Sick Trees World Wide


Please do not be fooled by official is not the bugs or pine beetles killing trees.. all tree types are dying..the trees natural defenses are being weakened by radiation and chemtrails which is facilitating the the growth of bugs.. The trees, plants and forests are dying world wide..

The aluminum from the chemtrails is an excelerant that is causing and fueling the extremely hot huge flash fires of the forests.


Collapse of The Biosphere – Dying Trees

Published on Aug 28, 2014

A walk of four blocks in a small town reveals a pervasive, creeping death… the same scenes are unfolding everywhere on this planet. The trees stand in mute testimony to this global cataclysm that is so quietly occurring. Their barren fingers point accusingly skyward… at their attackers.

As the effects of climate geoengineering via SRM and SAG ravage our planet, our situation becomes more dire with each passing day. Intentionally dispersed aerosols are, in conjunction with pollutants (man caused and otherwise), destroying the natural balance of the biosphere. Ecosystems are collapsing and species are going extinct at a rate not seen since the last great extinction.

Our time on this planet is extremely limited if we do not act… we will not survive to the middle of this century if the climate geoengineering madness is not stopped NOW.


Nuked Tree Long Night of the Soul

Dying trees Fryslan

Published on Sep 16, 2014

Dying trees in Frysland (Netherlands)
Massive tree die off caused by microwave radiation and chemtrails.

what happens when microwaves hit trees? they pass through the bark and refract, cooking the heartwood. This why the bark of all sorts of trees from pines to maples are falling off in long sheets. It’s like a fat person losing weight, their skin puckers… only on a tree, the “skin” falls off and the tree dies. The sad thing is that the tree is irreparably injured long before the bark falls so by the time the trouble is noticed, it’s far too late.
Antennae microwaves are pelting a canopy of trees so it is the outermost and tallest trees in the bunch that shield the inner, shorter trees. It is insidious because a row by row, top down phenomena takes out a few at a time… you won’t notice the die off.

strange that for all the technologies we have using microwaves, almost none have asked what impact will they have on the environment. Some guys found out about the refraction of the wavelength when they were trying to do remote imaging for inventory of forests… they discovered the bark of trees prevents an image because the wavelength of energy does not pass through like an xray on most organic tissues. Sad but no one seems to care enough to ask,
You will notice the bark around the branches of effected trees have a puckered almost pleated bark.. like baggy socks around an ankle.

since only a few of these towers are regulated and there is no science around this… pay attention, we are being lied to about the UV geo engineering thing on purpose- I think it’s microwaves causing all our problems and I think there is a concerted effort to prep us for UV responses (agenda 21).

Worland,WY 2015 Dead Tree City from Climate Engineering/Agenda 21!

Published on Mar 1, 2015

A tour of Worland,Wy and all the dead and dying Trees around Washakie County 3/1/15. This is not from Global Warming like the Government wants you to believe,this is from very heavy chemical spraying over the last 11 months.This is murder brought to you by the united nations and the New World Government.This is not just nature being slayed but you,your loved ones and every creature on earth.Wake up and Fight back people before its to late!

Police helicopter chasing a GSXR1000 motorcycle

Have a look at all the sick and dying trees.

Published on Feb 24, 2013

Pissed Off Beyond Belief Terrorist are Spraying Radiation in the Chemtrails

Published on Feb 10, 2012

July 12, 2012… PLEASE PRESS LIKE. Since posting this my thyroid has been knocked out.. not functioning.. (that’s not fun), my blood pressure has fluxuated from 203/150 to 100 over 120 ??? and they are sending me through the same “death panels,” that solders exposed to do go through. Red blood cell count was over 50,000 per cubic centimeter.. hands and feet turned purple.. ears ringing.. eyes blurring.. Now they say I may have fibro myalgia and or gout…!!! I felt pretty good while making this video… but now… it’s not good… please read on.. I’m just giving an update… the rest was posted at the time of publishing… press like.. fav..please help me spread this news.. PLEASE !!

Please Download this and re-upload share spread this information, please copy links and direct back to the original videos for information. You have my permission. I own this and give my blessing, but do it quick ! Everyone needs to know about this. Links are at the bottom of description.

While at work, I suddenly tasted a metal taste and heard other’s say the same thing. Then my hands and feet started going numb and my eyes started burning, so on break I looked up and noticed a fleet of jets dumping massive amounts of chemicals on us. But this was not the long lingering kind it fogged out of the plane and dispersed quickly.

