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UNKNOWN “Anomaly” Heating Pacific Ocean! 2/19/17

Published on Feb 19, 2017

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The Media Can No Longer Hide the Truth About Fukushima — the Entire World is in Danger

Published on Feb 15, 2017

FYI For Your Information – The Media Can No Longer Hide the Truth About Fukushima — the Entire World is in Danger

We first want to thank Fox News for FINALLY reporting on a subject that has been highly censored by the mainstream media for the past 5+ years, the situation in Fukushima, Japan is completely out of control.

While Fox News recently reported that radiation levels at Fukushima were now at ‘unimaginable levels’ more than 5 years after the disastrous earthquake and tsunami struck, as Steve Quayle asked in an SQNote he left while linking to that story, why has the mainstream media been silent all of this time?

We’ve long believed that ‘reality’ has a way of ‘awakening’ everybody and the stories recently coming across the wire over at ENENews have been mind-numbing the last few weeks to say the least.

You can hear the Fox News report on Fukushima in the 1st video below while in the 2nd video, Mike Adams over at Natural News gives us a new update on the ‘Fukushima radiation apocalypse’ that has been steadily spewing poisons into our atmosphere for almost 6 years now with hardly a peep from the MSM.

In the most recent stories from ENENews, on February 5th they reported the heartbreaking news that a record high number of whale deaths had recently been reported surrounding the Hawaiian Islands with the sick and starving animals allegedly a ‘mystery’ to experts.

Reporting that rotting carcasses were scattered throughout the islands, how can so-called experts NOT know that Fukushima poisons flowing into our oceans for years are most likely to blame?

As Adams tells us in his video, the sustainability of all life throughout the Northern hemisphere is in danger and the entire MSM up until now has been in a complete blackout mode except for this recent reports.

Do CNN, MSNBC and the rest of them think that if they DON’T report upon Fukushima, what’s happening to the fish and our oceans is ‘fake news’?

Do they think that because we can’t actually SEE the radiation, it’s not really there?

The MSM’s failure to report upon Fukushima may be the final straw that not only breaks the camel’s back but puts that camel out of our misery.

For the past several years, we’ve reported horror story after horror story of sea life dying all across the Pacific Ocean and up and down the entire West coast, from Alaska to California.

Also documented in great detail over the past several years by ENENews, with mass animal deaths all across the world being kept track of by End Times Prophecy, it’s clear that the mainstream media has completely failed the American public on Fukushima.

Another recent story over at ENENews reports on Fox News’ sudden admission that Fukushima is out of control, highlighting a few phrases used by Fox in their report that shows just how completely out of touch the MSM has been with reality over the past 5+ years.

Their story also brings to light:

Fox News, Feb 8, 2017 (emphasis added): Adam Housley, who reported from the area in 2011 following the catastrophic triple-meltdown, said this morning that new fuel leaks have been discovered…

He said that critics, including the U.S. military in 2011, have long questioned whether Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) and officials have been providing accurate information on the severity of the radiation…

He added that critics are now questioning whether the radiation has been this severe all along.

Fox News video transcript excerpts, Feb 8, 2017: “Experts believe melted fuel is leaking inside the plant almost daily…

No one knew [in 2011] of the growing threat which today only continues to get worse… Wow, this is a crazy story… What some people are saying is, ‘ Has it been this bad since the beginning?’”
Quite surprisingly after all of their years of silence, the Washington Post actually finally reported on Fukushima on February 8th in a story in which they asked:

“Could the radiation level be even higher? Possibly. The 530 sievert reading was recorded some distance from the melted fuel, so in reality it could be 10 times higher than recorded” said Hideyuki Ban, co-director of Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center.

Imagine that… ten times higher than the ‘unimaginable levels’ already detected. Is this why the MSM is finally reporting upon Fukushima?

As a commenter on the Washington Post story wisely mentions, we’re watching a run-a-way train speeding completely out of control and experts have admitted, there is really no way to stop it… and least not in the next several decades.


For Your Information – FYI

North Hemisphere in Great Danger FUKUSHIMA Radiation Spikes to “Unimaginable Levels”

The cores melted through and went into the ocean four years ago.

They are doing these new reports because the people are seeing the signs of high radiation on shores of Canada and USA.. Four years ago they said that it would take four years for the radiation to circulate around the Pacific and that the radiation levels will continuously keep going up for ever.

Go to this first of five pages that has the information.

Jim Hofoss
this was not a current update at all, old news, more media twist, its getting worse, not better- report current radiation levels, and current mitigation, or lack of……why did the other reactors in Japan were allowed to come back on line, before disaster could be contained is beyond belief. If containment cannot be accomplished, all reactors should be permanently SHUT DOWN.
The whole northern hemisphere of the WORLD is being polluted, constantly, almost 6 years after the accident. The NRC should be disbanned, tried by a global court, and held accountable for the carnage and death of the Pacific Ocean and all inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere. All profits stripped of the nuclear power company to install clean energy sollutions. Global effort to put up huge seawall, pump out seawater from within, and entomb the whole area in concrete from below, above, and all sides.
Japan has shown complete incompetence of mitigation, refusing all help from outside the country. This is criminal, as well. Nuclear power has proven unsafe, and the failures to contain, should make them a non- viable energy solution. Period!
The safety and sustainability of our Planet should trump all greed of all large corperations, and stupidity of governments. People need to stand up around the entire globe against nuclear power production, it should not be a debate.
Our whole planet is being poisoned, and for thousands of years. Too many variables can cause catastrophic disasters that could wipe out all life on Earth. Earthquakes, tsunamis, emp’s, wars, human error, could all lead to a chain reaction of failures at these sites. Old, leaking reactors, of the same design, are still being used worldwide. Shut them all down, before it is too late!

