Dying Trees is New Jersey

Dying Trees New Jersey

Dying Trees

Uploaded on Oct 2, 2011

Tour of trees on Sept. 29 in New Jersey, where their leaves are turning brown and falling off prematurely from ozone damage.
This is happening earlier every year as background levels of pollution climb.
See witsendnj blog – Basic Premise Page – has links to scientific research about the worst environmental disaster you’ve never heard of.

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1 second ago

Gail..I have seen foliage damage going back only a few years. I have been doing nature photography here in Nova Scotia since 1999. I hiked on thousands of miles of trails and done hundreds of thousands of images that I have. The damage to foliage only started getting really bad after Fukushima.. Before that I saw damage they related to acid rain. Acid rain literally burned holes and spots on leaves..Check out one of my sites. http://ChemtrailsInOurSkies.wordpress.com

gail zawacki
1 year ago
in reply to FolkPhotographer

Dear Daniel, I share your horror at what is happening to trees and other vegetation. You have amassed a really impressive amount of images. Since you are a “truth soldier” I hope you will look at the facts, which do not support Fukushima or chemtrails being the source of forest decline.
gail zawacki
1 year ago
in reply to gail zawacki

1. Global forest decline started well before Fukushima, by some accounts in the 1980’s. Personally, I saw a huge acceleration in visible foliage damage starting is 2008. Shortly thereafter people thought maybe they were seeing damage from the Gulf Oil spill in 2010 – but again, the damage started before that. 2. The damage is happening at the EXACT SAME RATE in places all over the world that do not have significant amounts of air traffic, if any at all. It’s NOT CHEMTRAILS.
gail zawacki
1 year ago
in reply to Klaas Batema

However, trees are dying JUST AS FAST in places that have NO CELL TOWERS. Numerous scientific surveys have demonstrated that trees in very remote forests are dying. Cell radiation doesn’t travel that far. Ozone does.
gail zawacki
1 year ago
in reply to gail zawacki

You can ascertain these facts yourself and then the question becomes WHAT IS THE CAUSE? There is only one answer that BOTH fits the facts and actually is quite well known and understood scientifically, which is that the invisibile component of Smog – tropospheric ozone – is killing plantlife. As your own picture of the lily pads shows, it’s not drought from climate change which is the reason blamed by most scientists and foresters.
1 year ago

This is happening in Halifax Nova Scotia and all over the planet..it is Fukushima radiation..it will get much worse
11 months ago
in reply to gail zawacki

It’s Chemtrails. Aluminum, Barium, Strontium killing everything. It is very real. Join the fight!
gail zawacki
1 year ago
in reply to Klaas Batema

TheBrownsberg, With all due respect, please THINK. Trees are dying in places far, far from cell towers – really remote areas in Canada, Russia, Africa, China. Futhermore, the amount of ozone from the strasphere due to lightening is trivial. Tropospheric ozone derives from fuel emissions and there are literally HUNDREDS of scienitific studies documenting how toxic it is to both people and plants. Jeez. Read up. links at witsendnj blog
2 years ago

It makes me cry to see what murderers mankind have become. Violent ,mean aggressive animals.. I know, duh lets shoot them e.g Ohio rare animal murders by the police. Terry Thompson was a Vietnam veteran and he was murdered by fascist gov. agents. He and his wife cared for and loved those animals , their pets.
1 year ago

This is happening in Ohio as well. Woods, windbreaks, parks, peoples properties…all over. Check out my vid. Thanks for your post.
Karen Walker
1 year ago

This is an excellent video, it really shows the problem. In Somerset county, NJ, I’ve noticed fewer insects; Fewer moths by the door and on my windshield. I’m astounded I’m not seeing more about the problem from the government agencies, especially the extension service. Is it ozone, or is it a combination of that and the other toxins, insecticides and herbicides that are constantly increasing?
Klaas Batema
1 year ago
in reply to gail zawacki

You’re right in your timeline in concerning the rate in which the trees are dying. Only disagree about what caused it, because I think this is caused by cell towers for mobile communication which emit microwave radiation. Specialy the 3G and 4G bandwidt wreak havoc on trees and bees. Research in Europe has allready confirmed this. Thsi is happening all over in the western world; Europe, Americas, Australia, Japan etc…
gail zawacki
1 year ago
in reply to gail zawacki