Even though I had known about the spraying of aluminum, barium from a previous experience as a farmer. I did not pay that much attention to chemtrails. But when I felt this new spray, I immediately went and bought me a video camera and started filming and learned how to upload them to U-Tube because I wanted to warn my friends and anyone else who would take the time to listen.

So This is a compilation from the start of my filming the new chemicals in the chemtrails to present day. I wish I could bring better news, but sometimes freedom requires a sacrifice and many have shed blood so we could be free. Some may have died in vain, but soon we may all have a decision to make.

Thanks for watching this and I hope you can spread this knowledge on. I have posted the links to all the resources that can get you started in your journey for the truth. There are thousands more who are trying to expose the truth, so please do not stop, do not give up and do not give in. Stay strong.


Ion Detox

The most recent update on my condition. May 25,2012

Alexander Higgins compilation of all the EPA BETA monitors. 

Talk – Dr. Doug Rokke – Depleted Uranium (DU)


Weaponized Fukushima Fallout: Radioactive Fullerenes and

Dr Doug Rokke military scientist on the dangers of Depleted Uranium ammunition-Alex Jones Show 3/3

Compilation of EPA Monitors a Must See Beta Monitors are Down All Over the US

EPA’s equipment goes down during Chemtrails

Green Report Driving Time Trees Dying


Published on Jul 27, 2016

66 million dead in the Sierra National Forest in 5 years. It’s no Coincidence, it’s no mystery; they ( USFS, et al) just don’t have the full story…”Nature” did not do this alone…the Fukushima Footprint is here.


Published on May 9, 2016



forest fire video is of fort mcmurry. the pictures of tree deaths and video of chemtrails are from all over the world………………

prayers for the people of fort mcmurry and the world. we need to come together and face reality. peace to all……………..



STOP IGNORING THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, PUT A END TO chemtrails, biological aerosols/chemical aerosols/nano particulate aerosols…………..

THE DEATH OF THE FORESTS – The Next “Great Dying” is NOW!

Published on Jul 29, 2014

As the effects of climate geoengineering via SRM and SAG ravage our planet, our situation becomes more dire with each passing day. Intentionally dispersed aerosols are, in conjunction with pollutants (man caused and otherwise), destroying the natural balance of the biosphere. Ecosystems are collapsing and species are going extinct at a rate not seen since the last great extinction.

Our time on this planet is extremely limited if we do not act… we won’t even make it to the middle of this century if the climate geoengineering madness is not stopped NOW.


Our Dying Forests

Published on Jan 22, 2013

Compilation of videos from 2012 “Our Dying Forests” package. Beetle invasion threatens forests from coast to coast. The bugs are flying a new northern route across Canada toward the eastern U.S.

A dying forest in New Zealand. Why?

Published on Aug 30, 2011

A forest is dying, for what reason?
All photos and film were taken in the forest.
with clips added from “Tales of tomorrow”
This is a Chinese owned forest north of Auckland if any one is interested.
at least 60% infected
Cost would run in to the tens of millions of lost timber

Leaked Home Video Shows Trees Are Dying in Southern Hemisphere!

Published on Feb 20, 2016

I trust it was ok to air these…. please contact us if these are your videos… We want to properly thank you and promote your channel if you have one.
Sorry about the captions being hard to read…. the sender of these videos is not a video editor or producer but a private citizen. This person thinks the magnetosphere is why plants are stressed and off cycle. We concur that weak magnetosphere lends itself to more heat.


