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No Seagulls or Birds Anywhere on Halifax Waterfront Since Fukushima

Published on Aug 19, 2014


damn 😦

illusion is over

bird situation is really bad where i live in ireland also….there was a lack of sparrows before..but there were two sparrows who used to nest in a roof in a house across the street from me and i always seen them sitting on top of the roof everyday but now they are gone too..i live in a city but even the pigeons are scarce now.
yep..ain’t seen starlings in a long time either….seems something has happened within the past few months which has really killed off a lot of birds.


Hey Folk,

This is heart-breaking BUT may just explain what’s happening to the birds.Midway Island, North Pacific Ocean, Unbelievable !


The Starlings are gone also.

VID 20160219 131638

Published on Feb 19, 2016

spinning globe. not!
illusion of dying trees?
Proof !
get off of your ball!!
globalists are killing us…

Watch bee dying after landing in flower (Fukushima Radiation?)

Published on Oct 18, 2012


Peoplestandup Ca There are many weird things going all over province NS and no one is watching! It make want pull hair out. This year there no snakes many type bugs are not here anymore! The bee are like this all over the province!
Excellent video… Thank you for posting and watching what is happening to our world.  I have been watching much the same thing happening to the bees where I live in Birmingham, U.K.  Keep up the good work.
Dying Bees Are Avoiding The Plant Life! (Birmingham UK July 2014)shadowbennett
Oh my god, epic capture. So sad and scary, 😦
Terrilee Hodroj
Electrosmog – http://www.kompetenzinitiative.net/broschuerenreihe/brochure-series/english/bees-birds-and-mankind.htmlturowat
Irony that the movies about disasters put people in alert but now that there is a real disaster, tangible and undeniable, the nations are quiet!

in reply to Joshua NB
Yes the INSANE man has even destroyed earth.. we are the DOOMED generation

Tracy Barnes
This is incredibley disturbing, I know what happens once there is no more bees, it appears that they are obviously being poisoned, I also know a number of people as well as myself dealing with serious neurological symptoms, several have been diagnosed with m.s. and I’m waiting for my tests to see if I have it, what in gods name are they spraying

in reply to jaymuzic1
No they arrived full of energy and as soon as they touched the flowers they began getting really weak and dying.. I have not followed up because the authorities around here just think I am nuts…

Cindy Springtime
My question is: Why isn’t there an international effort to contain Fukushima? And why this MAJOR POLLUTING OF OUR PLANET in the last 2- years!! Looks to me like they are DESTROYING the natural food supply, WHY?

the radiation has cures, look for them, the earth has been hit with worse radiation, don’t despair. this planet will heal, all we have to do is make sure we stop what we are doing and move onto the next part of life… being with nature, not against it

My hunch is that unless this problem is solved Japan is toast! In Chernobyl the whole reactor was encased in Concrete and much of the radiation has been blocked. The situation in Japan is worse since no solution has be applied. Radiation has been hitting North America steadily especially the hot particles in March, that can cause lung cancer ect. Our MSM is basically covering all this up and gov’s are no better! This is not a Japaneese problem but a US/world problem. Rense.com covers this….

Very sad my friend. Well done for spotting this and recording the sad event.

between the monsanto debacle and the radiation affecting the air, the ocean and the land …..we are in a sad state

scatt gordon
frightening ,horrifying subject but excellent video

Marthanan Bonelli
This is a sad video.I have never seen a bee without pollen on it.Oh how i love to watch the bees gather pollen on my sunflowers.I have hardly seen any beautiful bees in the past two years in chemtrailed,drought ridden Ness,county Kansas.Heavy chemtrailing went on here the past two years in this area.Mutated strawberries and dandylions grew this past summer.Fukushima damaged and chemtrailed plant life.Microwave cell phone towers also harm the birds and bees.Dying bees mean that mankind in trouble

Konrad L.
I haven’t even seen one Bee in Germany this Year and the explanation they gave us was: Ther is another kind of Killer Wesps around that killed all the Bees. I didn’t believe that Killer Wesp stuff from day one.

Well if the bees go we go ! there is a massive change going on worldwide, starting with the plants & trees that have a very odd behavior and look sick, and also the people, something aint ticking right for sure.

Giselle Wilding
Very good and there have been lots of theories on this problem over the last few years from GMO, gut bacteria in the bee, memory loss in the bee from what I don’t know but I am sure the radiation is adding to this and yes the authorities are not going to listen and the people …..99 percent are zombies and cannot think.

if only the politicians gathered pollen.