You can ascertain these facts yourself and then the question becomes WHAT IS THE CAUSE? There is only one answer that BOTH fits the facts and actually is quite well known and understood scientifically, which is that the invisibile component of Smog – tropospheric ozone – is killing plantlife. As your own picture of the lily pads shows, it’s not drought from climate change which is the reason blamed by most scientists and foresters.
gail zawacki
1 year ago
in reply to Karen Walker

Thanks Karen. It’s pretty hard to tease out which elements of the insidious chemical soup are doing what. Ecosystems evolve, over time, to be have intricately complex dependencies and relationships between species so one decline affects many others. Certainly all the insecticides build up in the environment; ozone is also toxic to insects as it is every living thing and in fact even inanimate objects – rocks and rubber. The gov’t doesn’t want people to know – just like the Gulf oil spill.
11 months ago
in reply to Klaas Batema

It’s Chemtrails. Aluminum, Barium, Strontium killing everything. It is very real. Join the fight! 3G and 4G are to keep us happy with RF/ELF/EMF. Wake up, it’s the chemtrails.
gail zawacki
11 months ago
in reply to Joewillsetitright

No, it’s not. Trees and other vegetation is dying JUST AS FAST in extremely remote areas, with zero air traffic. The background level of ozone is rising, it’s highly toxic to plants, it weakens them and makes them more vulnerable to insects, disease and fungus. This has been proven by scientific research over decades. It’s no secret conspiracy, it’s US – all people burning more and more fuel creating more pollution. Join the fight for conservation of energy and reduction of emissions!
Klaas Batema
1 year ago
in reply to gail zawacki

Do you still have reception with your cell phone in the area’s where there are no cell towers? I think the US has full coverage. Ozone never killed plants, during lightning strikes it’s formed naturally. Really there is no proof in that.


Fukushima is Killing The Tree of Life

Fukushima is Killing The Tree of LifePlease scroll down for downloadable photo gallery.

See this related post of the same tree with HD video.


Fukushima is Killing The Tree of Life 3D HI-RES slideshow

Fukushima is Killing the Tree of Life
This is one in the series of Fukushima Radiation Tree reports.
Learn much more at http://TheFukushimaRadiationTreeReports.wordpress.com
Photos and soundtrack
“Fukushima Mutant Beast”
produced by Daniel J Towsey
This radiation from Fukushima is no joke.
All information is begin kept from the public.
Please go to http://ATruthSoldier.com
Click on the Fukushima page at the top of site.
Be prepared to find out the horrific truth about this never ending Plutonium radiation release.
The largest reactors on earth, One Two and Three have gone into fision.(China Symdrom)
This is a nuclear fire that can never be put out.
The cores have gone down to the bedrock and are releasing  radiation into the Pacific for ever.
That is now Killing all life in the oceans.
No one knows for sure where the cores are as the radiation  levels in the three plants is to high for anyone or any robotic devices to go near.
This is an absolutely Apocalyptic event.
Plutonium is a billion times more deadly then uranium.
Plutonium fuel is called Mox fuel which came from Zionist controlled France.
The only other country on earth fooolish enough to use this fuel that is supposed to be illegal to use.
Because they knew that if something went wrong with this fuel.
It most likely would be a world wide extinction event.
This is not fiction.
Do not let them distract you with the fuel rods issues of  reactor building four which did not have an active reactor  in it.
Do not listen to the stuff about containing and controlling  the contaminated water.
That is all a distraction and deception.
The situation at Fukushima Daiichi is completely and forever  out of control.
This is THE End

Leaked TEPCO Report

Viewers comments.

Ken Eisnor says, Don’t forget about the other sources of radiation they are moving this way too. The ongoing leak in New Mexico and Hanford and one in Florida.

Click on any image for more options.

Important Canadian Fukushima Radiation Updates Synopsis

Streamed live on Oct 23, 2013

This is very important , you have to know this info , the nuclear experts are screaming .



Fukushima has polluted the entire universe?