Mike Kretmar
it’s called chemtrails then HAARP then cern,specially cern when it turns on it sucks up all the earths energy.then look into black goo
Higher Truth Channel
+Mike Kretmar well… microwaves can’t be good for plants. Neither is highly alkaline soils from aluminum salts. Yet, plants do better in the shade during summer…. the sun is cooking everything and why they are spending trillions in a secret geo engineering that is in our face. IMO 🙂
Ashley Law
Yes it is deliberate destruction all carbon based life is being killed. All media all advertising all political people all professional ‘greens’ support this in return for money. Massive programs globally underway.
No plants do not do better in the shade in summer. Some do some do not. Plants have evolved over millions of years to occupie various
The spray is toxic to all life. It is deliberate.
Video cruzer
+Mike Kretmar active geo engineering for the past 6 decades have triggered a negative feed back loop in the return path of the Birkeland currents. these currents are what powers earths field and our sun to other stars. symptoms of the Birkeland currents failing are atmospheric compression and geodetic deformation. studt cymatics to watch what happens to matter when you disrupt the base frequency that holds it in this fisible reality
+RichiefromBoston Same in Ottawa Canada…..grey every single day. My dog got a tumour on each of his front paws, from (I believe) white crap all over our grass in the summer
laura theodora
+Mike Kretmar sorry to say it but i think your wrong about the chem trails , stand in the open on a chem trail day , and it doesn’t burn , stand in full sunlit day and i can smell my shirt melting – the chem-trails are stopping the burning . I have looked into chem trails for a long time over 10 years . so have lots of people and they have come to the same conclusion ! now here is the problem ? what happens when they can no longer do it ? or when they just stop ! will we burn ?

The real issue is what is happening to all the planets in this solar system ? Why are they all warming ? why is the north poles heating up more then any other place in the world ? a lot of scientists know that planets aren’t stable never were , they also have cycles ie .. times of expansion , there’s is more to this then Chem-trails or Cern or HAARP , look up expanding earth , or even better Symbols of an Alien Sky .that should show you how stable planets really aren’t ! And i live in the mid north coast of Australia on 7 hectares of land , i have a lot of old trees, one is over 200 years old – its been hot here for months now its been above 34 c some days 40 – the past 6 years the trees loose their leaves like rain all year round , there getting thinner every year .what will we do blame others or find a way of surviving this ?
Ashley Law
+laura theodora We know what the chemicals are we know whatvbthe long chain bonds are designed to do and maybe there is a marginal decrease of UVb hitting the ground but the nano particles settle penetrate and kill. Also the aluminum acts like fire accelerator is why bush fires are so fierce now.
Video cruzer
+Ashley Law study cymatics to see what happens when you disrupt the base frequency that holds matter in this reality. the suns frequency holds all matter in this reality and 50 years of active Ge programs have disrupted the return path of the Birkeland Currents. Birkeland Currents are what poser earths field and a sun to other stars in the chain. symptoms of the Birkeland currents being disrupted are atmospheric compression, Geodetic deformation, etc.
Ashley Law
+Video cruzer Yes vibration is a self organising force. The Sun is I think transformer and emits information that is decoded.

laura theodora
+Ashley Law
yes i am aware of what is in them ! but i still think there grabbing for time to get as much out of the planet as possible . So they are stalling what is inevitable , knowledge is power ! knowing how the planets are working helps us understand what we are up against ! the building of different structures that can withstand the onslaught of what is to come would be a start , dont you think ?
Luna IngRuna
+Higher Truth Channel It’s most likely cause due to the holes they are ripping in the ozon layer with their haarps tech, so it’s connected. Ozon holes creates burns on plants, and up till the 90’s we got ozon hole warnings in media every spring time. Then they stopped warning us, but the damages been worsening. Also the rain been tasting “funny”, like chemical, oily taste that made my strawberries “melt”. Truly disgusting, and I suspect the Gulf catastrophy, as our rain originates from there, and they did use chemicals on the oil there. The strawberries were fine last year, so it was a problem AFTER the event in the Gulf. Hard to prove all these connections, but this is very upsetting, all the dead trees. Truly upsetting. Also cost all owning forests alot, and will make new forests not grow. So as a forest owner I feel pretty F’d. And our trees live far north, so not the heat at all here, something else, like the ozon holes, chemicals, whatever.

Ashley Law
+Luna IngRuna Yes my trees are dying from the radiation they have split trunks brown spots on the leaves they are small deformed and no longer equal on the stem. Fruit trees just burnt from inside black the branches just fall off no strength at all I can just snap a 3 inch branch in my hands!
No doubt we have UVb and UVc hitting the ground.

forests of death bloomfield hills Michigan

Published on Mar 6, 2013

one by one til there’s none kensington road south charring cross

look kids that’s woodward ave… when we were your age there were trees blocking the view of woodward… that’s when privacy was still legal & God chose when it should rain

The Greatest Geoengineering Experiment Ever Attempted, And Why We All Must Stop the Madness NOW!

Published on Aug 7, 2015

All lives hang on the balance as Geo-engineers are desperately and covertly attempting to zap with HAARP alternating frequencies, the mass methane gas releases occurring in the Arctic oceans, Greenland and Siberia.

