Birdseye Reports

My Window Sept  9 2014

Also see.

Go to this link for reports from 2012-13

Green Concrete 10 04 2014_3711This is the same stuff you see in my videos below showing up on tree bark and asphalt roof shingles. This green stuff just showed up on this concrete for the first time today.

Teresa Angelena says,
It’s radioactive Pollen..
Cause miss and allege to grow ridiculously fast in places not otherwise it would .. Contained in water droplets of rain it doesn’t get filtered out of clouds and rains and starts to grow immediately as is resistant to normal retardation growth from sun spire cells live in what used to be considered uninhabitable conditions it flourished now easily on roof tops and particle shade areas it shouldn’t


Green Concrete Fukushima Radiation Tree Reports

Uploaded on Jan 19, 2012

Yellow bacteria Green Lichen growing on Trees exposed to High Frequency Radio Towers

Green Concrete 10 04 2014_3713

 Birdseye Report 1of2 Sept 30 2014 Halifax


Ken Eisnor says, From what I could see on Thurs. Oct. 2nd. there was heavy heavy Chem Dumps or Chemtrails. Now its Fri. Oct. 3rd. 5:30 am. and still dark. I took my high powered light outside and aimed it sideways and up and the Nano Particles are coming down like snow right now.

FolkPhotographer says, Yes I am now working with a high powered off road mountain bicycle head light to see the particles..sometimes I see them in the shade just under the visor of by baseball cap..

Sept 23 2014 Halifax birdseye_2852 Sept 23 2014 Halifax birdseye_2858


Published on Oct 14, 2014

10-14-14 M2U05299

Fukushima USA! – Gov’t Hiding Serious Radiation Danger

2 Thyroid Cancer Fukushima Kids had metastasis in their lungs!

Also below are the recent news on Fukushima thyroid cancer kids on Save Kids Japan…

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The Fukushima Radiation Tree Reports Birdseye Halifax May 14 2014


Barbie Sioux Cherokee
Thank you +illusion is over Great message hun
I am afraid the damage is done
Is there turning it around ?
I don’t know
However we have hope now we need these dam sheeple to F..kin wake the hell up
Thank you for doing for part !?

Rex Dexter
Shared from YouTube to get it to all my other Social Pages. Thanks, R?

John Ward
+illusion is over Good video my friend. Yes,there are law’s !

Barbie Sioux Cherokee
+illusion is over
Just watched the other! Very powerful message?

John Ward
Makes one all the more encouraged to pursue in trying to make a difference !?

Christopher Liebler

I think you’re doing a good job documenting this nightmare.

This world is in a downward spiral and people are completely mesmerized by the propaganda machine.
I think God is going to have his say pretty soon because this world was not meant to be destroyed

Fukushima is Revelations

 χάλαζα the Greek word chosen in Rev 8:7 in most translations as HAIL but it can also mean lump or tubercle, as in tumors mixed with fire and blood inside of creatures. Rev 8:7 The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.

illusion is over

tress here in ireland have plenty of growth due to spring..but the leaves are mutated…most curled up..stunted growth..and some already beginning to fall of the trees…guess you are getting the radiation worse in canada..but it’s still happening here.

illusion is over

Great commentary dude..all they care about it their paychecks….well…they’ll soon realize you can’t eat money,gold,silver

also remember the rothschilds are controlled by rome/vatican

The Fukushima Radiation Tree Reports Birdseye Halifax May 19 2014


Hi and we Luv u r work on doc trees….thx we are seeing all the same signs and symptoms right here and now may 24 2014 in tampa fl. today i noticed my orange tree had a mutated fuit that matches a utube vid on fukushima’s mutated vegetables and fruits. I will upload pics in my YouTube account. ..seanfootlight. ?

Seems you are the only person in Halifax that gives a flying fig! Has this radiation gotten into everyone’s brain and made them apathetic? Imagine how it is affecting organic life in general- the trees are a sign that should be taken notice of.?

Steve Parsons
STOP THE OLIGARCHs NOW ! ~ What Ever It Takes …
The Discussion Is Not About The Democrats Nor The Republicans …

It’s All About The Oligarchs’ And Corporate Elites’ Power And Control Strategy !

Don’t Let The 1% Distract You With Their Manufactured ‘Main Stream Media’ Rhetoric And Insignificant Nonsense.

Please Stay Focused, And Learn More About The ‘Big Picture’ … and stay tuned …

#oligarch #rothschild #elite #corporations #bilderburg #bilderburg_group #bankers #Zionism #1percent #corporate_bosses #lobbyists

Paulette Audrey
I have just found your channel this evening and I want to thank you so much! I am originally from Halifax and you are the first one I have found doing this type of research. All my old friends from NS are either not aware or chose ignorance of Fukushima. I have been watching the skies; ominous, watching the insects; few, watching the trees ; hard to tell as I’m new to AB and the majority of trees are pines and dogwoods. Although I am basically unfamiliar with dogwoods, I must say they have what seems to be an abundance of flowers, normal or not I don’t know.  Sorry I have no gadgets with which to film..but I appreciate what you are doing,will follow and share. Thank you again??
Justin Case
I’ve see the same phenomena with the foliage being off in colour  and having the same mutations in southern Ontario.
Great find +Paulette Audrey !?
Paulette Audrey
Thank you Justin!…do you know of anyone filming or reporting from southern Ontario on things happening with foliage etc? My sister is trying to get her contacts at Niagara Parks to report, but in the meantime if you find anyone in S. ON doing what this man is doing in NS could you please send me..anything you find? Thanks JC ???


The Fukushima Radiation Tree Reports Birdseye Halifax May 24 2014 1of2


AUQUA123 says


Pia Jensen
thanks so much for capturing this blatant deformation and disease trail of trees. As a former landscaper and horticulturist – I agree on your estimation. tweet tweet via cecalli_helper

Christopher Liebler
You’re doing great work and I completely agree with you.
Because you have been a photographer for so long it’d be great if you could do a comparison of the way the trees used to look in the past and the way they look now.
I’m sure you have a large library of photographs.thx

I do and I have thought about it..It would be to much work search through hundreds of thousands of photos.. Not only is it the trees. My much older photos also show amazingly beautiful DARK blue skies. The Chemtrailing has turned the skies almost white and that accumulated chemtrails material is block the sun and cooling the planet which is also the reason for the yellow trees.. it is just so upsetting for me to see and know what is happening to the natural world and being done by totally insane criminals..

 Click on thumbnail Press F11 for full screen. Right click to download


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