21/2years of that shit and i see they effect on the tree, they are dying, the garden are so fucktop but no one seem to see the truth, and the lack of informations from the media, horrible truth…From Québec.ca best regard my friend…??
johnithan smyth
and the nwo is jumping for joy for population reduction way to go you puss balls?
troy millick
So sad you try to tell friends and they think your nuts. I kind of cant wait till they all get cancer, then they will fucken belive me . What a sad fuken world we live in . I cant wait to die so I can go to heven and get the fuck of this planet.?
Gregg Andely
where you you all when we protested fro a moratorium on nuclear extraction and use in reactors? Look it up,Pickering,earlyeighties?
ill have to try and do some research.. I havnt seen the amount of snowfall here in alberta that we have this winter since childhood if ever.. some 35 yrs? possibly related to fall out??
NJP Thompson
people start to realize what is happening…it is so sad…all for what??
Robert Lindblad
Please do sign the anti nuclear industry petition at
Hopefully the Yakuza in Japan and other crime syndicates in other countries will honor your petition and give up their nuclear profits for our well being.
They seem to be extremely concerned about this situation given their ongoing efforts to try to quickly clean it up at a breakneck pace, so maybe sitting back and reasoning with these well meaning people is the right approach.
Hopefully they can keep up this clean up pace, because as I’m sure they’ve noticed, the rest of the world is getting poisoned while they continue to do whatever it is they’re doing.
If it weren’t for their visible efforts to quickly deal with this problem and set things right, the rest of the world might think they’re being deliberately irradiated by some aloof organization, so thank goodness for the cleanup.
We certainly wouldn’t want to take ANY type of action or recourse, out of misunderstanding.
Best to wait and see how it continues to go.
/end sarcasm
In all seriousness, I’m all for abandoning nuclear power given the current risk vs.reward, especially since its obvious that the plant owners/operators are not capable of dealing with any real disasters.
But given the control structures of the world and profit motives, it will never be allowed to happen, regardless of the risks involved.
We are living in the age of greed.?
aliza day
Bit late now to sign a petition to stop it now isn’t it? N.Z resisted U.S. pressure to except nuke ships into the country. I suppose because we are further away from Japan, we shall die slower then others, we get to see the death of the planet for longer. FFS and Obama wants to chip your citizens, bring in martial law. This is freakin crazy. So is god going to come in and save our beautiful planet and rid the world of evil. Well time is running out fast. I am so confused about all of this now, I believe in the universal power of creation, or God if you want to keep it simple, but where is the love and promise of eternal life or immortality, the love of god, where is it? the animals are dieing people are dieing . And people still don’t know its happening, the total ignorance of what is going on. WAKE UP. BUT WHAT CAN BE DONE NOW, nothing that I know of. The elite will go into their underground bunkers of monumental size, and think they can come out in a few years to the green fields and sunshine and live their elitist lives, happily ever after without the scum of society as they consider the average person. FUCK THEM, POWER TO THE PEOPLE, MAY THEY GET BACK WHAT THEY GIVE?
This Disaster is the end of the humanity weither you like it or not.
Most of you will ignore this and think “This will not happen when Im alive:)))”
you’re so wrong.. prepare yourself insted of ignoring the true facts about this.?
Eva Gajda
Well said!?
People are so stupid. This is amazing if you think about that for a second. Mankind is the most brilliant and intelligent species on the world but yet is so stupid. How is that possible?
It should be impossible right? But its the fact. ?
Age Of Information
You have it all wrong.. the so called stupid ones are being attacked on all fronts. Through the food/water supply. Through the PROGRAMMING of television, hence a tv ‘program’. Tv was never meant for entertainment.. that’s just the alibi. Through race baiting and divide and conquer tactics.. psy-ops?
Corinne Jordan
oldi, when they come up with a better solution than a tampon, I’ll believe they are brilliant…until then, they are just as dumb as I am ! LOL?
Pat Tuh
The construction of the Japanese power plants was flawless. They fully knew where they were building and over engineered the fuck out of their models. This is a most suspicious disaster.?
Lewis Howard

100 feet of cliff cut down to put four reactors right on the beach facing open oceaqn and the japan trench in the middle of one of the most active tsunami zones on earth, protected by a 15 foot sea wall where 6 tsunamis over 24 feet had hit in the previous 80 years. 40 years of spent fuel sits in brittle cement demineralized water pools directly above the reactors.All of this intentional built in hazard designed, licensed, sited, commissioned, inspected, and approved by the Nixon/Bush AEC. Not Japans decision. Put Bush/Rockefellers and their voters in for clean up.?