The Projects names are Lucy, Alamo and the Angels Project, all done in secrecy as the IPCC has decided that the public does not need to know.

We are in the 6th Great Extinction. Trees are dying, food is difficult to grow worldwide due to Geoengineering at our “consume at all costs lifestyles”.

In California we are in the Greatest Water Crisis in history caused by GE, yet golf courses play on, car washes open, wineries sucking precious water which should be used to grow food. Pure insanity.

The Hopi Prophecy advises us to “let go of the shore now and join the others in the river , for the river has its destination.

Aug. 14th please join us in Redding , CA for education and protest.

And speak out. Be heard because…

Extinction Sucks!!

Geoengineering to Death Our Extinction Event Time Horizon

Aug 14, 2015 Redding, CA GE Event

2 Dumb Tourists… 1 Massive Gorilla!

Geoengineering And The Dying Of The Trees

Published on Apr 10, 2015


If the trees die, we die. Whole ecosystems are collapsing all over the globe and our rapidly dying trees are the most visible harbinger of what is unfolding.

Few seem to notice the die-off until it is pointed out to them, but once recognized, what can be seen is alarming. On a geological time scale the human race has decimated planet Earth in the blink of an eye.

Though there are countless sources of anthropogenic damage to our planet, climate engineering stands out above all the rest combined.

The list of environmentally devastating factors directly relating to the ongoing geoengineering programs is very long.

Trees are succumbing to this onslaught and the human race will follow if our species does not completely alter its current trajectory.

Global geoengineering is completely disrupting the hydrological cycle

destroying the ozone layer (which is exposing all life on Earth to extreme UV radiation

and contaminating the entire surface of the planet with highly toxic bioavailable heavy metals and chemicals.

Massive levels of radio frequency transmissions directly related to climate engineering are yet another layer of destruction which is radically affecting the trees, us, and the biosphere as a whole.

It is imperative to wake the masses to our common plight. All those who are already awake are needed to assist with the ongoing critically important campaign to awaken others.

Arm yourself with critical data and pass it on, make every day count in this battle.

The attached 10 minute video shows first hand how rapidly our forests are dying, if the trees die, we die.

Faces of Evil: Warmakers from Switzerland on all Key Positions

See evidence of dying trees in this video.

Published on Apr 12, 2015

Watch videos “Auschwitz Made in Switzerland”, “Octogon The Empire of Darkness” & “The Teutonic Knights: Deutschritterorden”.

TOXIC RAIN IS KILLING OUR FOREST. Climate Engineering – Chemtrail Fallout.

Published on Sept 5, 2014

Climate engineering is killing our planet. Trees and plant life are showing the opposite reactions to rainfall that they should be.

weather modification com site

Every type of plant dying in Alberta Canada Sept 19, 2014

Published on Sep 20, 2014

This is a walk about in my yard in northern Alberta. I filmed this for my MLA Maureen Kubinec has been provided samples of all the plants here and from 9 more locations in her constituency.

We had meeting with her yesterday to discuss the problems with weather modification and geoengineering.

She said that she would send out samples to Calgary to be tested but she was unable to ensure that this would actually be carried out. I need a bit more information on the reason why the lab would refuse to test it and will report back to that when informtion is recieved.

If you are experiencing similar problems please email with photos and or videos.

Here is the information sent to Maureen in an email September 19, 2014.
Canada’s regulations regarding weather modification,_c._1604/page-1.html#h-1
Companies that are spraying

Canadas Flag Sick Maple Leaf_003_

Trees are Dying in the Pacific NW – Kelso, WA

Published on Sep 15, 2014

My third slideshow of the dying and diseased trees and plant life on my travels through the Pacific NW. These slideshows are to illustrate the effects that Geoengineering/Chemtrails/Aerosols are having on our natural environment. These slideshows are not created to debate the fact of geoengineering. They are to show people that the same or similar damage is occurring over large geographical locations

The Trees are Dying in the Pacific NW

Published on Jul 14, 2014

Slideshow of dying trees in The Dalles, OR and in between The Dalles, OR and Plain, WA. Geoengineering is killing all life on the planet. Trees are a good indicator and they are doing very poorly. Unfortunately, this isn’t a localized problem, trees everywhere are looking like this, but I can only document what I can see. I hope to add a small part to the evidence of total genocide perpetrated by governments worldwide.

