Day One

As you scroll down you will find newer reports of the trees at this location and will see the progression of deterioration.

Please scroll down for full gallery of full sized high resolution downloadable photos.

Day oneThe Fukushima Radiation Tree Day One HI-RES 3D slideshow

The Fukushima Radiation Tree – Day One

The Fukushima Radiation Tree_3911The Fukushima Radiation Tree_3909The Fukushima Radiation Tree_3915

Viewers comments.

Ken Eisnor says I have noticed this for some time now. They are right here in my yard. Definitely not normal. Don’t forget about the other sources of radiation they are moving this way too. The ongoing leak in New Mexico and Hanford and one in Florida.
  • Chemtrails In Our Skies  where do you live?
  • Chemtrails In Our Skies  I see you are in Ottawa Ontario Canada

Day one was actually on April 10 2014

Fukushima Radiation Killing Trees Very Close Up Look

Published on Apr 12, 2014

looks like a fungus, should do some scrapings and give to the local ministry of conservation, use your videos for evidence? you could be on to a mutated fungus.

I wish I was good like you with video, bud they scrue me I can not upload no more,i can only leave comment, the people garbage control the internet are scare, the same chien control TV ,I am in Burnaby Vancouver and they destroyed me because I do like you I try to wake up people I start the fight after the oil spill in the gulf in united stats,i have a child he is only 9 years old, and I gonna fight for him and all children on mother earth,i lost averyting,i am homeless.

I stay with a women who use to be my employee, she want help me because she knows little bit the way they scrue me, sorry about the writing this is not my language.where is the men in this world I even lost my family to,i was making over $120 thousand a year.I stay with that person for charity,i don’t sleep in a good bed for over 2 years now.


here is the other comment blocked by youtube; from terri rowe shared:
Older people don’t even realize it. How can they not…

Fukushima, Chernobyl, 3 mile island, Hiroshima(japan bulit on ground zero within a couple weeks) all have LIFE THRIVING there, it’s the chemtrails doing this, if radiation is what we were told it was SUPPOSED to be we would all be dead already, over 2000 nukes detonated since 1947, the NUCLEAR  HOAX has gotten us all very confused, it’s BS, nuclear decay is a lie even the nuclear atom is questionable, believe whatever you want, it is a fear tactic by the MASONIC controllers, the symbols are everywhere even in the nuclear sign

Have you got any information you can provide about your statement.. One thing they are not showing is the mutation damage in the affected areas… I do not trust anything that was produced in video documentaries from people who were paid to produce them. Like that documentary about the “Chernobyl wolves” There really is no proof that the documentary is even real and truthful.. Try to get info about all the trees and plants turning red all around the Chernobyl radiated area.

illusion is over
yeah..and there’s been no massive rise in cancer from all this radiation..ha?

+illusion is over
Ha yourself… Ask your self why all radiation detecting locations in Canada and the USA have been shut down. Ask your self why have they raised the safe levels of radiation exposure  by thousands of times. Then do some research about all the thousands of deformed babies being born on the west coast and all the miscarriages… You are a fool if you believe that all the corporate governments and media is ever or has ever told any truth about anything that is vital to the public..HA!?

illusion is over
my reply was to sumstuff not you…..where i meant there has been a massive rise in cancer cases ever since they’ve been doing their nuclear bomb tests etc…but he seems to think it’s ok

yeah the cancer rates are higher because everyone going to the docs is getting over diagnosed, we  eliminate cancer 4 times in our lifetimes naturally, and the fluoride and our diets  all contribute to cancer, the cancer institute has to keep this cancer ball rolling, pays the bills and agenda21 works well, we are killing ourselves from ignorance, self destruct?

japan was building  2-3 weeks later ON ground zero after hiroshima, and the supposed decay rate is not 100’s but  thousands of years were told and there was >>>NO RADIATION AT HIROSHIMA<<<, do some research guys, your all lost

Great play list..I will have to check this out…amazing..

terri rowe
Older people don’t even realize it. How can they not…

Very Close Up Look at Fukushima Radiation Tree Damage

Published on Apr 12, 2014

I lost everything I own mustang Harley F350 4by4 atv 70 000$ tools and the most important for me my son only 9 year old.but if mother earth dye we all dye, in my family no body care about god creation. sad

A Green Road
Radioactive Carbon 14 From Nuclear Power Plants Causing Deforestation, Disease And Death Of Plants and Trees Globally; via @AGreenRoad

Is it a mutated moss?

Trees Falling Apart Due To Fukushima Radiation In Halifax

Published on Sep 8, 2014

The Tree That Fell Down Because of Radiation Being Cut Up

Published on Sep 8, 2014

The Trees Are So Sick Everywhere Since Fukushima

Published on Aug 19, 2014

hey man,
I want to thank you for this eye opener!!! The other day I went out to my favourite walking place and what I noticed the most was the silence!!! And then I began to notice the trees!!!! I live in the southern interior of BC. It is becoming very hard to ignore the death of our trees cuz they are EVERYWHERE!!!!! Healthy trees falling down even with leaves still intact!!!! I completely agree with you- we are so screwed!!!!
Stay safe!

Josey Wales

The braindead folks are so far removed from the truth they will never know what is going to hit them. There is a fellow on the other side of Canada in British Columbia who was a scuba diver and he checked out a few hundred kilometers in the tide pools and there is no life there. We are toast. I have tried to wake folks up but they just remain in la la land. I for one do appreciate your good works.

Fukushima Radiation Bark Disease in Halifax

Published on May 4, 2014

Click on any image for more options.

Radiation Tree Report May 11 2014 Cutting down dead trees

Below are May 4th Photos

CitadelHigh May 4 2014_5393 CitadelHigh May 4 2014_5396 CitadelHigh May 4 2014_5400



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