Pat Tuh
I guess it makes sense. Hedge your oil investments with nuclear disasters.?
Lewis Howard
If we have the ability to see the sky, they want us dead.?
Thank you for caring.?
Eva Gajda
Thank you or taking the time to share with us. ?
CM Boisvert
“Nobody in their right mind would do it.”
That’s too bad because [you] have to be in your mind to do it.?
Thank you for these videos. Your knowledge and time is greatly appreciated. You are a very special person.?
ge built them General Electric. So many people do not understand what is going on. They have been lied to so many times. Will we ever know the truth? Facts and if we were told a long time ago we would have helped if it was not to late . Now I feer it is to late. All this for a dollar. What have we done.sad ?
CM Boisvert
When THEY found out that their Nukes would not arm, would not blow,
Fukushima was what THEY came up with. Yes children, it was done on
purpose. Earthquakes, record breaking storms, waking up volcanoes,
heat waves, record cold, all play things for the collective, real life chuckie[s]?
Have you asked yourself -why all nuclear monitoring sites were shut down in both US and Canada !?
CM Boisvert
THEY have the SUN under containment on Earth side
[oh yes, the technology is fabulous and secret]
to stop this side flaring and avoid a “kill shot” to their controlling
electronics,’ but natural, solar ionization is probably the only thing
that would/will save life.
[Nature usually gets tired of mankind’s shananegans]?


MY TREES ARE DYING Orlando Florida

MY TREES ARE DYING 6-8-2012 CHEMTRAILS? Orlando Florida

My Trees Are Dying 11-27-2012 Mutations and Chemtrails Orlando

Published on May 16, 2012

Something is going on with my trees. All the bark is peeling and it isn’t limited to any one type of tree. It’s my citrus, cedar, magnolia, tabebuia and palm. We have not had a lot of rain, but I live on a lake and my trees have access to water. This is happening all over town. Something isn’t right.. I need to get my soil and lake water tested for Aluminum, because I see a lot of aersol spraying going on in the skies of Orlando.


4 months ago

def possibility could b wats being sprayed in the chemtrails… they cat put anything in those sprays for testing on environment or ppl.  on a less conspiratorial view, it could be natural mildew/fungal outbreak… but i would think it would have also effected the leaves unless it was some particular ones that only attack tree or tree barks.?

Michael Rhymer
4 months ago

Hello this a fungal problem. The trees that have the bark falling off cannot be saved. Bark protects the trees immune system. Once this happens the tree no longer has the ability to protect itself from environmental invaders. Your oak tree can possibly be saved. Please look into Arbor-Jet. This system injects medicine directly into the trees vasculature system. ?

rebellion occupyer
1 year ago

thnx for showing this… it really hurts if u see those trees dying… thnx again. greets from the netherlands, where ……..u see at least 10 times a month chemtrails in the air…..

1 year ago
in reply to chemcloudsgather

I’ve already watched it yesterday. I’m not looking forward to next year, I can’t even imagine what it will look like by then. Thanks though :-/

1 year ago

this is really bad,,just wait till next year 😦 new documentary to see; ; ; why in the world is spraying

1 year ago
in reply to MrDanielwilliam

Yeah ok.. Just keep watching TV and ignoring what is happening like the rest of the country. No thanks. You can still enjoy you life and not walk around with blinders on.. WAKE UP!!

1 year ago

I`m in Las Vegas Nevada, The same thing happening here. We pamper our trees some because of the dry desert heat, but usually the cottonwoods are extremely hardy, this lasy year we lost 10 of about 35 trees, 2 due to flood then wind. Also loseing the ever greens and roses slowly. Its like a graveyard, and yes scary!

1 year ago
in reply to jaksngreen

you’re welcome- i posted a video made on my way home from up north from when I first noticed this summer- (michigan) what is more surprising is how much worse the clearing is downstate and that I did not even notice at all until seeing the dying birch up state. I’ll make another video of my observations – sadly once you start noticing the damage lines & use google earth to compare by year, you see how row by row the trees just vanish. It’s frighteningly consistent yet slow so easily overlooked!