Plants dying across the world due to Geoengineering!

Published on Sep 2, 2014

This is a compilation of pictures taken in many parts of the world. Geoengineering is experimental and is causing undue sickness and death to the flora and fauna across this planet.

Share your pictures and location and they will be added in the next video. Please take part by calling your government, media, family and friends.

Talk about what we can do to help our environment and people regain their health.
Join groups like

Please fight for what is right, stop the United Nations from experimenting on the people and wildlife.

These companies don’t know what they are doing!

Governments don’t deny weather modification, they regulate it!,_c._1604/page-1.html#h-1

This is an excellent video explaining geo-engineering- weather modification by
Dr Coen Vermeeren – Aerospace Engineer

There are 1807 links to weather modification on Environment Canada’s website

Links for information


Articles regarding Geoengineering and Weather Modification

History Channel special on weather modification

Being used as a weapon

dead and dying trees everywhere

Published on May 25, 2014

Geoengineering Investigation Demanded By Numerous Experts

Published on Jul 19, 2014
On July 15th, 2014, citizens from Northern California rallied to create the largest attendance ever at the Shasta County Supervisors chambers (400+, chairman Les Baugh confirmed this attendance record at the start of the meeting).

The primary purpose of this meeting was to present information that proves there is a very dire heavy metal contamination and UV radiation issue across the Shasta County region (and the world). A list of 10 experts presented data to the board to confirm the legitimacy of the concerns being addressed. At the end of the presentation, the board voted unanimously to investigate the heavy metal contamination and passed resolutions accordingly.

The video below documents the events of this landmark day in the fight to expose the crime of global geoengineering, all experts are identified with labels in the video (the new edited, condensed version).
Dane Wigington

Ame3thyst3 says

Many vids are being censored when they reveal research into areas that the “powers that be” do no want us to see. Leaving a comment can be impossible at times.
That is because they are trying to stay on the down-low. But fortunately they can’t censor everything hence the reason obama is written as “hoboma” and the like. It is very frustrating but keep commenting. Sometimes I have to write out the TITLE of the video as links disappear. Sad. Shameful. SMH.


Uploaded on Aug 24, 2011



People who ignore these things deserve what comes… Grrr.

The anger I feel inside is getting too much to bear again so I have to purge myself like the “Ancyent Mariner” of Coleridge’s poem by posting about what my eyes have seen and still see each day…

This is the video I made in 2011 on the DEATH being created around us – while most of YOU remain silent…

The tree below crushed a car in Winnipeg

Chemtrails killing my trees Wolverhampton UK WV10

Published on Dec 29, 2013

Chemtrail poisons killing my garden. WV10 Wolverhampton

Published on Aug 25, 2013

NOT HAPPY…On route to UK there were many toxic trails and a long sorry realisation that all species of trees and plants are sick, across all species on August 18th… I have taking photos since 21 June… All are showing disturbing signs… Examine yourself closely before autumn arrives. Stonewalled with institutional denial from a careless establishment…

The rain water analysis and cheap PH tests prove alarming…. Do you consent..?? A well crafted legalese notice of non consent will be available soon to take positive action very soon.

We all need to register our complaints and notice of non consent. Various flyers and helpful tools coming very soon. Put the UNITY back into your community and be the change you want to see…. PEACE 4 ALL

California Tree Trunk Aluminium Disease

Trees are Dying in the Pacific NW – Kelso, WA

Published on Sep 15, 2014

My third slideshow of the dying and diseased trees and plant life on my travels through the Pacific NW. These slideshows are to illustrate the effects that Geoengineering/Chemtrails/Aerosols are having on our natural environment.

These slideshows are not created to debate the fact of geoengineering. They are to show people that the same or similar damage is occurring over large geographical locations

My Trees Are Dying 11-27-2012 Mutations and Chemtrails Orlando

Published on Nov 27, 2012

Update on my dying trees. I’m also starting to see mutations on my passion vines. Chemtrails? Corexit? Radiation? I don’t know anymore, but it is killing all the large trees and causing my plants to have mutated leaves.

Could it be our weakening magnetic field on the planet in combination with everything else? I don’t know anymore, but it is VERY messed up and it needs to stop if this is something being done on purpose. Fukushima is still leaking radiation and this could be having an effect too.

