation!
We wear masks when it rains, and if you are on the west coast, get a surgical mask immediately! Wear it whenever you go out in the rain. I am as serious as plague.
Please listen to me. The Pacific ocean is finished. We killed it. GE killed it. Tepco killed it. The America Gov under Obama killed it!
Anyone else realize that FUKUSHIMA. Looks like a subliminal code. Instantly I see Fuk U.S (thinking of the united states.) then HIMA. God had me look up the definition of the word…and this is what I found…Hima (environmental protection), an Arabic word meaning “inviolate zone” (boundary), and a system of environmental protection in Islam. 😲 that’s not all… What does the word “inviolate” mean in this context? (got yah covered) 😉 involute (in´vəloot),v to decrease normally, in size and functional activity, an organ whose role in the body economy is temporary or confined to certain periods of life. Involute should be distinguished from atrophy, which means to waste away from abnormal causes.coincidence? I think not!

The Silent Ecocide-Causes and Solutions interview with Carlita Shaw

Published on Aug 1, 2015

Alfred Lambremont Webre interviews Carlita Shaw on her book The Silent Ecocide-the environmental crisis is a crisis of human consciousness.

This is a sound engineered version of the original video interview (Thanks to Hannes Shunyananda Erler, whom restored the sound interference which experienced some sound problems) found here on Alfred Lambremont Webre’s news channel-…

About Carlita-
Carlita is an Ecologist, writer teacher, sustainable project developer and artist. She lives in South America and has worked on projects in Latin America for nearly ten years and has been involved in the environmental sector for twenty years as an activist, journalist and ecology project developer. Her book The Silent Ecocide encompasses the problems driving Ecocide and the Solutions that we can all be a part of implementing as bridge builders, map makers (mapping new territory ecologically, socially, culturally, politically and economically) and seed planters to a new paradigm.

The Silent Ecocide-the environmental crisis is a crisis of human consciousness book can be found here-
Follow her news articles on
Her Ecology projects where people can volunteer with indigenous tribes
Evolve to Ecology

About Alfred Webre-
Alfred Lambremont Webre J.D., M.Ed, is a journalist and expert in law, universal law, government and exopolitics,
his websites are…