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Radioactive Rust May16 2016

Published on Jun 24, 2016

There are so many varieties of pines on this Planet; are they dying all over the world ( i suspect so.) The Pattern is the same as the prior melt-downs; only TMI & Chernobyl were single Reactors. Fukushima, being 5 simultaneous melt-downs still spewing its toxic nasty poison into the air to be cycled into the rains & snows that follow…Japananese wear their Polite Masks of Death while the mess is never to be stoped; not this time. The Pattern:
1. Nuke Meltdown 2. Insect Infestations of unprecedented proportion ; and 3. Drought, unrelenting with messed up weather cycles…i saw it on the East Coast; i recognize it. The Color of Death is Radioactive Rust.

Wicked Fuke-ing Birthday Mixx

Published on Aug 5, 2015

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( using Footage from Nuckelchen
Vielen Danke, Amigo, i hope you like this mixx…

What is in the Radioactive Fog???
It’s hot, alright. Melting down, Si?


Published on May 15, 2016

Storm is raging in my Heart over the extinction of this beautiful
Planet. Believe this: if i had the Power, i would shoot You Nuke-Lover$ to the Great Source; one-way ticket to Helios. Their “Game” is & always been to trick you into killing for Nothing the best Planet around; they’ll get you smiling while you do it, even. What goes around does come around-it just takes a long time. Meanwhile, this Extinction Level Event called Fukushima-and the next melt-downs, “accidents” and total Chaos is what They have tricked the World into, & Planned & its really getting me down. The Trees the Original i made just contact me. Peace.

Nukes and Clowns ION Storm II

Published on May 20, 2015

if you know my art by now, there is often a message right at the very end of it; even into the black…this is where we wre headed, into the Unknown at this point; if youre not feelin it yet, on any level, you might need to take a look around you; how are your pets?
Still giving your felines seafood? It’s seriously contaminated; mine are on the fowl, but its just a matter of time till the whole Planet is just covered with rads-and accumulating. So is my Rage against the NUke Cartel; Cheers; over & out.

Its Only Fukushima2 Backbreaker Return

Published on Dec 10, 2015

It’s Raining, Rads & Other Nasties; Radioactive Rust has taken the Pines in the Sierra Foothills; sigh. Heads Up, Si?

The Door3/Fukushima Fairytale

Published on Jan 27, 2014

A Dark little Fairy Tale of Epic Proportions with dire consequences for the Observer at the End…Grimm’s meets Greek Tragedy? Oh, if i had more Powers (at least Tech skills) Courage, face the coming Storm. Nukushima; It’s No Mystery.
It is the Real Paradigm Post Fuke…the NuMythology; see what happens when you mess with powers you shouldn’t have? Don’t blame Pandora, or Earth…we’re being put to Sleep… Consider the Source of the Story…We need a new paradigm, one that sees the Truth without the need to scapegoat an Innocent. One that looks at Eval square in the EYE$ & sez, i know what you’re du-ing; nuking the World. Now WHOSE idea was THAT??? No One said being a Spiritual Warrior would be easy, but with practice, it gets easier. Stand in the Truth;it is your only Protection. Your Shield. Your Guide; the Lighthouse on a Foggy Coast when Day turns to Night. This is My Nu Myth Offering. For the Greeks, Tragedy & Comdey were 2 sides of the coin ; me, too…although i don’t find much to laugh about i manage to do it anyway. ”
This soundtrack features Greek Songstress Savinna Yannatou with an Italian kids’ rhyme intro; Lu Purtuni means the Door; careful, you never know what’s on the Other Side! Cheers.

Nuked Tree

Published on Apr 11, 2016

Just sayin, i been thinkin these thoughts for a long time…Wrap your brain around Fuke, yet? if so, i salute your courage for the Truth. Most are just putting their head into the Sands of Denial, busy planning their next vacation. O Yes. it hurts to see millions of trees have died this past 5 years, post-fuke…the rains have been radioactive since then, they came in spurts, downpours called Pineapple Expres; they came from Hawaii way; & those rains cycled down from Japan… My best Friends have always been trees, not people who just can’t or won’t understand how everything outdoors is affected, exposed to radioactive rains…Si?

Death Match Post-Fukushima

Published on Mar 11, 2016

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( Re-Mix of 6 Seconds
How many will die, how much of the Planet will still be left with functioning-not manipulated-environments…Eco-systems?
How can they hide the Truth? Media Manipulation, Fukushima Melt-down is only whited-out, like blacked-out, thru distortion & sheer manipulation, it’s A deception & Criminal Action beyond belief…
O, yes. They know but will call the rest of us crazy? If the ProNukePukeSpook$ aren’t crazy then they are a representation of slick sociopaths in training… Death with A Smile.
Even the Robots are melting, hello? we’re next.

Whats in The Rain

Published on Mar 11, 2016

5 Years into a Nightmare that will never end. Just go outside, in your backyard, a Park, or to a rural place & check it out. What do the plants & animals really look like?? Here, early spring, the wild-flowers are already a foot high-but there are no bees, yet.
Actually, i found one late this afternoon; a young honey bee- it was dead. There are whole Mountains of dead pines; radioactive rust-colored…seen it before. They die from the top down; burned.
The insects show up as an infestation, afterwards So the Official Script is that a bark beetle is doing all the devestation here. Would be something to compare what all our EcoSystems look like now, besides the extreme mortality of animals in the Oceans & Forests now, post-Fuke.Ignorance is not bliss; it’s an excuse for Stupidity Apathy & Cynnical Science just marching this whole thing into the Ground, over the Cliff into Never Never Land. It’s raining hard in Central California in the Foothills by Yosemite.
Stay out of the rain; that goes fur your pets, too.


On Going Nuclear Apocalypse Threatens The Planet

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