Any suggestions? CORRECTION- I said the seeds were planted in April and the I said November.. They were planted in APRIL 2011.

Adelaide Hills Council Fixing Sick Oak Trees in Stirling

Published on Dec 11, 2012

Some of our English Oak Trees in beautiful Druid Avenue in Stirling need some attention. Watch the video to find out why and what the Adelaide Hills Council is doing about it. Thanks to our great community for helping us maintain this great part of the world.

Sick Trees

Published on May 11, 2012

What’s causing trees to get sick in the Adelaide Hills?

Dying plants in Alberta-video made for MP Brian Storseth

Published on Sep 4, 2014

I have been trying to get Alberta Environment to investigate the death of our forests since July 2014 but to no avail.

I have contacted my MLA Maureen Kubinec who shifted the responsibility back to Alberta Environment’s Hamid Namsechi, who then said it is a federal problem.

I have been waiting for my MP Brian Storseth since August 15, 2014. I have called, written, emailed but no one in government will respond.

They all admit to geoengineering and weather modification but no one will take responsibility for the damage that it is creating in our environment.

I had to create this video to send to Brian Storseth’s office as the secretary said that they would require evidence, so I thought I would compile something for all to see.

If your flora and fauna are suffering, please make records and save evidence. If possible share pictures and videos with location on this thread. Call your government and tell them you do not consent!

Thank you for watching, sharing and caring.

For the love of life, look up, look around and ACT!

Sick trees in Parc J Arthur Champagne in east Montreal

Published on Oct 23, 2012

When you take the time to see how disgusting the state of the trees in this city and elsewhere are you should ask what the hell is going on! The City cannot be that blind and stupid!

Row sick trees in along Mt Royal Bvld Parc J Arthur Champagne in east Montreal

Published on Oct 23, 2012

This is one of a series of clips of the state of trees in Montreal Parks. I called the city, got passed around a bit. An employee of the city I talk to suggested it was the result of road salt and the trees were ok, they have leaves! This series is one park I will link to google earth.

Orchard Diary: 6/4/2011 Sick trees

Uploaded on Jun 4, 2011

This is a call-out to folks that watch this video for help identifying what is killing my trees. The onset was FAST, and the impacted trees are generally right next to an unaffected tree of the same variety. I’m baffled and concerned… Please let me know what you think that I can do to respond / prevent / or mitigate this problem.

Past sprays have included dormant oil, Serenade, neem oil, and Surround on separate occasions. So sad…

Scary Sick Trees in Local Park (1080HD)

Published on Jul 21, 2013

Remember when we used to plant tress as kids? That is probably how these got put here so many years ago. I believe it is time to do it again, these trees have seen their days and many are ready to be retired. I don’t believe we should just toss them to the curb, maybe they can be used for other purposes..

Millie Hill Bat Cave, Iron Mountain, Michigan

Horticulturist discusses widespread sick plants and trees

Published on Aug 11, 2013

11 August 2013, at the Harlequin Festival, following two sensational talks raising awareness to the toxic covert geoengineering chemtrail program, I talked with some horticultural herbalists. Interestingly they have a lot of concerns to share.

I have a writing in progress, which will be continually updated with as many verifiable facts to documents and PDF to download and share.


Colt Ham

My trees are dying. It is so sad. I had a beautiful tree by my front porch and it is losing it’s bark and the leaves are limp. We are all dying.

Ashley Law

I think that the plane that flies first with no visible trail is actually spraying as I can hear it (same noise as the visible sprayers) but not see anything – I now think it is spraying microbes that when the visible spray planes issue soon after gives the particles a “home” on the microbes and produces bigger than normal droplets either as the heavy, heavy rain, hail, or dew


Gigantic thistles, dead trees sick trees….reporting NWO 2012

Published on Jun 17, 2012

please watch maybe you know what I caught on camera

October 5, 2013 Sick trees and accidental eagle

Published on Oct 13, 2013

White pines, red pines and ornamentals all trunks and branche are coated with a silvery grey and lichen growth leaves turning yellow, red then pines loosig 1/2 of their needles.

Sick Tree Symptoms: Split Black Bark and refraction of emf

Published on Oct 11, 2013

An unique quality of tree bark is its refractive index for microwave energy wavelength which literally bend microwave bands of energy into it reflection within its heartwood.