Carl Olsen
This is very interesting. It’s not chemtrails, as anything coming out of the sky would be on everything and wouldn’t just affect bees. My best guess would be pesticide residue. If you know that these flowers haven’t been sprayed with pesticide, then I would suggest calling Dalhousie University.

We are in big trouble people wtf is going on with our beautiful fat honey bess’s so fucking sad 😦

I have seen strange what looks like burns on leaves too wich I have not seen before.

Becky Fontenot
Prophecy of Isaiah 24 :1-6 fulfilled. It’s because of the sins of mankind. yahweh dot com

He’s very sick he can’t even walk or fly away or barely hang on 😦

Omg Now ik i really knw now u sed tht theres somfin in the rain yh and the bees are eatin the flowers which are bad then tht means what eva we eat so like frruits yh and they grow where outside right its the freemasons doin this im nt lien killing these bees those ppl idk what they are called bt truss me its thw freemasona !!!!!!!!!!!so thte means they are doin somfin to us!!

Excellent documentation of the tragic reality too many who are still compart-‘mental’-ised refuse to acknowledge..especially those with paid-off daddys working for corporate political science.. aka BS.. Thank you for sharing your heart and care for what is unfolding exponentially all over the world.

the flower look mutated, those funny ‘little’ leafs would not be there in regular flowers i don’t think! thus, that plant is producing ‘something’ that kills the bee, this is separate from other junk in the chemtrails…either way, the chemtrails are responsible by either direct contact with the chemtrails or by eating mutated plant products that got that way from the chemtrail stealth viruses, the radiation makes it all much worse! EXCELLENT DOCUMENATARY BRO!!!!

Cindy Springtime
By the way, I saw the two sun illusion or real? in Sitka Alaska OCT.. 17th and 18th, 2012. Is there a connection? Do they know something we don’t!!

Joshua NB
in reply to FolkPhotographer
We put our hope in God Almighty.. He will take us out of this earth before the tribulation. Not to worry.

this is so heart breaking to watch. what’s more heart breaking is the masses don’t even give a damn hoot. and with the dying trees everywhere, they don’t even notice! what has humanity turned into? it boggles the mind.

Underground power
I think it’s important to note that tragedies like this, which are now commonplace rather than rare, are not from isolated incidents like Fukushima or Chernobyl. They are from global decimation of the environment from every nuclear/aluminium/fertiliser factory, every chemtrail, every melting of methane trapped in ice [from chemtrails, NOT CO2]… the coming melting of Siberian ice will end life as we know it if they don’t stop beating our planet senseless, and making profit from it.

oh my, what an awesome channel, I looked around a bit.

Poor bee…:(

King Voxel
Where was this filmed?

in reply to FolkPhotographer
OPG counts for most known radioactive isotopes. They have dairy farmers from around the province submit samples for testing, the fish out the various lakes are tested. Air tests are done as well, using sampling stations around the province. When I was a kid I used to go into the lab to help out the old man, cheaper than a babysitter on the weekend. All I know, is if radiation was coming down heavy, we all would have moved to Australia already. One perk of being an insider.

in reply to carter102
bees are very tiny; their tiny bodies are much, much more sensitive because the percentage per body weight of poison is much higher; plus they could be more sensitive for some other reasons; they release canaries into mines because of this principle and the results are dramatic: the canaries die from any poisonous gases in the air long before miners can sense the poisons

Tornado IDS
poor little things 😦

Cat Tamer
in reply to Cindy Springtime
because globalists want to reduce the population, see The Georgia Guidestones, I think it is a Masonic guide to depopulate personally

in reply to R Snelli
see my other videos..

Joshua NB
I’m surprised there are any flowers. My botanical garden is all but dead. I have several bumblebee bouroughs and all the bees have died. I see all the pine trees in this area are dying off… the branches are sagging, and the boughs are under the branches.. losing all their needles. Radiation is killing everything.. I live in eastern Washington state. Man has all but destroyed earth.

in reply to Cindy Springtime

Because EVIL people are running the world. Plain and simple.

in reply to jbvtme
yes.. corporate politicians..today we have no people governments..we only have corporations pretending to be our governments.
in reply to FolkPhotographer
thats because the whole world has gone retarded….im surrounded by zombies here,the “authorities”are even worse than the general population.poor poor bees

in reply to carter102
“we all would have moved to Australia already.” Evidently, many already have, take a look at the price of housing in many areas of australia — astronomically high! Perhaps the price has been raised to discourage a further influx (?).


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