It’s frighteningly consistent yet slow so easily overlooked!
1 year ago

Glad I’m not the only one in Orlando to be taking notice. Chemtrails were heavy the first 3 months of the year and today I noticed heavy ones again, so bad a nice clear sky day turns to a thick hazy covering every inch of the sky.
Tracy Thornton
1 year ago

You have seen what all of us are seeing more and more. Im in washington west and it rains all the time its everywhere. I heard that the gov isnt trying to kill us but, thats all they can come up with to stop what the sun is about too spit at us when the sun goes in thru the galatic center of the milkyways magnetic pull. Who really knows though?
Marquis DeBlodey
1 year ago

This is happening everyhwere. I travel alot and I can confirm that the same phenomena is happening everywhere in north america. The leaves start to curl up and turn a brownish color, and then the branch dies. This is after it rains after chem trails. There are lots of bubbles in the puddles after these rains, and a white film where cars drive. Makes me think of agent orange that was sprayed in vietnam, but in small doses.
1 year ago

in MI I noticed changes in trees architecture- now they’re debarking I’m posting the raw footage of the death of our suburban ecosystem- what changed? tech of drawing moisture from evrinmt tools of evapotranspiration- microwave & other wavebands used 2manipulate the energy balance (EB) in areas – brief but rapid & frequent changes in atmospheric pressure draw H2o out of the surroundings heartwood contracts briefly like a sponge, damaging the cambrium- sap attempts to repair- see SMOS initiatives
1 year ago
in reply to MrTricksVideos

You know, when I noticed these years I thought they were from some kind of small rocket possibly, because we are used to seeing that kind of trail here in Florida due to the Space Shuttle. When I started to notice more and more, I said to myself that’s not possible, surely they couldn’t be putting that many satellites into space. It has gotten really bad here and the vegetation won’t be able to take it, especially the citrus because they need acidic soil. The soil is becoming too alkaline.
Candice Campbell
1 year ago

The trees along the Rio Grande River in Albuquerque, New Mexico are dying… I didn’t even notice until I was enjoying a wonderful hike. Then I heard (in my head), “We’re not going to be around much longer.” I was like, “What?” And then I took a SERIOUS look at the trees. My heart nearly fell to the ground. Nearly half of the trees are dead. I think I’m finally going crazy, but that’s how my eyes were opened. I wish my head was still buried in the sand. But the forest is crumbling to the ground.
1 year ago

two words, aluminium oxide. one word, chemtrails, i think part of the big agenda is to poison the land and create food shortages. its not just your trees this is happening everywhere.
1 year ago

Actually just got done watching an interview with David Icke from June in Germany.. Something has got to give before it’s too late.
1 year ago
in reply to visionfirst1970

I amazed as to how few people seem to be noticing that something is wrong. Don’t people look at trees anymore? In my opinion it has got to be a result of years of spraying. I’m not blind and I’m sure as hell not dumb, I can see with my own eyes what is going on. The high levels of Aluminum and other metals cause the soil to become more alkaline and that weakens the trees roots and opens it up to all sorts of diseases and pests. So if you ask, that is what you will be told.. SHEEPLE PLEASE!
Jack Handle
1 year ago

orlando? oh yea here in georgia the pines are getting fungus and dying. chemtrails daily
Klaas Batema
1 year ago

The answer to these detrimentall tree afflictions is microwave radiation emitted by cell towers for mobileephone communication. The circadian rhytm is destroyed by the high frequent pulse and the natural Schumann resonance of 7,83 hertz is no longer measurable. All the negative ions have dropped by atleast 80% percent in our atmosphere. Wireless technology is killing trees, bees, plants, animals and ultimately humans on a massive scale! look at this documentary: Resonance Beings of Frequency.
1 year ago

We must renew our patriotism, never miss American Idol, Dancing with Stars, any NFL game, (go see a filthy and violent movie) maybe sneak in a little porn.and never, ever tolerate these outrageous conspiracy theories.

~Geoengineering And The Collapse Of Earth 2014~

Published on Feb 8, 2014

I do not make these videos, only have three on my channel that I have made, I suggest Everyone mirror these videos, the illuminati have been at their evil game before we were born and we have a lot of catching up to do to expose them.