This property is very different than most materials through which microwaves and xrays pass forming images or carrying signals, like metal and even human tissues which, unlike trees, allow for MRI and xray images.

In other words, you can’t get a good xray or MRI of a tree because the wavelength is refracted and reflected rather than passing through the tree to create the image.
Environmental technology used in hydrology that alters “measures” the soil moisture content or satellite imagining technology used to track storm use a variety of electromagnetic wavelengths to obtain readings.

Unfortunately, like cell towers, they bombard the areas with microwaves that refract and reflect within the bark of the trees thus causing rapid heating, dehydration, and shrinking on the interior of the bark.

Over time, the internal structure under the bark shrinks just enough to make the bark sag as it has a wider girth than its support structure beneath.

Since the connection between the inner wood and the bark comprises the vascular system of the tree, it has the net effect of dehydrating the peripheral branches.

What makes this so terrible is the lack of information about this phenomenon. Once it is understood, it is not hard to observe because this occurrence produces consistently observable symptoms relative to the type of electromagnetic energy wavelength with which the trees are in contact.

Further, because this problem will impact a cluster of trees only on the outside of the tree cluster and only at the point from where that cluster encounters the emf, it is not obvious that there is a risk of the cluster is being impacted until someone observes the gradual but progressive mortality from the outside of the cluster inward.

This is happening en masses on our highways and the shoulders of forests which are creeping wider and wider. In neighborhoods where the trees are farther apart, however, one tree is not protecting a cluster behind it so you will notice entire rows on a street suffering in the trajectory of your local towers.

gail zawacki

Sick & Dying Tree’s

Published on Feb 28, 2014

Swathes of trees are dying around the world and Anja Taylor investigates the cause of the mass devastation. As seen on Catalyst, ABC TV Australia, 26 Apr 2012.


Radiation is damaging the trees and permits the infestations.

Sick and Dying trees around the world.

Published on Sep 23, 2014

Video of all the sick and dying trees on my property in Swedesboro New Jersey. 9/23/14

dead and dying trees everywhere

Published on May 25, 2014

North west Indiana.

starlightlake says.

In London I witnessed pink lightening some years ago. Also, as far as I can recall, there was turquoise lightening over London in a newspaper picture splashed all over  the front page of the Daily Mail.

Where I live now, I have seen white fork lightening over the sea on a clear cloudless night when the stars were clearly visible; this is against the grain to say the least.
You have hit the bulls eye with many scientists approaching their subject with tunnel vision while failing to observe with impartiality  patterns or even non patterns, ie. the lack of  correspondence of chemtrails with the timetables of commercial  flights.


chemtrails-the dying of the trees- Rosalind Peterson pt.1

Chemtrails-the dying of the trees-Allan Buckman Pt.2

Chemtrails- the dying of the trees pt.3

The Trees are Dying in the Pacific NW

Published on Jul 14, 2014

Slideshow of dying trees in The Dalles, OR and in between The Dalles, OR and Plain, WA. Geoengineering is killing all life on the planet. Trees are a good indicator and they are doing very poorly. Unfortunately, this isn’t a localized problem, trees everywhere are looking like this, but I can only document what I can see. I hope to add a small part to the evidence of total genocide perpetrated by governments worldwide.

Chem trail tree damage in fema region 7-Tennessee

Published on May 12, 2014

Fema region 3 has been heavily sprayed with chem trails and showing the effects on acid loving trees and scrubs. Our holly tree dying, other trees the bark is falling off and the scrubs look like they have been burnt, tomato seedlings are pledged with fungus that eats holes in the leaves.
Tennessee to our shock has huge amounts of dead and dying pine trees. Our believe is the shallow root system of the pine trees are more vulnerable to chem trails.

Chemtrails killing my trees

Published on Dec 29, 2013

Mr Jay Jay

Yes indeed, and the same thing is happening almost everywhere i am sure. I lost several spruces in Vermont, and everything i grow near Philadelphia, PA USA is sick or is dead except cypress trees. I look at many mature trees and i see them struggling so hard to survive. Trees now have so much fungus growing on them too. Vitamen d levels are way off for people too. I know it is from the phelmtrails. Pretty evil agenda wouldn’t you say?

With no fear for them,

Dead and Dying Trees and Plants from Chemtrails

Published on Mar 30, 2013

Slideshow of dead plants and trees taken along the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon state.


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