Status of Fukushima & the Pacific Ocean (enhanced edited version)

Leuren Moret & Christina Consolo aka RadChick
Hosted by James Fetzer of “The Real Deal” and
Veteran’s Today
Program air date Oct 24, 2013
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***Oh, and PS: this was taped Before the last big earthquake hit off of Fukushima October 25, 2013!*** We have no credible information on the damage to the reactor buildings spent fuel pools, or holding tanks since the most recent Big Earthquake Oct. 25, 1013.

Items discussed:
Article 28 signs:
Epidemic of seal deaths: 45%
Epidemic of abandoned seal pups this summer:
Unexpected increase in infant mortality US (pdf):
Enenews reports NOAA says seals contain radiation/misreported by AP:
Manhattan Project:
Sockeye salmon historic lows Chima, Russia, Canada:
Alexandria Morton reports on pink salmon turning yellow:
Pacific herring bleeding since 2011, Canadian government ignores:
NOAA tracks tsunami debris:
West Coast Beaches are Toast (video by RadChick Dec2011):
Tsunami debris vs 911 debris (video by RadChick June 2013):

bonus links here:
Agenda 21
PHOTOS: Sea star began “ripping itself into pieces” — Like a horror movie — AP: Deaths from Alaska to S. California — Biologist: Related to an environmental change? “An early warning that we aren’t picking up on?” — Professor: “None of us had ever seen anything like this before”
Daily updates on Nuclear News (click on headline to read full article)
Article “The ocean is broken” from the Newcastle Herald:
Sardine population plummets along U.S. West Coast — AP: Collapse of species feared — “Canadian Pacific fishermen catch no sardines in 2013″
Professor: There are fuel rods probably ‘fused’ in Fukushima Unit 4; Pool on bent legs, and lateral supports were not put in when first built — AP: International concern about “catastrophic open-air meltdown” (AUDIO)
Fukushima Facts

*Status of Fukushima & the Pacific Ocean
Leuren Moret & Christina Consolo aka RadChick
on “The Real Deal” hosted by James Fetzer

Dr Levan’s hallmark study

NUKED PACIFIC 1: Embryonic effects of Fallout

Part 1: Intro and Embryonic effects of nuclear fallout

*Status of Fukushima & the Pacific Ocean
Leuren Moret & Christina Consolo aka RadChick
on “The Real Deal” hosted by James Fetzer

Air date October 24, 2013

Items discussed:
Damage from radiation at embryonic stage of development

Thyroid affects endocrine system

Dr Levan’s hallmark study

NUKED PACIFIC 2: Mutations & evidence of Fallout

NUKED PACIFIC 3: Warning signs in species

NUKED PACIFIC 4: Governments hiding Nuclear Crimes

NUKED PACIFIC 5: 28 Signs the West Coast is being FRIED

NUKED PACIFIC 6: Fukushima fires create NEW Nanoparticles



On Going Nuclear Apocalypse Threatens The Planet

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