Fukushima fallout in USA in 2017 1-18-2017 | Organic Slant

Published on Jan 22, 2017

Published on Feb 6, 2017

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Published on Feb 7, 2017


Fukushima Radiation Apocalypse

Published on Feb 7, 2017

As The Guardian reports, radiation levels have reach what experts call an “unimaginable” intensity inside the containment structure of reactor No. 2, clocking in at 530 sieverts per hour.

The melted fuel rods which are generating this radiation have apparently bored a hole through the floor of the containment vessel, meaning they may be very close to coming into contact with ground water or ocean water (or may have already struck it).

Yet nearly the entire mainstream media remains in a complete news blackout over this devastating development that threatens the sustainability of all life in the Northern hemisphere.

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Understanding Fukushima ☢ Documentary Feb 3, 2017 Update

Published on Feb 4, 2017

Radiation levels at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant disaster site reach record high February 3, 2017…

An area of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is showing record levels of radiation, the highest since the complex suffered a nuclear meltdown initiated by a tsunami in 2011. The plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) announced that the containment vessel of the No 2 reactor showed radiation levels of up to 530 sieverts per hour, which can kill a human in under a minute.

Previous analysis of the area back in 2012 showed records of 73 sieverts per hour in the same area. The new discovery, which was made on 30 January, is based on images captured by three manned cameras which were mounted on a robot to gather information about the state of the reactor.

mages also indicated a hole below the pressure vessel, Nekkei Asian Review reported. According to Tepco, the hole may have been the result of nuclear fuel that entered the vessel as it overheated. Loss of reactor cooling functions in the days following the tsunami could have led to the melting of the walkway.

“It may have been caused by nuclear fuel that would have melted and made a hole in the vessel, but it is only a hypothesis at this stage,” Tepco spokesman Tatsuhiro Yamagishi told AFP on 3 February.

“We believe the captured images offer very useful information, but we still need to investigate given that it is very difficult to assume the actual condition inside.”

The radiation levels could effectively shut down TEPCO’s robots that are being used for the investigation in under two hours, AFP reported. However, the operators plan to extend the probe and check conditions by sending a robot to the bottom of the reactor containment vessel.

The Fukushima plant suffered three meltdowns as a result of the tsunami on 11 March, 2011 which destroyed the emergency generators which provided power to cool the reactors. The accident led to one of the worst nuclear disasters since Chernobyl in 1986, and last year, researchers were able to detect radiation from the site all the way in Oregon, USA.

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More Feb 3, 2017 News on Fukushima………

HUGE! We’re Being NUKED—What They’re NOT Telling You About Fukushima’s Latest Disaster!!!

The cores melted through and went into the ocean four years ago.

They are doing these new reports because the people are seeing the signs of high radiation on shores of Canada and USA.. Four years ago they said that it would take four years for the radiation to circulate around the Pacific and that the radiation levels will continuously keep going up for ever. Go to this first of five pages that has the information.

Published on Feb 9, 2017

Fukushima World Wide Nuclear Holocaust Extinction Event will never end

Published on Feb 6, 2017

Japan Declares Crisis As Fukushima Reactor Begins Falling Into Ocean And Radiation Levels Soar★★★

Published on Feb 5, 2017

Unimaginable Disaster: Japan Declares Crisis As Fukushima Reactor Begins Falling Into The Pacific Ocean And Radiation Soars To The Highest Levels Ever Seen.

The latest developments at Japan’s Fukushima reactor have been described as “unimaginable”and “unprecedented”. Officials state that damages at the reactor are “far worse than previously
thought”. Melted fuel has come in contact with underground water and the melted core appears spread over an “extensive area”.

Radiation levels at the Fukushima reactor have also soared to their highest levels since the 2011 disaster. The radiation levels inside the containment vessel of the number 2 reactor at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex stood at 530 sieverts per hour, the highest since the 2011 disaster, the plant operator said on Thursday. Previously the highest radiation level monitored in the interior of the reactor had been 73 sieverts per hour.

The new radiation level, has been described by some experts as “unimaginable,”. These are record high fatal radiation levels, according to the institute.

Another truly unsettling revelation about the Fukushima problem came as a boss revealed 600 tons of fuel melted, and they can’t find it.

“Uncontrollable fission” is continuing under the site.

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19,272,000,000,000 metric tons contaminated water poured into Pacific Ocean

Engineered GROSS POLLUTION to usher in one world governance

Published on Feb 6, 2017

GNN/SOR (Galactic News Network/Steiger Olson Report) is not seeing hopeful information coming out of Japan.