Excellent post;




Someone wanted printed material for proof, all of these links are excellent resources; thanks to everyone for sharing and caring:


Noise and dying trees in Netherlands

Noise and dying trees in Netherlands

Uploaded on Mar 1, 2010

A lot of trees are dying. I believe it has something to do with radiation. Plutonium emits a kind of light. This light is not visible for people, however plants react to it. Natural light is less in the winter than in the summer. This combined causes plants to turn their needles upside down.
Some plants are no longer Losing their leaves in winter.
Many trees hang their branches or turn their needles in the wrong direction. As the sunlight becomes stronger these needles burn and die.

gerhard jannink

1 year agoin reply to PLANETFARGONE
There are many more pleases in the world were this happens. look for more on my YouTube site. Gerhard Jannink
1 year ago
I think this a chemtrail issue. Aluminum and other metals make the soil more alkaline, causing the roots to shut down and the plant can’t absorb nutients.
This is happening all over the country. Pay attention to the sky and watch and see if you see them spraying.
Every tree in my yard is having an issue with the bark peeling and the branches dying and they spray a lot here in the Central Florida area..
Geo-Engineering is bad and without trees we will be screwed..
gerhard jannink
1 year agoin reply to Klaas Batema
You are right it is also a cause. Some fertilizers are radiating to.
cOnNiEmArIe wHiTe
1 year ago
I’m in Iowa, and befor even searching about the trees, i noticed the ELM trees are loosing their leaves and limbs, then they bend down and fall over!
Now most trees get old and die! But these are young trees doing this! And the old ones! Also the bark is peeling too! What is going on???
Klaas Batema
1 year ago
Microwave mast for mobile telephone, 3G and 4G for smartphones!!!!
gerhard jannink
3 years ago
Itterbeck 27-2-2011 Thank you for your writing. You are right with the inner needles are dying faster.
Needles of a tree can move and turn dear direction. The older needles they are hurt by pollution cannot turn anymore.
When you give my name in Google you will find my website. There are some pictures of beans, they turn white they’re laves with day and night.
I did write a book, why the trees are dying, whit more than180 photos . Gerhard Jannink
Ashley Law
1 year ago
Gerhard it could be herbicides, it could be radiation, it could be chemicals from he spray planes above your head. We don’t know but it is all around the world,
That we do know. Check out your sky are they spraying ? Do you see long white trails? Long wispy “cloud” horizon to horizon?
Those light reflecting specs in your film moving through the fog could be aluminium particles?
1 year ago
this exact same thing is happening on my pine tree,, needles going brown with dead branches,,from UK,, Scotland
Brian Sundholm
1 year ago
The trees are dying because they are being eaten. See the Supermushmouse channel for the full story.
gail zawacki
3 years ago
Notice how the inner needles are drying faster than the outer layer.
If it was radiation, you would expect those more exposed to be more damaged.
In fact it is ozone in the air, and the inner needles have been exposed for more seasons than the younger, outer needles.
go to witsendnj blog for more info
gerhard jannink
1 year agoin reply to cOnNiEmArIe wHiTe
Itterbeck 14-6-2012 I think it has to do with a kind of light. Or radiation? This is possible visible because jour because jour quick camera.
Your eyes don’t see it. A same kind of film I did make whit an night camera. Look at my YouTube site. It’s is witten is in Dutch.
Raadselachtig licht boven de akkers. A lot of trees are dying Een reis door de tijd. Gerhard Jannink
gerhard jannink
1 year agoin reply to Klaas Batema
Look at My Youtube film. (Bestrijdingsmiddelen verplaatsen zich in de nevel). ore on my website.
This film shows how the agriculture chemicals are moving through the fog.
Only the plants they are growing are sensitive for these small amount of chemicals. Leaves they are formed,
are not sensitive anymore. Gerhard Jannink
Klaas Batema
1 year ago
I am sorry gerhard, I was trying to address the problem in serious fashion but somehow I get an idiot answer.
University of Wageningen (Netherlands) has conducted a study towards the influence on wifi on trees.
Trees that were radiated died and the that were not radiated showed less symptoms. So contemplate that, you moron.

On Going Nuclear Apocalypse Threatens The Planet

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