Trees and Limbs Falling

Please do not be fooled by official is not the bugs or pine beetles killing trees.. all tree types are dying..the trees natural defenses are being weakened by radiation and chemtrails which is facilitating the the growth of bugs, the bugs are not killing the trees… The trees, plants and forests are dying world wide.

Tree Falls on Wedding Party During Photo Session, Killing Bride’s Mother

Published on Dec 19, 2016

A Southern California park remains closed after an 80-foot tree fell on a wedding party while they were taking photographs Saturday, reportedly killing the mother of the bride and injuring seven others. An arborist is reportedly investigating what caused the tree to fall, but initial reports suggest a recent drought may be to blame. The wedding group was in Whittier Penn Park at about 4:30 p.m. when the tree fell. The woman was seen on the ground as rescuers tried to revive her.

Trees Falling Apart Due To Fukushima Radiation In Halifax

Published on Sep 8, 2014

also see.

Just curious. Did you test for radiation? How do you know it wasn’t from chemtrails or lightening? What proof did you gather to support that it’s from radiation?

FolkPhotographer reply to BeautifulFraudByDana
Are you not aware what the radiation is doing to all plant life? Have you not done research such as learning about the mutations showing up everywhere? How about you go to my site and start researching… then if you find something you might want to leave a message or question in the comments of the information provided.. Most harmful radiation can not be detected with a simple Geiger counter….Do some real research for yourself…or just open your eyes and have a close look at all the trees where you live..
Obviously the Chemtrails have to be absorbing radioactive particles..

Klaas Batema
Yes you are right, there are much more factors attributing to this disaster. I contacted several municipalities most of them do not want to acknowledge there’s something horrilbly wrong with trees and plants. They cut down old trees and replant new ones that die within a couple of months, with taxpayers money offcourse. The general public is behaving like zombies and is totally is ignorant or sometimes biased to the proof that’s clearly visible. Everybody is so preoccupied with their so called lives, that they forget it’s the entire biosphere that actually support’s live is what’s collapsing.
Klaas Batema
what happens when microwaves hit trees? they pass through the bark and refract, cooking the heartwood. This why the bark of all sorts of trees from pines to maples are falling off in long sheets. It’s like a fat person losing weight, their skin puckers… only on a tree, the “skin” falls off and the tree dies. The sad thing is that the tree is irreparably injured long before the bark falls so by the time the trouble is noticed, it’s far too late.
Antennae microwaves are pelting a canopy of trees so it is the outermost and tallest trees in the bunch that shield the inner, shorter trees. It is insidious because a row by row, top down phenomena takes out a few at a time… you won’t notice the die off.

strange that for all the technologies we have using microwaves, almost none have asked what impact will they have on the environment. Some guys found out about the refraction of the wavelength when they were trying to do remote imaging for inventory of forests… they discovered the bark of trees prevents an image because the wavelength of energy does not pass through like an xray on most organic tissues. Sad but no one seems to care enough to ask,
You will notice the bark around the branches of effected trees have a puckered almost pleated bark.. like baggy socks around an ankle.

since only a few of these towers are regulated and there is no science around this… pay attention, we are being lied to about the UV geo engineering thing on purpose- I think it’s microwaves causing all our problems and I think there is a concerted effort to prep us for UV responses (agenda 21) bc taking down these damn towers is a far easier solution and people would demand it if they knew what it means. (source truth)

+Klaas Batema I agree with you and the radiation is coming from to numerous sources to count…..not just cell towers..the H.A.A.R.P. weapon in Alaska blew a permanent hole through the ozone layer and cosmic radiation is now and forever radiating the planet… That is why they started their massive chemtrailing nano metal particulates thinking it would reflect and limit the penetration of radiation..there is much more killing our trees and planet..the criminally insane banksters corporately insane are killing this planet..

Hiroshi Bell
How are you able to show that this is directly caused by nuclear fallout from Fukushima. Please, if you are going to make such claims, back them up with scientific evidence and not just your guessing.

I say this as someone who has evacuated from Japan entirely because of Fukushima so I do not take this topic lightly. Thank you.
go to my site and start researching..the scientific evidence is numerous..Who is guessing? All this started happening right after Fukushima…Fukushima is causing a mass extinction event…

Bark Peeling Off Tree Falls Down Fukushima Radiation Damage

Published on Aug 7, 2014

The Tree That Fell Down Being Cut Up

Published on Sep 8, 2014

Forest Die-off _01 Manitoba

Uploaded on Jan 11, 2012

January 2010 – North of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Since moving out of the cities five years ago I have been paying close attention to the world around me. I walk most days, take pictures of trees, shrubs, weeds, birds and the sky and fields around me.

The nearest field is a Round-Up ready soy field – when it is sprayed in the spring the tank displays a Hazard Warning, when they are done – the birds return, the deer cross, then the rains come, if they come because when I look up at the sky I see it is criss-crossed with jet plane ‘trails’ that linger, dry the air, and increase the UV index while blocking the sun.

I do not know what is killing the trees, but I do know that we are connected in ways that will forever be inarguable: their b


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