Radiation is at its highest since the 2011 meltdown.

The radiation levels inside Japan’s damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor No. 2 have soared in recent weeks, reaching a maximum of 530 sieverts per hour, a number experts have called “unimaginable“.

Radiation is now by far the highest it has been since the reactor was struck by a tsunami in March 2011 – and scientists are struggling to explain what’s going on.

Exactly what’s causing the levels to creep upwards again is currently stumping the Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco). But the good news is that they say the radiation is safely contained within the reactor, so there’s no risk to the greater population.

The latest readings were taken near the entrance of the No. 2 reactor, immediately below the pressure vessel that contains the reactor core.

To get an idea of the radiation levels inside, the team used a remote-operated camera to take photos of the area – the deepest point in the reactor to date – and then analysed the electronic noise in the images to measure radiation levels.

The technique has an error margin of plus or minus 30 percent, which means that it’s not highly accurate. But even at the lowest end of the measurements, the levels would still be 370 sieverts per hour – and could be as high as 690 sieverts per hour.

These unexpectedly high levels are complicating Tepco’s plan to decommission the nuclear reactor. The most recent aim was to have workers find the fuel cells and start dismantling the plant by 2021 – a job that’s predicted to take up to half a century.

The Japanese National Institute of Radiological Sciences told Japan Times that medical professionals have no experience dealing with radiation levels this high – for perspective, a single dose of just 1 sievert of radiation could lead to infertility, hair loss, and sickness.

Four sieverts of radiation exposure in a short period of time would kill 50 percent of people within a month. Ten sieverts would kill a person within three weeks.

Even the remote-operated camera sent in to capture these images is only designed to withstand 1,000 sieverts of radiation, which means it won’t last more than two hours in the No. 2 reactor.

It’s not yet clear exactly what’s causing the high levels either. It’s possible that previous readings were incorrect or not detailed enough, and levels have always been this high. Or maybe something inside the reactor has changed.

The fact that these readings were so high in this particular location suggests that maybe melted reactor fuel escaped the pressure vessel, and is located somewhere nearby.

Adding to that hypothesis is the fact that the images reveal a gaping 1-metre (3.2-foot) hole in the metal grate underneath the pressure vessel – which could indicate that nuclear fuel had melted out of it.



On Monday, Tepco also saw “black chunks” deposited on the grating directly under the pressure vessel – which could be evidence of melted fuel rods.

If confirmed, this would be a huge deal, because in the six years since the three Fukushima reactors went into meltdown, no one has ever been able to find any trace of the nuclear fuel rods.

Swimming robots were sent into the reactors last year to search for the fuel rods and hopefully remove them, but their wiring was destroyed by the high levels of radiation.

Naturally, Tepco is reluctant to jump to any conclusions on what the black mass in the images could be until they have more information.

“It may have been caused by nuclear fuel that would have melted and made a hole in the vessel, but it is only a hypothesis at this stage,” a Tepco spokesperson told AFP.

We believe the captured images offer very useful information, but we still need to investigate given that it is very difficult to assume the actual condition inside.

Given the new readings, Tepco is now putting their plans to further explore reactor No. 2 using remote operated camera on hold, seeing as the device will most likely be destroyed by the intense conditions.

But they will send a robot into reactor No. 1 in March to try to get a better idea about the internal condition of the structure, while they decide what to do next with reactor No. 2.

Extremely High Levels of Radiation Detected at Japan’s Fukushima Plant


Officials say they’ve detected the highest levels of radiation at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant since it was damaged in a massive earthquake six years ago.

The Japan Times, citing the Tokyo Electric Power Co. Holdings Inc. (TEPCO), said that the radiation level in the containment vessel of Reactor 2 at Fukushima hit a maximum of 530 sieverts per hour. The radiation read was taken near the entrance to an area near the pressure vessel, which contains the reactor’s core.

A person could die from a brief exposure to 530 sieverts of radiation, experts say.

Officials believe that escaped melted fuel might be the cause for the spike in radiation.

The high radiation level, which was called “unimaginable” by experts in the Japan Times report, greatly exceeds the previous high of 73 sieverts per hour at the reactor. And that reading was taken six years ago—right after the quake hit on March 11, 2011.

TEPCO attempted to downplay the reading.

The firm said that the “high reading focused on a single point, with levels estimated to be much lower at other spots filmed by the camera,” AFP reported. It added that the radiation isn’t leaking outside the reactor.

The Fukushima plant experienced several meltdowns and explosions after a Tsunami hit the eastern Japanese coast following the 3/11 earthquake, which registered 9.1 on the Richter scale. As many as 15,894 people died, more than 6,000 people were injured, and 2,500 people went missing. Hundreds of thousands of people were evacuated.

After quake-triggered reactor meltdowns, 20-kilometer no-go zone was set up around the plant. Residents were evacuated, never to return.

Photographers who got inside the evacuation area took pictures of abandoned homes, cars, and wilderness reclaiming the land from civilization.

The Japanese government in December estimated that the total costs of decommissioning and decontaminating the plant will cost 21.5 trillion yen ($190 billion), AFP reported, in a process that will take decades.

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